The General’s Vampire Omega

The General’s Vampire Omega

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As a newborn vampire, Luo ZhouZhou’s instincts are ingrained in his genes making him embark on a constant lifelong quest for a matching mate. His mate’s blood must be warm and sweet, with the scent of red caltrop fruit. However, after almost twenty years of searching without any luck, Luo ZhouZhou felt himself withering away until he traveled to an unknown time and space.

Getting accustomed to his new human life (not human, vam-pi-re!) is far from easy, but when he ends up at the office of the Bayard district’s police station, he finally finds the smell he has been searching for all this time.

Only a whiff and I know he’s the mate I’ve been looking for!

In a strange place with pheromones and secondary genders, the naive Luo ZhouZhou, who knows nothing about the workings of this ABO world, has to find the owner of that scent. And there’s also an omega killer on the loose!

What are omegas and alphas? Some kind of personal s*aves? If only this General Chu Feng would leave this vampire in peace so he can fulfill his lifelong quest, dammit!


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