Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2011 Continental Conference - Night Party -

Kate returned to Maxwell after finishing her labyrinth with "Lee Knight" at the forefront. The day after Sola and Al's expedition left for the Herbal Collection in response to a "Leigh Knight" incident. In response to a request for the military to hear their opinions in this case, he was moving to the Imperial Capital in order to participate in a night club that had been decided in response to this case.

This year, I'm busy with hours more.

"That's all I know, so it's hard to say."

"As long as you're here, I feel like this every year."

Fuck you.

Lord Riddell, Jake Heisenberg laughs at Kite for his words. Even as a kite, I didn't feel anything like that. Abel tells those three.

"Nevertheless, the scale of damage to the boulders is large this time. It's not something you can laugh at."

"I hear that the 'Leigh Knight' has not been destroyed, and that there has been an anomaly that did not even occur in the previous war. Yes, Lord Heisenberg."

"Hmm. 'Lee Knight' is home to the Adventurer Union. That's why he's the only one here. But this time, I don't seem to care anymore."

In the words of Lord Astrair Philip, Lord Heisenberg Jake shook his head. As I've been told before, those who manipulated Demon King Tistinia appear to be running a multifaceted operation, not with the Adventurer Union and the Merchant Alliance, which are based in "Lee Knight".

The former guarantees its autonomy and independence, and becomes a client. The latter had promised not to do it by entering into a deal. However, at this time, I am working on "Lee Knight". At that point, even Adventurer Union sold the fight. I'm not going to make a deal either. Lord Riddell and England questioned the three people who discussed the matter.

"Speaking of which, Lord McDawell. Where are your brothers?

"You should ask Abel about that without me. I didn't take part in the record. I've been told to join us."

"Or... wait a minute."

At Kite's instigation, Abel retrieved the military report. Thus he reported to Lord Riddell and to England.

"Basically, they respond honestly to the records. Most of the records have already been completed. I bet he didn't even know there was a base somewhere."

"Of course. It's a metastasis for that, anyway."

"You will."

Abel nodded again in Kite's words. This was originally speculated by all the wise. We use metastases a lot to communicate with each other, just in case we go down to the other party like a discipline. And I say, "You can betray me if you even pay them back." From the beginning, it was obvious that I didn't know where the lab was.

"Oh, yes... Speaking of which, Lord McDawell"


"One strange thing I heard... the clown said, 'I want to build up our strength.'"


That's an intentionally grasped statement. Kite roars at the information from Abel. Thus he saw Lord Heisenberg Jake once.


"Well, I also thought about that. I feel like I'm trying not to kill you strangely."

"In fact, I don't know if I can compare the past to the present."


In reply to Kite, Lord Heisenberg nodded one more time. Abel asks.

"What do you mean?

"Easy. Three hundred years ago and now. Compared to that, there are some differences. First, population. This is not about three hundred years ago. Approximately three times as close to climbing… Of course, there are factors to take into account, such as the discovery of civilization in the continent of Ursia. And then, with population growth, we can expand our forces. It goes without saying to you that this is a brigadier general on a boulder?

"Of course. Compared to 300 years ago, the number of soldiers in the army has doubled. Of course, it's still less compared to the peak period....."

"We've got a fleet of airships and stuff. I can't help it if the front line dropped by that much."

In response to Abel, Kite laughs and tells the cause. At its peak, when the Cold War with the Holy Nation reached its peak, it seemed to have swelled up to about three times the end of the war 300 years ago.

However, it seems that in the past, there was also the establishment of an airship fleet, the sophistication of armaments, and the complexity of maintenance, and the number of soldiers themselves has decreased. Still, there were many more than at the end of the war 300 years ago. That's how Abel continued to be such a kite.

"Ah... and as a result, the uniform has improved significantly compared to 300 years ago. Even if the McDawell family's magic and semi-magic machines are excluded, large magic armor allows them to fly, and the output increases significantly with it. Of course, not only has it increased, but it has also achieved efficiency, so it is definitely good to say that the ability to continue fighting has increased dramatically."

"Yes... but there is also the harm caused by that."

What's the harm?

"The strength of each individual soldier is diminished. There's nothing we can do about it because we can't compare wartime to peacetime."

In response to Abel's question, Kite makes one thing clear. The combat power of each individual still resonates greatly in Enephia. And this is still a big factor in how strong we fought, won, and survived.

In that respect, the soldiers of 300 years ago were too skilled. That would have been equal to or greater than the soldiers of the battle of the age of mythology 2,000 years ago. There was no reason for the soldiers of the day to beat this. And that was something you had to understand if you were to lead an army or not. Therefore, Abel also gave his consent, but shook his head.

"I can understand that. But I have more equipment to make up for. For example, Lord McDawell was involved in the development of the Magic Armor with the Airplane, the most powerful of them all. You can fly freely if you think you can't use aerospace magic now. Of course, you can't overlook the performance improvement of the Magic Armor itself. Certainly, each individual's combat power has dropped, but in view of the improved performance and number of equipment, it is by no means inferior to that of 300 years ago"

"Of course, that's what we're talking about."

In Abel's words, Lord Heisenberg nodded one. Both Kite and he took it for granted. And so he laughed and told him.

"This is just a hypothetical story. I don't even know why they care about it. But if you think about it 300 years ago compared to now, it's not just that it's going to be raised."

"I see, indeed."

If you say so, you can only say so as an Abel. I was just presented with what the difference is. And it can be read from the record of discipline that that point is problematic. Of course, as Lord Heisenberg Jake said, I don't know why.

"In any case... I don't know what it's all about."

"Don't you know your brave lord?"

"There's no way to understand. In the first place, why would I want to increase our strength? I can't grab it. It is paradoxically unfavourable to the other party that we become stronger. But they do it here... which means that it's in their favor to be stronger."

"... I don't know why. What you get by sending salt to your enemies will be nothing but satisfaction in battle."

"Don't say that. I'm not one of them... and that could be just a bluff. I don't know what's so obvious."

Kite smiled and shrugged at Abel's face, which she just said was incomprehensible. What made you say this for? Nobody knew that. And wait while you talk about that for a while. Emperor Leonhart appeared with two grand dukes.

"Your Majesty."

"Ah... everybody, take your seats. Let's start the night club."

When Emperor Leonhalt ordered a seat with his hand, he sat down again. That's how he cut to the chase.

"Well... first, Lord McDawell. Report your next trip."

"Ha... but I don't think that much is understood by Sosei's records."

"Still, I want to hear your feelings."

"Yes, sir."

In response to Emperor Leonhart's words, Kite once again reports the incident in the form of "Lee Knight".

"So, Your Majesty Sharik was your opinion, but he wanted to avoid opening the Intercontinental Conference."

"Hmm... Lord Riddell. Lord Heisenberg, please."

"Hmm... as a Heisenberg family, it depends on the next continental conference. Nevertheless, I would rather go with the Blanchette family."

"As a Riddell family, I would like to agree with Emperor Laelia."

"How is that?"

In response to Lord Riddell's reply, Emperor Leonhalt questions his intentions. On this, she made it clear.

"The burden on our country is too great. If we open it again, we will be the host country compared to countries that only participate in other countries' intercontinental meetings. In view of the costs associated with it, the mobilization of troops, and the damage it would take in the unlikely event of an attack there, is it obviously too little benefit to open it?"

"I see... sure. Abel, how about you?"

"... that's right. As our army, I want to avoid what we want to avoid. Particularly due to this" Lee Knight "incident, not only the Empire, but also some of the skilled adventurers from various countries have visited the" Lee Knight "as reinforcements, and many more have suffered injuries led by Lord McDawell, making it difficult to return to the front immediately. For now, you don't want to concentrate too much power."

I see.

Emperor Leonhart nodded one word to Abel. I agree with him, who is also known as a militant. I can't move my domestic forces badly right now. That was his opinion. He then listens to and concludes with the other Dukes and the Grand Duke.

"... hmm. I understood the opinions of each Lord. As a matter of unanimity, is it okay not to hold an intercontinental conference?

As a general remark, he wanted to avoid reopening the Intercontinental Conference. Of course, Kite tells Sharik that she wants to talk about not having an intercontinental conference in the first place.

He therefore agreed that he would not open the meeting. Therefore, the imperial government will not open the Intercontinental Conference on this, so we will unify our opinions. Having thus come to a conclusion on the subject, Emperor Leonhart moved on to the next agenda item.

"Well... next time. Next is the Continental Conference. It would be good if this coincided with the opening. On top of that, who goes? I want to talk about this. First, Lord Heisenberg. Please, my lord. Sometimes it's about the Earth. I have to report it."

"Yes... may I have one?"


Until now, it had been decided, and Emperor Leonhalt knew it. But after Jake's offer here, Lord Heisenberg leaned his head. But when it came to reason, what they said was reason.

"Your Majesty was supposed to go this time, wasn't he?

"Usually, that makes sense."

"Yes... but I think we should avoid it this year."

"Can't you see it as weakness?

Originally, the greatest reason Emperor Leonhart was supposed to participate was because he was not perceived as weak. And while countries were moving with the same sentiments, there were circumstances that changed a few days ago.

"Ha... but the Pontifical Jubilee of the Holy Nation said no."

"Mm... the Pope?"


Did the Cardinal stop at the boulder after the destruction of "Lee Knight" this time? Emperor Leonhalt read through the words of Lord Heisenberg Jake.

"... Lord McDawell, what do you think of this opinion?"

"It is true that this year's Continental Conference has security concerns as it stands. Even if you don't want to participate, you can do it. But there are places where I want to see the reactions of countries and people."

At present, we know that people close to mercenaries, adventurers, cannot move in all countries. And it was understood by the people, and there was a slight increase in the voice that there was no problem with the security where the heads of state gathered.

"Hmm... what do you think of each Lord?"

What should I do? Emperor Leonhalt could not decide on his own on the boulders and solicited the opinions of the Duke and the Grand Duke. So, for a while. Emperor Leonhart heard the arguments of the kites and came to a conclusion.

"... okay. Basically, I won't go. But then I'll leave the mission with Lord Heisenberg... okay?

"Yes, sir."

"Hmm... but then I'd like to send someone else..."

What should I do? Emperor Leonhart roars one by one as he thinks about his choice. And that was him, but I saw Kite as if I remembered him.

"Speaking of which, Lord McDawell. Where's Sola?

"Before we leave, we'll go if we have to."

"I see....."

Okay, what's going on? Emperor Leonhart is troubled by one response from Kite. He then asked Jake, Lord Heisenberg, who was to lead the mission.

"Lord Heisenberg. Do you think Lord Sola needs you? I want to hear from the public."

"I thought it was necessary. The Sage Bronzite is dead in the case of" Brilliant Ore. "In addition to that, there was one case in the Ragna Federation and one in the Imperial Castle. There will be many opinions about the resurrection of evil gods as the one with the sword."

"I see... Lord McDawell. That's why I asked Sola-kun to accompany me."

"Yes, sir."

Originally, both Kite and Sola were in agreement to go to the Continental Conference if they needed it. And Sola is not injured because she was a residual team in the Adventure Department. As a result, the injury was healed and there was no problem accompanying him.

"Okay... is there a problem with the escort? Good evening, Lord Riddell. Lord Heisenberg will accompany you."

"Am I...? I don't mind....."

"Hmm. Well, there's a reason to order you, the basic merchant. Get hired for this project. So I want you to take the merchants. Lead the way."

"I see. I see."

Indeed, the status quo remains unchanged from wartime. We will therefore need a lot of supplies. Therefore, I wanted to keep it in mind when possible, such as developing new distribution routes.

Then it would have been best to take the merchants, and Lord Riddell and Iris were the only ones to lead the merchants. Therefore, a night party on the Continental Conference will be held for some time to come.