Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2007 Continental Conference - Return -

After a series of incidents in La Alia, Kites received help from The Wise of the Earth. When they spent their last night in La Ali, they left for the Empire the next morning. So they flew away from La Alia for a few days. They were stepping into Maxwell's land for the first time in a long time.

"Hah... I really feel like I'm back somehow"

Looking down at Maxwell's townscape from the sky, Kate groaned with emotion. Somehow it grew much longer than planned, but I managed to get back safely. Long live he for that alone.

"I almost went and got back on the airship."

"You... we're going to put an end to some of the unrest that wasn't planned after the Nakatsu incident."

Kate sighed as if she was exhausted by Sora's words. In such a hurry, Sola changed the subject.

"Well... I'm glad you're back for now."

"Well... and there was a lot of stuff I could get somehow."

After reviewing the current information again, Kite decides that the trip was never in vain.

"Jean's rifle. Sojo, Ishifune Saido... that idiot... it's not a bad harvest."

"Ah, yes. No, Sosuk-san...? What's going on?

"Oh, it's him. He is now under investigation in the Empire. No, it's an interrogation or a record. He tells me everything he knows. I have heard that even the records from the magic of the lie detector are answered with absolutely no lies."

Kate recalled the discipline taken by the Intercontinental Alliance during the rebuilding of the "Lee Knight" and answered Sola's question. Musashi also accompanied the group, and the Intercontinental Alliance decided to show his face to the fullest extent.

Rather, his face, a kite's teacher, must stand on a boulder. Above all, he was the one who held him captive. In view of his achievements and his position, he could not have executed him immediately, ignoring his intentions.

"What are you gonna do when you're done?

They're coming this way.


"There's no other prisoner. Besides, some of the warriors in Nakatsu actually made a plea for his life. And I can't ignore the same plea from the warriors who were coming to Nakatsu to train with them. If the hidden children of each country, who are proud of themselves, plead for help, it will be unhindered. Especially now."

"What about it?"

I don't understand anything anymore. Sola is confused by Kite's words. On the other hand, Kite's face was laughing, but it was quite a troubled face, and she was about to decide what to do.

"... there was a time when Sojo shouted. I heard them screaming at the time. It seems that this is what happened when I contacted the cherry blossoms."


Should I say it's amazing? Sola had a face that she couldn't understand. On the other hand, the moment I was listening to them beside me was somehow understandable.

"... but I don't know."


"Ah... I guess I'm also a sportsman. No matter how good an arm you have, there's no place to use it. I wonder why I polished this trick."

"? I thought there was a place to use it.

"No, I guess not."

The instant was only speculation about Sola's inquiry, but she said. Thus he spoke of his feelings with a little shame.

"I think it's a cause and effect... but I also want you to evaluate this arm with the feeling of wanting to go up. And at the same time, I want to try this arm."

"I think it's been evaluated because it's been used."

"Hmm... really?"

When asked instantly, Sola leans her neck one by one. In fact, the skill of discipline is taught and appreciated even by Iemitsu and other time generals. It should only be used if its usefulness is evaluated. The moment I told Sola about that idea,

"Indeed, I think he used Yanagi Shinyinyu as an exercise and an act. But I don't think he's ever really used Yanagi Shin-Yin Yu."

In a real sense, huh?

"Ah... killing each other. He's as good as he is. It's not hard to imagine that most matches would have been one-sided."

"Actually, yes."

In response to the word "imagination" in the blink of an eye, Kite sandwiches her mouth. It would be better if we helped Root Musashi behind the scenes. And as a disciple, I am also a mentor to the same teacher. I wish I had listened to what happened at that time.

"Well, I don't know how amazing his arms are, but... no matter what the swordsman does, the warrior really wants his enemies. That's right, the enemy."

"What do you mean?

"I can fight and kill each other equally. You may win or you may lose. A first time winner who does everything he can. That's the enemy. A one-sided victory, not even an enemy... and for the first time since the victory of that enemy, I advance further."

When Sola asked, Kite had a slight bitter smile. He thinks he'll be stronger if he has a virtual enemy named Rex himself. You must be a man comparable to him. That made him stronger. But there was no such thing as discipline.

"There were no enemies in Sojo. You know what I mean? That much swordsmanship and swordsmanship. First of all, most opponents can't win. At the same time, it's probably like Asahi Princess and Musashi Sensei. Both of them are in a position, and it is a serious battle against Sosei-san. In his case, I can't fight on my own."

"I see...."

After seeing the fighting power of Minori several times, Sola also understood. Certainly, it is not comparable to the Edo period because it is physically very different, but in terms of technology, it will undoubtedly have more power than Kite.

Such a monster. First of all, if we could fight him in the Edo period, it would be as good as the founding fathers of the new yin genres everywhere. but the current era of willow new Yin Current is too bending. Even the teacher has a general. I can't lose just in case. The more the name rang, and the more it spread, the more he could not move.

"I can only win fights... I think it's sad for me somehow."

"I guess... well, in that sense, I climbed up there with almost no virtual enemies. How far can he get now? That doesn't bother me a bit."

Sounds like fun.

"Of course... now we can go further"

Gu, Kate grips her fist. His eyes looked far away. There was one more back in front of me that I couldn't chase right now. It will be followed by the back of the line waiting for its end, and it will serve as an indicator of its distance from him.

"... no, Kate. I know where they are. After all, what happens to Sosei? I heard you were coming this way."

Basically, I'll keep it with me. In fact, if you can do whatever you want, you can help us. "

"I don't know... well, in that case, do you expect that?"

That's what it's gonna be like.

What are you talking about?

Apparently, I couldn't understand the instant this time. I was tilting my neck. Sora added a supplementary explanation to this.

"Ah, uhh... hey, Soji-san...? It's really strong, isn't it?


"If he comes down in disguise or vice versa, there's a chance he'll come and kill us so we don't reveal any information, right? Natural places are limited when it comes to where you can handle both of these things."

"I see...."

From that point of view, is it true that the McDawell family, where Kite is the main player, is the best? The more Sola explains, the more convincing she is.

Moreover, as it stands, Musashi is also kept away from Maxwell. If he wins once and stays away from the neighborhood, he feels that if there is not enough to win as a country or next time. Even if he can't win, Maxwell has more fierce fighters than him. That was a good decision. And Kate, who was listening to such a story beside her, told her as if she remembered it.

"Ah, yes... Your Highness, but I come here regularly."

"Periodically? You mean the Adventure Department?

"Ah. Well, think of it as a lesson just like Mr. Musashi... basically I or Fujido will handle it."

Speaking of which, was the concurrency a new pussy?

"Oh, I haven't told Fujido yet, but think this place is definite."

Yesterday's Adventure Department, or Tenzakura Gakuen Kendo Department, is dominated by Musashi's Azure Ten Class, and it seems that the moment was slightly over. In fact, only Fujido's original genre, the Shin-Yin Current, was reworked from what Musashi saw at the time. Therefore, it was good to say that the visit of Soji was exclusively for Fujido. And walking a little while talking about that. They arrived at the Guild Home for the first time in a long time.

Somehow, it's been a long time.

"Actually, senpai hasn't been here for quite a while. She went to Nakatsu with me, and then came back quite late than planned."


The original plan was to return there for two weeks, but when I realized it, I stayed abroad for nearly a month due to the disturbance in Nakatsu and the disturbance in this "Lee Knight". It was not impossible to think that it was the first time in a long time. And for those two, Kite tells them.

"Now that you're back, there's a lot to do for everyone. Senpai. Senpai hastily went to see Risha. Sora will be in charge for the time being."

Oh, yeah.

"Oh... kite. What about you?"

"I'm going to enter the lab with Mr. Langsato."

When Sola asks, Kite talks about what she has to do right now. That said, this is not because I want to make a foolish noise with Lampoli. And of course, Sola and the others knew why.

"So, finally?"

"Oh, now we have the metastasis. We need to proceed with your analysis first... we'll be busy for a while."

"Oh... well, let's do it!

"Ah... well, I'm sorry everyone left early, but let's get started!

"" "Oops!

Everyone on the spot shouted at Kite's orders. The kites who had just returned would then begin their next move.