Shadow queen development plan

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After an awards ceremony, a reporter found the great director Kiryu Nanya who once again helped the heroine win the queen trophy, and interviewed him.

Reporter: Director Kiryu, congratulations to the heroine of your movie for taking the actress again. Why do you do it every time?

Qiye: Because I am very good at discovering the beauty of women. In my eyes, whether it is the royal sister, loli, pseudonym, long hair, short hair, modern, ancient costume, arrogant, radio wave, sick, queen, princess, saint, and glasses girl , Ghosts, elves, beast ear mothers, and even seventeen or eighteen-year-old old women, they all have their own beauty. I just show them to the audience.

Reporter: Something strange seems to get in?

Qiye: That is your illusion.


PS: This is the story of a film and television universe built by the director of the traverser in a parallel world (mistake?).

There will be other works besides Xingyue. Those who are interested can discuss with Mijiang. (??????)??

This book is also called "Welcome to Erque Film Studio".


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