Spring Banquet

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The first time I saw her, she died. The arrogant and domineering Danyang Princess Li Huaiyu, who had plagued the court for eight years, died on the day the new emperor ascended the throne, bleeding from her seven orifices in a tragic manner. All the officials celebrated, and the people cheered: "Evil has its retribution! Good death! However, on the day of the first seven days, Princess Danyang returned to life and became the fourth young lady of the White House. What? This Fourth Miss Bai is a fool? No one to depend on? And also be robbed of her marriage? Huaiyu shot up: "This is outrageous!" The battle of wits is astonishing, and ten thousand people will help her. With her, Princess Danyang, she is still afraid of not being able to change this fool's fate? But, who can tell her, a wall, why will be pressed into the purple Yangjun Jiang Xuanjin? "Has your Majesty ever loved anyone?" "Yes." "How did you love?"


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