The Good Mother System

The Good Mother System

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How does an unmarried woman suddenly have an abundance of offspring everywhere? Female lead Dan Jingqiu suddenly dies from a heart attack. Her soul was taken away by ‘The Good Mother System’, 008, and brought into the world of novels. Aiming to fulfil the final wishes of mother characters and to release their souls from their regretful attachments to their respective world, The female lead travels through different novels to save various children from their pain and misfortune. In the process, she undergoes personal growth and change, Ultimately becoming the admirable good mother of her wards. This novel is a series of short stories with quick plot developments. It delves into the complex relationships between a mother and her children involving love, conflict, and contradictions. Using empathy and love, the female lead changes various worlds’ original storyline and ultimately prevents the bad endings of her children. Although the settings are all in the novel world, the solutions were practical and easily relatable.


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