Starship Girl Express

Starship Girl Express

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"Jian Niang" is actually short for "Captain Girl".

Bai Moxie has already completed his business and has his own planetary system. As a result, I encountered all kinds of troubles and crises as soon as I came up, and even tried to save the world!

He was originally just a college entrance examination candidate in the 21st century, and he has traveled to a world that is not known for several centuries in the future, because after leaving the sun, mankind would not need the AD era. Common sense has gone through thousands of years of changes, and he has no advantage as he travels from ancient times to the future.

In this era where there are crises and opportunities, and peaceful contact with alien civilizations, collecting and equipped battleships for their cute captains can be said to be a good time to change clothes, and it has always been cool to change clothes
Starship Girl Express

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