Spring Banquet

Chapter 1 The dead Danyang long princess

"What is this white in the street? Hey, the official is a white belt?"

"You didn't go out for a few days, even this all didn't know? The princess of the guardian!"

"Princess of the country? Do you speak Danyang Princess? Is she dead not a good thing? The knocking drums will celebrate it."

"Hey ... This is to be heard by the official, you can grab your journey."

The people in the tea are three or two two tables, looking at the outer feeding paper, and they are talking.

To say this Danyang princess, that is, the old mites in the 12th year of the Northern Wei Dynasty, raised the big disaster of the wind. It is a daughter's home, but it is desperate to raise dozens of faces in the house, hook up the court, and play the privacy, play with rights, and framed!

It is, the corpse is in the wild, and the people do not talk. His evil spot, more crime, bamboo book!

If you want to write a biography for the princess of Danyang, there will be many officials to jump out of the pen, and the odd words use the most common words to use the princess to nail the shame of history, let her never live more life. !

However, good and evil have reported that this arrogant princess is finally in Daxing, because "murder" is prisoned by the prisoner, but also in the day of the new emperor, "illness" died in his own house , Seven bleeding, the dead is very miserable.

The government is funeral like an image, but the people are secretly felt.

A bad news! Well to die!

A painful, the snow, white paper money, sprinkled, some windy, played a turn in the air, flew to the official residence next to the official road, floating between the paint Plaque.

White House.

In the room in the house, some people turned over, and the hand did not carefully sweep the medicine bowl of the bed.


A crisp, Li Huaiyu suddenly woke up, the heart jumped like a drum, and he opened his eyes. Sitting up, in the throat, inhibiting can't breathe, the eyelashes are also trembled, and the six gods are returned.

Where is this?

The simple rooms, all of which are old and cheap, light from the mottled carved window, take the four dust in the air, just like the fog.

I frowning at those dust, I was a bit awkward.

The door "" is pushed open, there is a journey of the water in the water, I saw her, I'm happy: "Miss, you finally woke up!"

Miss? Li Huaiyu frowned to her, and I thought that the palace woman did not understand? I was called "His Royal Highness" and I was known to "Miss"?

"You can scare the slaves this time, the slaves almost think that you are too angry!" self-esteem, full of sigh.

expire? It's hard to make her now didn't be angry? Huai Yu stunned, deep sucking one breath -

I really didn't have an air!

She ... is not dead?

A paratroy is transmitted from the heart to the limbs, Li Huaiyu is excited to climb up, jump out of the bed to the window sill, and push the wooden window.

The sun is bright, from her fingers, falling on her face, warm. The outer grove is exactly, the breeze is full, and the jade color is shaken.

I took a while, she took a few fresh air and showed a strange smile.

Old days have an eye, she actually alive.

Her Danyang princess Li Huaiyu is still alive!

The little girl behind him was scared by her movement, widened, and shouted in Baba: "Miss Xiao ...?"

Smiling, I looked around Hua Yu, I looked back, I pointed to her nose: "Are you calling me?"

Lingxiu nodded, looked at her: "The slave is of course yelling at you, you don't recognize slaves?"

Huai Yu carefully thought for a while, shaking his head: "No impression."

The last memory stayed in the flying cloud palace, March 27, she drunk the crime of the crime, spitting the blood of the big mouth, squatting on the soft mad.

There is a group of people in front of it, and the red eye is swallowed toward her, shouting: "His Royal Highness -"

The two words like the flute blown, and he returned a few times in the lobby, and the crying of her eyes was mixed.

After that, she closed his eyes and fell into the dark.

Lei said that she should be dead, even if she is dead, she should still fly in the clouds, why will it be in this strange place?

The doubtfully swept around, Huaiyu saw a planner station, and even the past was awkward.

The people in the mirror are very strange, the eyebrows are soft, and the skin is like never seen sunlight, and they are like a cloud. The big face of the bar, the ear slide, the neck is slender, the sleeve is a half-color dark cloth, and there is no two meat on the whole body. It will be blown when I feel casual.

This is not her.

The world knows that the princess of Danyang is branched, half of the identity of his royal family is because of her unparalleled martial arts. She is a year of martial arts, and I will be like this bamboo pole.

But she moved, the people in the mirror also moved, she made a ghost face, and the face of the Xiuqi in the mirror also wrinkled.

Heart is sinking, Li Huaiyu turned his head asked: "What is the new day?"

Lao Xiu looked at her, stretched away: "Today is the eight years of Daxing, April, four ..."

April 2014? Huaiyu's lips were white: "Danyang princess is already?"

Lingxiu nodded: "It's okay, just today, the head is seven, the official government is out of date."

Li Huaiyu: "..."

Danyang princess is out.

Who is she? !

Shooting his head under the manner, she felt that this is too hilarious, and she is grateful to her lips. It turned two laps in the original place, she said: "I am hungry."

"Ah." Noddown in Lingxiu, "The slave is now giving you!"

Huaiyu nodded, calmly looked at this little girl and ran out, waiting to see people's shadow, she took a sigh of breath, lifting the skirt and rush!

Her body is out, but she can say that it can be jumped into another person. This kind of thing ... If you don't look at it, you don't believe it!

It is a quite a big home, and Li Huaiyu has not thought about it. All the way to run through the moon gardener, find the outermost wall. Take a look at no one, and the debris that is stacked on the wall will climb.

The needle line embroidery she won't, but she climbed the wall to fight these things, she is more familiar than anyone, although the wall is high, Huai Yu is still very happy to climb the wald, who is jumped -

Then "" is falling on the ground!

"Ah!" Painted, Li Huaiyu fails to get up.

I have lost it. If she used to overlooked this small matter, she was not here, but she now seems to be very weak, and she is not listening to the call. It turned out that it is really shameful.

However, the place where she fell is not bad, the soft point of the blue stone brick is not hurt, but the lips are broken by the teeth, and the tongue is exploring, and a slap is rust.

"-" I really hurt!

I still don't wait for her to climb, next to the cold light, murderous and one moment: "What person!"

Li Huaiyu was shocked, and he looked at it. He turned out to be a guardian guard, and he looked at her.

Is it? She is turning a wall, not who is stabbing, what is excited?

Soft land is moving.

I was noticeable, and Li Huaoyu blinked and slowly bowed.

There is a person wearing Qingfu's brocade soft cloud service by her, and the corners are still right, and the look is not chaotic, a pair of ink, like her, like black dragon. Some panned lips have been stained with a gorgeous red, such as snow bloom.

Looking at the first eye, Huai Yu is a bit amazed, this person is really a good color in the world, the posture is both good, and the look is also good.

However, look at the second eye, Huai Yu recognizes who this face is.

This ... this person ...

"I can't afford it?" He was coldly cold.

I heard this familiar voice, Huaiyu's face was shocked to Tieqing, sitting on him, not only, but there was an idea to die hard.

It's really a narrow, Jiang Xuanjin!

The paper money fell, and Li Huaiyu pinched a piece, looked down at this person, and he hated him.

The world said that Danyang princess is because the "murder" is blamed by the new emperor, and then killed. However, Li Huaiyu knows how she died.

She was killed by this purple Yang Junjiang!

Daxing March 27th, the good days of funeral, Jiang Xuan Yu is calm and quietly, and the voice is in the sound.

"Gong to the temple." He said.

Huaiyu wore her favorite Yaochi peony palace, sitting on the wishful journey, and took the poison in generous, and did it.

"You must live longer than you." She laughs.

This is what she finally said to him is not a tenderness, but with ambiguity to be avenous, the word is squeezed from the teeth. While swearing over the heart, as long as there is an opportunity, she must let Jiang Xuanqi still want to die!

Now, it is actually true again.