The World Gamer

4. Continuous development.

It's good for me anyway. With this, I conquered two tribes, and my power grew strong. Through the mathematics studied by the Science Institute, tap on the Statistics tab next to Diplomacy. I don't know what it is, but I pressed it. You said statistics, so I thought I'd organize something numerically.

“Oh, it's like this. ”


100 fields (10), 25 Mana Gathering Grounds, 1 Science Lab, 15 Training Grounds, 6 Cabins, 30 Obelisks, 50 Home Houses.

Pyramids, Hero Training Grounds, Oracle.

Cheongun Yangbolthong


Cheongun: 398 people

Primitive Warrior: 357.

Primitive Archer: 388.

Primitive Scout: 100.

A brief statistic of your current buildings and units. That was to tell you the total number. I think it's a good feature.

“All the heavenly troops must be equipped. ”

With my muttering, my thoughts went straight to Shiu. Then he lifted his head and looked at me.

“Are they all cavalry? 600 of them? ”

“Yes, I will do my best to break through. I'll treat civilians and archers as those from the Training Hall. ”

“I'll do it if the leader wants me to. ”

In fact, warriors and archers can now become warriors and archers, except primitive. But the problem is the cost of upgrading. There is significant food consumption in Manawa. The new recruits from the Training Hall are still primitive warriors and archers.

I had to upgrade the Training Hall itself, but I needed iron to do that. That's why I study mining at the Science Lab after riding.

“Let's use up all the resources we have accumulated...”

When I think of upgrading all the current Primitive Warriors and Primitive Archers, the ranch changes with light pouring down on their bodies. At the same time, the food and Mana start to shrink like crazy.

Suddenly, the resources that were looking over 90,000 and 100,000 fell to 30,000. Khh. This upgrade is not costly. Next time, I'm just gonna wait a little bit longer than this. This is too expensive.

“Let's start by adding more houses. ”

Most of the units coming out of the home are workers. It's good that the workers are growing quickly, but that's how much food is consumed.

Increase the number of fields and send workers evenly everywhere to prioritize resource acquisition. And wait. May the light be completed quickly. And, of course, Obelisk.

Mining: Underground resources are vital to human development.

Training Hall Upgrade Available

Hidden resources can be checked for iron, silver, gold, diamonds and mined.

These 4 items were added to the Resources tab and I started to see things that I didn't see in my view. It was the location of these four resources. I sent the workers here quickly.

Once in my current territory, the resources I discovered were 12 iron mines and 3 silver mines. And there were six gold mines and 10 diamond mines.

Everyone creates a Gathering Site and enters the proper Gathering. And with some iron buildup, I upgrade all the Training Stations. Although the Training Hall was upgraded, its name remained the same, but it changed a bit.

It had a more proper training center. Walls. Back then, it was just a plain plain plain plain.

You can enter the Classical Era from the Ancient Era by meeting the requirements.

A notification window appeared. It was a notification window that you could ride the tech to the next generation. Despite what remains to be studied at the scientific institute.

Hmm... I have no idea how to ride the technology of the age. Shit. I miss the tutorial even more. I don't know if you need any help, but I don't have any help.

Once I went to any hut, I chose to change times. A lot of resources have been spent, but it doesn't matter. What matters now is moving on to the next technology.

It entered the classical era from the ancient era.

You entered the classical age for the first time. As a reward, you'll get 3 Trait Points, 5,000 for all resources, and a hero.

All the buildings glow and change their appearance. Now it is not a hut, but a real house made of wood.

Alexander the Great has emerged.

You cannot have two heroes with leadership traits. Abandon one of the two heroes.

Along with the notification window, I saw a middle-aged Western man who I thought was King Alexander on the left and on the right. I'm asking you to choose between the two.

“It's Alexander. Nothing to see. ”

Alexander chose Alexander because he was superior to Noah.

Noah disappears and gives his last blessing.

5 extended attribute points for Leaders will be awarded.

Scientific research "The Capital" is complete.

Capital: There is a difference between heaven and earth between what is and what is not in the right center.

A certain region can be designated as the capital.

Adds the concept of towns and cities.

“Mmmm... awesome. ”

I looked at the new features that emerged. First, the concept of towns and cities. This is a constant border. I felt like I was talking about a certain area. There were conditions for the city and town.

The town had to have more than 100 buildings within a certain range and more than 200 cities. Moreover, the capital could only be established where the city was satisfied.

“Is this just a city now? ”

All the territories I currently occupy must be combined to become a single city. I don't know what will happen if I go there later if I think there are many cities like this.

“Can't you make a country? ”

Once again, admiring the scale of the game, I chose the capital.

The capital has been established.

This was the end. There was no other effect. It was meaningless, but I just went for it. More than that.

“Greetings, leader. My name is Alexander the Great! The closest king to the whole world! ”


“Hmm. Luckily, it's not there yet. Are you sure you want to use my abilities? Leader.”

“Of course.”

In fact, that's why I chose Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great's unique ability. It's a wondrous building, Alexandria. It's called a building, but it's actually creating one giant area.

It was considerable in size, but it was comparable to the land I now occupied. I was wondering if this was a real joke because I said city. Maybe he's a scam hero.

“My city! Rise again and show me your praise!! ”

Alexander the Great's unique ability: Alexandria.

Alexandria: A city built on Alexander the Great's unique power, a city in which the city itself cannot be built. Additionally, the Library of Alexandria, the Alexandria Barracks and the Alexandria Palace can be constructed.

Alexandria. +30 Science and Culture in this city alone. I thought it was some kind of bellows' ability to increase happiness by 50, but there's more to it. This is more fraudulent than cleaning it up. Is it equal?

“Libraries and barracks. And we need to build additional courts. What are we going to do about that? Leader.”

“Of course we should build. It's just...”

Resource consumption is not a joke. Library. It is an incredibly superfraudulent building that increases scientific figures by 100, but it is also included as a wonder. In addition, resources are consumed.

Only 20,000 food goes in first. In 50,000 Manat, iron, silver, gold and diamonds add up to over 100,000. It's a huge resource consumption.

“We don't have the resources right now. As soon as the resources become available, make the library a top priority, then the barracks, then the palace. ”

“I'll do that. ”

Happiness has reached a certain amount. Work efficiency increases by 10%.

“You're finally getting a bonus on happiness figures. ”

Next, I had to film Alexander's skill. This was Alexander's skill taken by me.

Towards the ends of the earth: Movement Speed is increased by 100% for all Units.

It was a very useful skill to speed up the troops' advance later. As a penalty, Alexander's only able to lead is limited to soldiers chosen from Alexandria's barracks, but still, where is it?

“First, develop all of your inner circle. ”

“I'll do that. ”

And Alexander moves towards something on horseback. In the meantime, I've been concerned about investing in attribute points that have been accumulated. Science first.

“Science is reading, and expansion... is collective life. ”

After finishing the distribution of all the attributes, I nodded. Very satisfied with the distribution

“The heavenly army training is over. Leader, do you want to start the war again? ”

As soon as I heard what Chiu said, I moved my vision to where Chiu was.

“Are all the soldiers ready? ”

“Of course. The enemy cannot stop us. ”

“Then let's go. ”

One last tribe left in the quest. The tribe was called the Bat Tribe.