The World Gamer

4. Continuous development.


The Wonder Building Pyramid is complete. You get 100 science figures. Demonstrates Pyramid's ability.

The Wonder Building Oracle is complete. From now on, the trust will come down in 100 turns.

The Wonder Building Hero Training Hall is complete. Heroes' skills can now be taken and their items can be equipped.

Faith is added to resources due to the completion of research on Faith.

Leader Skilllan has been unlocked.

Again, when I asked myself to sleep and started dreaming, various notifications made my eyes complicated. Once I looked through all the notification windows one by one, the skill of the leader was the one that caught my eye.

Leader. By making my information visible, there really is a new tab next to my traits called Skills. There were several drawings when I pressed on it.

LEADER 'S SKILLS: Leaders use their beliefs to use skills. Leader skills must be recognized by God. Solve the trust related to the skill and get the skill.

“Trust... this was a must-have building for Oracle. ”

Suddenly, a strong light descends on Oracle as you mutter like that. And my vision automatically moved there.

The trust has come down.

Conquer the nearby tribes (0 of 3)

For greater growth, we must conquer the tribes around us. Conquer them! Doing so will create a foundation for even greater growth.

Reward: Scientific value 1,000. Attribute Point 2, plus Leader Skill Golden Age.


Trust was not great. It was just like a quest from an RPG game. The conquest of the nearby tribes, by the way... I know about the Tiger Tribe.

If you look at the minimap, you see four new people who have been scouting regularly.


I quickly moved my vision to the location where it was cleared and summoned to be cleared. Then Chiu lifted his head and looked at me and said.

“What's going on? Leader.”

“Starting with the Tiger Tribe, a trust came down to conquer the Three Tribes. Lead all scouts and soldiers and conquer the tribes. ”

“I'll do that. Better yet, I need to use my skill points. ”

“Oh, yeah. ”

Chiu's words reminded me of Chiu's ability to do more, and a notification window appeared next to Chiu and the skill window appeared. There are 7 skill spears for Chiu, and I already know 2 of them.

One is a Celestial Army Soldier, and the other is a deceptive passive skill. You need to capture one of the other 5 skills with one skill point...

“This should be good. ”

Ride: Qiu moves on a Legendary Beast. Depending on the skill level, new recruits become more powerful and have special abilities.

After filming a skill, I immediately put it away with the light and mounted a horse.

“Good choice. Then I'll lead the troops to the Tiger Tribe. You have to declare war. ”


There was a negotiation between the research done at the scientific institute. Diplomacy tab, as a result of the research on negotiations. If the resources are on the right, diplomacy is located right next to the tab that gives me a closer look at my situation as the leader on the left. Tap on that diplomacy to see the four tribes I've discovered. I tap on the tiger tribe and the tiger tribe's chieftain appears.

“What's going on? ”

“Declare war.”

“You bastard!!! The last one! I will definitely repay you!!! ”

The tiger is at war with the tribe.

Qiu's Passive Skill ‘Distinguished Body’ has been activated.

“I'll get rid of it! Emperor Qiu, the heretic and the prophet!!! ”

“Wooooo!!!!! ”

Purging toward the tiger tribe, he raises his sword to the sky and shouts. Then the soldiers shout for joy. After all, this will be the end of the Tiger Tribe. I don't know how much they've grown, but I can't beat my troops.

400 Heavenly soldiers and 500 Primitive Warriors. And 400 primitive archers, 1200 in total. I understand a little bit about why this game is over 80G. Of course, such a large dose will be necessary.

“Now I'm going to take another look at the Science Lab. ”

Review the current list of available studies at the Science Institute. And one of them caught my eye was horseback riding. It was a study that allowed me to pick out a cavalry. Of course, I pressed and looked at it first.

The next one is mining. It tells you the location of iron, silver, gold and diamonds on the map, and it allows you to gather all of these resources. After studying these two things first, I looked at the temple.

There were three temples, and the priests were talking to the workers, moving around. And I was talking to some people.

I had no choice whether they were a unit or not, but I had to tell them they were really good at completing things.

“What are you doing? ”

I saw the priest talking to the person who thought it was an object and said, Then the priest raised his head and said.

“I'm shooting. Leader.”


“Yes, it is to convey the greatness of God. ”

“I see.”

And I looked at the abilities of priests, and there was only one of them. ‘Healing.’ Skill that heals allies with priest Mana. That was it.

I looked through the Upgrey on the temple building, but there was nothing. For now, this is all I have... Well, once I start riding tech again, I'll be fine.

Tiger tribe has been conquered.

1 point awarded for expansion and military traits due to first conquest.

You will be awarded Leader Experience from Conquest.

Your leadership level has increased.

Everything that was in the Tiger Clan belongs to you.

A part of the minimap illuminates in an instant. They were all buildings and units that were lacking tigers. So I started looking at them. It was really small compared to what I did. There was no mystery.

“That's why it's so easy to lose. ”

There was a lot to develop. I don't know why there aren't more Mana Gathering Grounds even though there are obvious Mana Stones around here. Maybe it's the computer's limit. It doesn't matter. I've got it, and now it's mine, so I'm good at it.

“We have to grow a house. ”

First a hut. No, now a hut. I pick workers hard. The workers are running low. The workers immediately engaged in resource gathering and construction.

“I don't know what this is. You want to go to war with me? ”

Then another man appeared. He was bigger than the tiger chieftain. The problem is that the scaffolding is mostly fats... but the chieftain of the pig tribe. That's a good name.


“Idiot! I'll show you the power of this pig tribe!! ”

Enters War with the Pig Tribe.

And the passive force of Qiu kicks back on and the troops led by him move quickly towards the pig tribe. He was excellent at handling the soldiers of Qiu.

All I do is declare war. And move your position. All of these two. The detailed positioning of the troops that occurred in between, such as the spacing of the scouts, is very good. It was also not referred to as the whole body and body.

“I have to do my job. ”

As soon as possible, we had to seize all the cornerstones around the Tiger Tribe. There was plenty of food and Mana, but there was still nothing to lose.

It's not about how much resources are increasing, like the parent game, and it's not about how much resources I've reached right now.

Horseback Riding: Humans begin to become obsessed with speed as they ride horses.

Mounted Troops can be produced in the Training Hall.

Can mount heavenly troops.

“The heavenly soldiers are also cavalry... so it's even more fraudulent, right? ”

Probably would not have an answer

You conquered the Pig Tribe.

Increases Leader's EXP.

Your leadership level has increased. Attribute Points will be added.

Chiu's level has increased. The highest number of heavenly soldiers you can have has reached 600. Please use your Skill Points.

Looking at the notification window, I think of a section of the minimap where my vision shifts momentarily.

“The cavalry has been added. Leader.”

“Yes, when is it possible to mount the heavenly troops? ”

“It takes me a while to get back to the Heavenly Army Infantry and train. What will you do? Will you conquer the next tribe? ”

“Let's get some more heavenly soldiers. There's been some military damage, so I'm going to reorganize it. And now that you've leveled up, let's take a skill. ”

I once again branded the ride in Chiu's skill. Then light came down on Qiu's body, and the animal he was riding turned from a horse to a tiger.

“Good choice. Leader, let's regroup then. ”

And then I took a look at the tribe of captured pigs, which I regrouped. This guy had a lot of fields, and he was already collecting all of them. Plus, there were a lot of houses. There were only two training centers.

Given that there are five training stations for the Tiger Tribe, he didn't build too many. Besides, I don't know why we don't negotiate peace. I could have ripped it out and taken it off for you, given the circumstances.