Xiao Yu's life is a joke, and the blessing didn't have to enjoy, and it was a lot of bitter.

Born in a poor people, the poor, there is a brother, and the life is full of hungry.

The family is good, but the relatives are more than, and life can't say good, but it is not bad. Parents have a good temper, and the child is also temper. Xiao Yu wants to live a good life. Naturally, it will be slowly spicy.

Over time, Xiao Yu has grown into her own look, but in order to live, no matter what you grow, you must continue to go.

All the way bumbled, Xiao Yu has borrowed money in the north. Of course, there is no identity background, just with a good appearance, Xiao Yu can only have a warm enough day.

It's hard to pay a boyfriend, and the three characteristics of Gao Fu Shuai are as forcus. In addition to not enough bodies, not gentle enough, not love her, everything is fine.

Then the boyfriend found a lover who loved the heart, I gave Xiao Yu, and the foot was not in love!

Xiao Yu split from a small grandmother, and naturally did not accept this result. She took it out of the set of learning from the village and continued to get went up.

Then ... then, the body being retalled is unless.

Xiao Yu has never thought about life can be so difficult, but she has a toughness in her bones, the more you go, the more you are straight. Biting the teeth, Xiao Yu is hard to live, don't give it? Then I will do a cleaners. Do not let? I am rubbish, I am always able to live in this world, who can still give her a living?

As long as you want, you can live.

Just think about the legs, I have a wheelchair as a wheelchair, I can't get rubbish, I will go to the meal. Xiao Yu is so struggling, but she didn't expect life to be humble. As the right to survive, she finally died in the fight between men.

What kind of life is this? Xiao Yu feels emotion.

Even if it is death, it can only be such a pain to not be able to feel clear, and the blood loss feels clear to terrible. She unconsciously wanted to climb out, as long as there is a breath, she wants to live, but who can fight for death?

Xiao Yu is not sweet, but he has to swallow the last breath.

With this last breath, I remembered a machine in my mind: "Host, you are finally dead."

Xiao Yu: "..." I @ ¥% * ......

Xiao Yu, this person, can live in such an environment, except for the unyielding of the bones, she is born to be open to things. The only entanglement was in the former boyfriend, and the result was not good.

People who can open, life is hard, and will not finally die in the depression, or finally the neuropathy is made entirely, or the top of the roof will jump.

Xiao Yu found himself died, and after 3 hours of grief, I started to adapt to the state of the soul.

Ren that system calls and doesn't want to care, what is me finally dead? How is the old lady? I am looking forward to me.

"Host, why don't you ignore me? Host, host host ???

The system says it is 404, it is a guidance system, which is specially instructed to go to happiness.

I was cold, I was only an hour, Xiao Yu was only asked: "How do you choose a host?"

404 is happy! Finally, I was, and I was happy to return: "Who is a borne!"

Xiao Yu: "..." Thank you!

"The host, this is the case, I have a book here. Now I need a host to go, do you see when do it?"

"... What do you mean?"

404 explained: "Although our system is the peak of life, the premise of opening the host's new life is to born to others' body. And the price of this body is given to the host is to complete the wish for the original "

Well, it is very cost-effective, this is a sale, can't be cheap, you have, you still don't pay, Xiao Yu is still understandable.

"That means I can change a world life?" Xiao Yu thought about it.

404 oh, said: "Of sure, I will show you, my success case. You look, this is the girl who is Luo Qian, she once lived! The old age is 300,000 to treat disease. Finally, I haven't cured it, I finally selected. Then, after my careful guidance, day and night, I finally succeeded her to raise salary, when the general manager, served as CEO, married white rich, oh ... Welcome Gao Fu Shuai , Embarrassing the peak of life. How? Think about it? "

Xiao Yu: "... Is it so powerful?"

404 quite a little chest said: "That is sure, let's go now!"

"Wait a minute, how do I want to be born?"

"Miss Fu Jia." 404 affirmly said.

"Miss Fu Jia?" Xiao Yu is bright, but it is still very concerned: "Nothing else?"

404 hesitated for a while, "No ... Is it?"

Xiao Yu: "..."

It's better to live, you can live, why should I choose death? Xiao Yu naturally took the task, as long as she completed the task, she had a new job, she can live better than now, enjoy the rich and prosperous Ronghua who did not enjoy, nature is good.

Therefore, the moment of blinking, when I saw a full-eyed white, Xiao Yu was really not reacted.

I didn't understand what happened even when I found that I couldn't move.

Pulling the eyes, listening to the noisy voice nearby, Xiao Yu finally knew that she was born, the original owner of this body is now in the hospital.

"404, how do I feel that this ward is not like a Miss Miss?"

However, only one silence of Xiao Yu, at the beginning, she thought that 404 was still there, did not think about it, I didn't know how to answer.

"Mom." A young boy came from.

Xiao Yu turned his head, the boy should be very beautiful, the eyes are big and bright, but there is no god in the eyes, the small and clean nose is tall and seductive. It's a child who can't hate can't get into the arms. It is too thin. It is too thin. It can't see the baby. It is not a bone. It is slim to a head to feel that it is a sharp drop.

"Wiping the hand." The little boy said, wiped a towel from the side of the basin, then wipe Xiao Yu hands hands.

The child looked at only 2 or 3 years old. In addition to the patient and their family in the ward, there is no other person. There is only one child to take care of yourself, Xiao Yu is deeply embarrassed, but it is so small, it should be happy age.

When the child finished erating, he walked down to the toilet with his almost big face toward the toilet. Then I ran back all the way, climbed to Xiao Yu's hospital bed, and fed some water for Xiao Yu.

The child is really sensible, and the movements are also very familiar. He will put on the cup with a straw, and then pull it out again. I took out two dollars from the wallet, said to Xiao Yu: "Mom, I will buy breakfast."

Waiting for the child, the uncle's grandfather lamented: "Your child is really awkward! The food of the hospital is expensive. Every day, I will take the money to buy a cheap back. I have to take care of you, not easy, not easy. what!"

Xiao Yu is still unclear, not very casual, just nodded.

Heart is violent: "404, you give me out, what is the situation?"

There is still a quiet in my mind, don't say mechanical sounds, I have no ideographical noise.

Xiao Yu is finally perceived: "Are you cheat me?"

"Deceive, deceive, deceived no, I have no deception, lie to you." 404 as a mechanical system, talking to Duan.

Xiao Yu is brugging: "I didn't lie to me? What is this? Are you talking about the born with me?"

404,,, "" , ,,,,,, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Xiao Yu is also clear: "The right, I can't refute it. But ... can you say before speaking?"

404 is full, happy: "No! What do you do?"

Xiao Yu: "..." unable to refute.

404 and comfort: "Host, there is nothing, you have me! I am a responsible system, powerful, you have to believe me, I will help you go to life, live happiness. "

Xiao Yu is silent for a while, I asked: "Can I change a world?"

404 is happy immediately: "It is not possible."

Well, Xiao Yu understood, ask the system: "Tell it! What is the wish of the original Lord?"

404 hearts, fortunately, the host is so fast, just listen to Xiao Yu, roaring: "Even if you have completed the task, you have made me a lifetime. I don't want to be !!!"

"Hey ..." 404 and said: "It doesn't matter, I am a strong good system, I have a gold finger, I am, I will help you cure the body."

Xiao Yu is reluctant to accept and say: "Tell the wish!"

So, 404 will put the plot into the mind of Xiao Yu.

People are wearing the books you have seen, Xiao Yu is not, when is this novel? Is it a new novel that I struggled to survive?

After all, Xiao Yu passed a few years. During this time, various novels were ejected after the rain, and where did Xiao Yu have to read it?

The novel is actually an old narkentrium, Xiao Yu is still in the novel that is the most like to use this kind of stalk.

The man is a rich second generation. The female owner is a poor, because of the honesty of the goddess, but the woman is a good woman who is just not A, strong and unyielding, not 5 mounted rice.

Soon, it has caused the attention of the male owner, then various entanglements, all kinds of love, they are divided into all the way, and they want to destroy their male and female support, they finally happily live together.

Xiao Yu roughly understood the story of the story, asked: "Oh, what is I am? Life is so miserable, is it a female match? I haven't seen which woman has a baby?"

404 will be smashed again, Luo Qian received this remembering this original master.

Xiao Yu: "... I am now in this novel 10 years before the beginning of this novel? Then I want the novel?" Fart.

404: "Oh, is this, have you seen the men and women in the book?"

"See it." Xiao Yu said.

404 lame: "Is it very miserable?"

"Washed." Xiao Yu admitted that the last men and women were unknown from home.

"Well, the male and female is the original child." 404 mechanical sound is cold.

"..." I Your uncle!