The World Gamer

3. Your very own game in your dreams.

“... ask for a peace treaty. ”

That's when the Tiger Tribe player appears. A peace agreement... there were many conditions under the man. With the words "100 Turns of the Peace Accords," food and mana were written.

“I decline.”

“I'll give you more food and Mana. I'll give you as many resources as you need. ”

When he said that, a new window appeared next to the man, and there was a resource called bronze. There was also an overload. There were also findings from the scientific laboratory.

Hmm... What should I do? Should we retreat from here? I think I'll win if we fight again, as long as there are heavenly troops...

“Philosophy and religion. And if you give me 200 science points, I'll negotiate peace. ”

“That's too much. Philosophy and religion. ”

“If you refuse my terms, then you will be destroyed. ”

“If so, give me a scientific score of 100. ”

“We don't need food. We don't need Mana. Science is 200. ”

“... I see. I accept your terms.”

You have made peace with the Tigers. You cannot attack each other for 100 turns.

I got 200 science, philosophy and religion from the tigers.

Archery research is complete. The study of philosophy will be canceled. The Bronze Machine's research is complete. Scientific value remaining: 11.

Archery: Tools are the big difference between man and beast.

Allows production of archers.

Philosophy: Thinking That's why I exist.

Religion: Being in God. It means human weakness.

Temples can be built.

Available for building Oracle.

Bronze Machine: Bronze is the world's best!!!

Primitive Warrior's Attack and Defense Power Increase

Increases the Attack and Defense of the Primitive Archer.

The level of Hero Chiu has increased. The number of Heaven Soldiers that can be cleared increases to 400.

Victory in War increases Leader EXP.

Your leadership level has increased. Attribute Point 1 is given.

You will be awarded 1 Military Character Point for your first battle victory.

“Congratulations on your first battle. Leader.”

Clear the sky while looking at the notifications windows. That is, looking up at me and saying, Then I nodded and said:

“Thanks to you.”

“Now we can even increase the number of the heavenly army. I want to make an additional 100 warriors and 100 archers into the heavenly army. ”

“Yes, I will. Then let's go back.”

“Of course. We're going back to the soldiers' home! ”

After the first battle, I roughly saw the troops returning to my base, and I double checked all the notification windows and looked at my traits. One human military trait says you can't film anything other than military traits, so the other one... should go to science, right? This is the military characteristic I took.

Soldier: All troop stats increase by 1%.

Only 1%, but 10% for all 10. 10% is not to be ignored. Given the ability of the mower, this figure can be a frightening figure.

“It's faith now. ”

According to Chiu, what I need to study now is faith and iron. Allows you to build the Hero Training Hall. Still, I'm glad we got philosophy and religion from the Tiger Tribe.

“Then there was a new building. ”

2 new buildings after gaining a religion. I confirmed it.

Temple: God-fearing buildings. Can train priests and upgrade related priests.

Oracle: A special temple from God, a building of wonders. You can earn the trust of God every 100 turns when you complete it.

“Oh. A priest... a healer? ”

Build Temples first. And Oracle, of course it starts to build. There are currently two wonders I can create. Pyramids and Oracle. The Pyramids are already under construction, so Oracle builds next to them.

There are a lot of workers in the pyramid, but so is Oracle. Thirty workers were dispatched each.

Temple is complete.

On the notification window that the temple was completed, I examined the temple.

Priest: A God-fearing person who lends God's power to his allies.

It was more expensive than I thought. 200 for 200, plus 3 for each turn. The most expensive unit I have ever picked. Oh, except for the hero, of course. Heroes consume 10 rations per turn... There are a lot of fields, so there's no stopping them.

Turn forward 100 turns to return to reality. Even if we go back to reality, the time in the world continues to flow. We want you to set a policy for moving forward with your leader hero. But scientific research only takes place as predetermined by the leader. Leader hero cannot touch.

I think I'm done. I pressed everything in the Science Lab. I can't do that much because I have to get some tech to unlock some and some new ones, but once I've pressed all the researchable ones.

And I took my eyes to where Noah was, and I looked at him and said,

“Building wonders comes first. And I want you to constantly recruit the troops and build the Hero Training Center as soon as the Faith, Iron Research is completed. More workers, more fields. ”

“I see.”

After ordering Noah, I went to Chiu this time.

“When the soldiers come out, train them as heavenly soldiers and attack them as soon as the peace negotiations are over." ”

“The declaration of war can only be made by a leader. I can only defend myself. ”

“Then defend me and keep scouting as a scout." ”

“I'll do that. ”

And time went on. When my vision became dark and I opened my eyes again, it was the ceiling of my house.

“Phew... That was fun. ”

A game only I play in my dreams. Space civilization. Very funny. The opponent's player thinks it's something other than a computer, but somehow they act like real humans. Like my heroes.


Played a game at bedtime Of course I was tired. You wouldn't mind taking a late nap...

* * * * * *

“Haha. You're doing great, too. ”

The young man smiling and talking. What he saw was surprisingly a game that the universe was playing in a dream. It was the whole image of the cosmic civilization. Slowly ascending pyramids and oracles. And cleaning up the military training. Seeing all of them, the young man smiled.

“Lucky me. Who would have thought one of my top con heroes would show up so soon. ”

The young man's words had a very deep meaning. Top fraud heroes of their own choosing. In other words, it means that he created a cosmic civilization.

“Tsk. Some of the damn angels got in the way...”

Earth. There were many cabins on that Earth. Some went into the ancient age like the universe, but others remained in the early age. Among them, there were five places that caught his eye.

Each of them belonged to China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Australia in the real world.

“Still, he's the best. It's hard to beat him in a game where luck like that works in the first place. He's... not so good in real life, but he's the luckiest guy in the game. ”

Workers working hard. The last worker places a brick on the top of the pyramid. The pyramid is complete. Watching it, the young man nods.

“Take care of Noah. With these two heroes, you'd think the beginning is over. Wonders are well-constructed and well positioned, so there are plenty of other animals you can eat. ”

“What are you muttering to yourself? ”

When he heard the voice behind his back, he turned around and said,

“Ah. I'm looking at my own game. ”

“... Stupid. I don't understand. Why would you risk your life for something so trivial? ”

“I can't help it. Humanity is in danger if we leave it like this. ”

“I already have enough condolences for that. ”

“Yes, but that's not enough. I want my friend to live happily ever after. ”

“Is that why you touched her? ”

“No. The only way I could have been in heaven was to hack it. It's a good thing the system of heaven is back to the system of knowledge I know. I wouldn't have done this if I hadn't. ”

“... I still don't understand. Why the hell did he tell you to leave it alone? You must go to hell, of course. You screwed up his plan. Moreover, they went ahead and captured a planet of their own. ”

“Yes, but a god who planned to collapse on humans like me in the first place, and you guys who didn't manage this system properly, that's not so bad, am I? Don't tell me you didn't know this was gonna happen. Don't hold me responsible. If you had done the right thing, none of this would have happened. ”



The thunder rumbles, and the young man continues to speak without any fear.

“Threats are meant to be face-to-face. You can't hurt my body. You think I'd be afraid of you in a situation like that? Don't waste your energy. Just move. The temple will appear elsewhere soon. ”

“... you will pay for that. ”

Seeing the existence disappear, the young man smiled.

“I've sinned for my friend, and I'll pay you whatever you want for it. As long as he's happy with it. ”

The young man smiled and looked at the universe sleeping in his room.

“Come on. Let's go. Space. We're almost there. ”