The World Gamer

2. First start

You move four people, presumed to be workers. And I found what appears to be a resource. A blue crystal that resembles the minerals in the parent game. I thought that might be a resource, so I decided to collect it, and then four people approached the crystal and started breaking it with stones.

As the sheep pile up a little by little, people head for a shabby hut. Soon as the blue crystals piled up in the hut, the number of blue crystals in my right field of view rose by 10.


I looked at each of the items. When I looked at the explanation, I thought of a very simple explanation.

Ration: Required for pulling out units and also for maintaining them. No one is scarier than the hungry. Parents' motto

Happiness: The Happiness stats change the construction speed and resource collection rate. Happy Humans are efficient in everything. What the Parent CEO says

Mana: The fundamental resource for everything. Mana is everything that makes up the world. Any Horseman's Words

Culture: The higher the cultural level, the more likely it is that a new tech or great person will appear. Cultural life is the most important thing in living as a human being. Parent Celebrity Words

Science: the most fundamental thing you need to ride every technology. Science is the crystal of wisdom and knowledge that man has built up. Ropes' Words

Looking at the nature of the resources, I saw the resources I currently have. If you look at the situation of each resource,

Food: 1050

Mana: 1040

Culture: 0

Science: 0

Happiness: 50% (All Efficiency Normal)

“Mana was just that blue crystal... food? ”

I thought about how to get food. What do you know, something went wrong, the faction went to hell and everything?

“Let's see the workers. ”

Select a Worker. Just when I think about it, a worker looks up at me while he goes digging for Mana. Right now, I'm looking at people in the air, and they're below me, and the workers are looking right at me.

Thinking about the buildings you could build, there were four compartments next to the group. Common buildings, luxury buildings, wonders, interchangeable buildings, respectively. There were four of these.

Once I thought about alternating buildings. Then a new screen appeared a little distance from my eyes. There were many buildings, but there was no fire. It means that it cannot be constructed.

I did not need to see luxury buildings or wonders. That's why when I thought of the general building, there were surprisingly only simple buildings. Among them, I produced the field first.

Field: Provides 10 rations

When I thought about choosing and making this, a field appeared on the ground I saw. As I was asked to choose where to build it, I thought of a point near the hut, and the workers moved there to start making a field.

“Okay, I've got a hunch. ”

Thinking about the hut, what the hut could do appeared as an icon. Of course, I clicked on Worker Production. The worker consumes 50 food per worker. The field consumed Mana, but 100 Somoni is no problem.

The next thing I built was the Mana Gathering Mill. This is how the Mana Gathering Mill explained it.

Mana Gathering Ground: It can be upgraded to store Mana and efficiently harvest Mana.

The Blue Crystal at the Mana Gathering Ground was 150 years old. I started construction right next to a place called Manasik, comfortably.

The workers come out of the hut, and the workers, of course, move to mine the Manassite. The distance between Manasik and the hut was just waiting for the Mana Gathering Mill to complete quickly.

Your field is complete. You will get 10 rations in the future.

The Mana Gathering Ground is complete.

A little while after the field was completed, the Mana Gathering Mill was completed. As soon as the Mana Gathering Site is complete, the workers start putting Manasik in the Mana Gathering Site instead of walking to the hut.

“This is unlimited population. ”

When you play this kind of game, the limitations of the population are quite annoying. Given that it is very efficient to use it to control the other person, it is good that there is no population limit at all.

I just had to think that the food was still consuming. Workers' Food Consumption 1. The total number of workers I have chosen is 10. That is, my food constantly decreases by 10 every hour.

In a way, this may be a limitation. On the other hand, if there is enough food, you can build units as much as you want. Or it could also be possible to stockpile enough food in advance and make units in a snap to wipe out the enemies.

“We'll need more fields first. ”

The user supplies more food while simultaneously increasing the number of workers. And after some relaxation, I built another building.

Science Lab: Where all science is studied. You can use the traits of the leader. Only one can be made.

It was the building that consumed 250 food and Mana at the same time, but it seemed the most important. All the buildings I can build now are over.

That's why you started scouting while producing more workers and increasing your rations. Honestly, since we didn't know who the enemy was and we didn't know the difficulty, we needed to activate more reconnaissance.

The Science Lab is complete.

Attributes are now available.

Scientific research is now available. Scientific research requires facilities to increase the level of scientific research, and higher levels increase the speed of research.

“My scientific value is zero...”

As the scientific laboratory was completed, there was Obelisk in the general building.

Obelisk: Increases the resource collection rate of workers in a certain region and increases their Culture and Happiness levels. (Mana 200 Food 100)

“Let's build this and see if it's a feature. ”

Pressing the red cross, which is shining in the upper left corner, reveals something like the skill tree of an RPG game. There were three characteristics I could take.

It was military, expansion, science. There my current characteristic point was 2. Also, my level was shown, but naturally I thought it was 1, but it was 0... I guess it starts from 0.

“Science, for starters. ”

There is nothing in science at the moment. So I had to invest two characteristics only in science.

Science: Increases Science by 1 (2 of 10)

That makes my scientific score two. I closed the Characteristics section and examined the Science Lab again. There were many things you could study. No resources were consumed and only required scientific figures were listed.

Once I chose the stone age that I thought was most important. What happens when you study this Neolithic Age first is the Training Hall. This means that an attack unit can be drawn. Next, improve Gathering Speed. I chose the new stone machine to aim for these two.

“By the way, has this evolved since the Stone Age...”

Given the adherence of the word "universe," it seems that progress can be made to the same age as it is today... Then how far can we go to the modern age?

Neolithic period: the beginning of humanity's true development. (Scientific Required: 50)

Can build Training Hall, speeds up resource gathering.

“Looks like a pretty big map...”

Scouting through 3 workers. However, the minimap's magnification decreases as it becomes somewhat brighter. I can't even feel how big it will get if I keep going like this. The game is also 80G. That skeleton is going to be huge.

“Resources are plentiful. We should hire more workers to expand. ”

You don't need a hut. Mana can also gather enough through Mana Gathering. Of course, there were more fields. We don't even know where the enemy is.

If so, we must prepare our troops. And there's no population limit. If we have enough food, how long can we hold our forces? It wouldn't matter.

“When does this end, by the way...”

I keep having dreams that might collapse, but I still have questions. How long am I going to play this game? Intuition? I just want to think that this dream isn't just a dream, it's a hunch.

Neolithic research is complete.

“Oh. Finally. ”

The Neolithic research was finally completed as we continued to expand our fields, build Obelisks, and build Magic Gathering Areas, maximizing the supply of resources.