Succubus' Manor

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Title: Magnoli Manor

Author: Shu seven


The pool is wearing, wearing a malicious full world.

Every night, I found someone in the account -

A beard-strong man, a short green skin, jumping up, hitting his knees, beautifully surprisingly the elf, with the devil of the teeth.

All creatures: "I love you! I am willing to give life !!!"

Pool: "Neurological ????"

The pool who refused to show love is very tired every day.

In addition, there is no toilet in the world, there is no field, there is no housing street city wall, the sword is pig iron, and it will be broken.

Pool: "Let me put me one side, let us build a happy world!"

The belly black magic king of the eloquency of the Elf X Charm of 10,000 people are hopped by the manor.

"When you come to the world, you must do a big career, for example, protect your chastity first."

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Introduction to a sentence: Charm is just a good job



The pool is unexpectedly crossing the world and become a lord of a small manor. In this continent in this different race, Piyan only wants to farm farm, develop productivity, live a good day, leading his people, but did not expect that he is the last epichlor in this world, and did not expect himself I have already become the prey of the devil ... This article is an infrastructure species of field light novels, which is based on estate construction, and describes a variety of changes in a game teenager to wear the world. The character image is full. The story is simple and straightforward, but the tone is warm and interesting. The author depicts a new world with fantasy colors with delicate strokes.