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Lin Chen became the first examinee to walk out of the examination room, and still muttered: Garbage in the college entrance examination will only delay my precious time in making mechas.

Facing a reporter's question, he calmly said: I am busy making mechas, so there is no time to go to university.

Just when Lin Chen was listed as a negative textbook for the entire network, a mecha test video appeared on the Internet!

An eight-meter-high dual-form flying mech!

The world is quiet!


The Pacific Rim era is coming, huge monsters descend from the dimensional space, and the world panics.

Faced with the aliens' conspiracy, Lin Chen made history and launched an anti-invasion plan brazenly, and the mecha legions all over the world entered the parallel world.

When the dimensional space is opened...the

world of bright swords, the rampant Japanese bandits are facing the dimensionality reduction strikes that have led several eras, crying for father and mother all night, jumping into the sea and paddling the board to escape back to Japan!

In the interstellar team world, the various resources of various insects and stars are transported back. The indigenous federation is only in a hurry. It is said that these parallel time-space legions are going to raid the federation.....

Busan travels the world, the mecha legion drives away the zombies. , The survivors cheered and watched their savior take away all kinds of resources, including their wives and daughters...

Until they entered a world of strong women, the Mech Corps began to have individual soldiers lay down their weapons to besiege hundreds A backward daughter country with a population of 10,000, hoping to be captured by them!


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