Starship Girl Golden Fleet

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Play with interstellar mercenaries and collect a partial house story where the fleet captain is all girls.

However, it is not good at all, because although there is a hang in the new crossing, there is no novice tutorial to say, and it is directly a nightmare difficulty of hell level.

After playing the first level of the infinite rebirth strategy, it hurts your body and your brain.

What we face next is an infinite, unbounded, resource-scarce universe without the law of the jungle, a galaxy, an empire, and a story about fighting enemies on the entropy level.

As a result, as soon as he hit the road, he went through the rebirth stalk and went back to leveling.

Now we are facing the change of generations, the technology has regressed 10,000 years, and we are back to the century of the great cannon of the ship!

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