Succubus' Manor

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Chi Yan transmigrated into a different world full of malice.

Every night I found someone in the tent-

a brawny man with a beard, a short green goblin, a dwarf who jumped up and hit him on the knee, an elf that was astonishingly beautiful, a demon with fangs.

All creatures: "I love you! I am willing to give my life for you!!!"

Chi Yan: "Are they crazy????"

Chi Yan, who refuses to show love every day, said that he was very tired.

In addition, this world has no toilets, no fields, no houses, streets, and city walls. The sword is made by pig iron, and it breaks when it is used.

Chi Yan: "Let's put aside my geeky settings first, let's build a happy new world!"

The black-bellied demon gong disguised as an elf X succubus geeks shou struggles endlessly.

"When you come to another world, you must do something big. For example, first protect your virginity."


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