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Kaeruda Ameko ongoing


“You’re exiled from this party, you’re a woman after all.”


“Women really should be recovery magic ‘healers’, after all. A sorcerer’s a bit…”


Putting in enough effort to spill blood, the female adventurer named Tanya who had finally reached the highest class of sorcery was one day abruptly told “because you’re a woman” as the reason to be kicked from her adventurer party.

While barraging the now desperate wasteland with super-advanced magic, the legendary grand witch Laplace appeared and said,

“You, shall we form a party?”


“However, if you’re a sorcerer our characters will overlap so be a magic swordsman. The level will be maxed from the beginning.”

“Seriously!?!?!? (while pulverizing a last-boss-class dragon)”

The grand witch (Legendary) and magic swordswoman (MAX Level) slapstick light-yuri adventure starts here!

Huh? The adventurer school’s examination? Since I was a woman, points were deducted across the board (fumes).


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