Super Almighty Student

Super Almighty Student

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Sha Zhudao
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Who doesn’t want an extraordinary life? Ye Hao used to be a backward high school student until he met an immortal who offered a drop of his divine blood. After drinking the blood, Ye Hao fell into a coma for half-a-year. The six months he had spent in the ICU devastated his family which was already unwealthy, causing his parents to sell their furniture and owe a debt of 600,000 RMB. Though only just awakening from his coma, Ye Hao showed normal vital signs and was even healthier than normal people; he knew that he was blessed with a new and improved body. Following his transformation, Ye Hao moved on to getting perfect exam scores, winning the lottery, becoming a basketball genius as well as professional swimmer, and much more. As he continued to discover his special abilities, his life continued to derail from his previously infernal destiny.
Super Almighty Student

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