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Everyone said that the S College’s school prince, Fu Shihan, was aloof and noble, steady and reserved. He never talked more than three sentences with girls.

Only Huo Yan knew how Fu Shihan hugged her under the Chinese parasol tree back then, greedily biting her lips.

Huo Yan was gasping for air, begging him in a small face. Fu Shihan’s heart was pounding rapidly.

The adorable and comedic heroine vs. the aloof, noble, possessive, and black-belly devil.

【The cold and aloof devil can sometimes be gentle.】

Huo Yan said her first word when she was five. Even when she grew up, she was naive and clumsy. She was even slow in walking.

One day, she noticed a Rolls-Royce following behind her and was moving even slower than her.

“What are you doing?”

Fu Shihan clutched the steering wheel as he looked ahead with his fiery peach blossom eyes.

He faintly said, “Going on a stroll.”

From that day on. Huo Yan thought that this man had a mental disorder.

Therefore, she tried her best to let him have his way, trying not to trigger him.

After they fought one day, Fu Shihan said, “Don’t be angry at me.”

Huo Yan pursed her lips and said, “I’m not angry. Why would I be angry at a fool?”

Fu Shihan lit the cigarette in his hand, replying, “Then come over and let me hug you.”

Huo Yan hesitated before gently hugging his waist. She said in a low voice, “Only for a little bit.”


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