The World Gamer

6. Waiting for installation.

I know too well why people want geniuses so badly because I've been watching genius right next to them. And it's funny to see ordinary people trying to emulate genius.

You got Steven from the apple? Will Gates, the richest man in the world? You're gonna catch up with these guys? Bullshit. These guys are geniuses. Some people are born well in their times, but as a result, if they were fools, they would never have caught the opportunity.

The biggest difference between a genius and a normal person? It's simple. That's how you're born. There are people who think they can do whatever they want to do. I'll tell them anyway. I can't.

I can be somewhat superior to ordinary people. But we can't go into the realm of real geniuses. It is absolutely impossible to keep up.

I would rather just tell people to follow normal, successful people. It's okay to follow them. And when the opportunity arises, we will succeed. But as a genius, the story is completely different.

No matter how much shit you do, nobody can keep up with geniuses. I watched the bubbles and learned that. Same thing makes a difference.

Even when asked to create the same program, the foam is much more concise, yet accurate and looks good. Completely different from me. I also imitated a lot of the different behaviors or ways of the bubble.

But I can never be a bubble. Half of him couldn't replicate 1%. Nevertheless, I get enough grades to go to school shouting at the university, which is the best in the country.

But that's it. That's all I can do. It may seem cruel, but it's the truth and I know it very well. Maybe the bubble was too brilliant a genius.

In fact, he died and went to heaven, where he was messing with the angels. It bothers me to tell you how brilliant this guy is because he even threatened God's plan. Just a space civilization. I can explain it all with one thing.



Suddenly, I get a call looking at the caller.


Is it still a school?

“No, the way home. We're almost there. ”

I need to stop by the market and get some milk.

“Got it.”

It was my mom. Anyway, the mayor... I'm gonna go buy some chicken while I'm at the market.

* * * * * *

“100 days left. ”

Seeing the everlasting sun, a man mutters. Around him were giants who would have been in the distant past, like a set set of movies, and people who were wearing the clothes of the people of that age.

“In 100 days. There is a great disaster on Earth. ”

Saying so, the man firmly grasps the sword in his hand.

“And I become the hero who saves the world. ”

Hero. The word was the word that resounded a man's heart. I woke up one night and I woke up where the Stone Age people I saw on TV were. The man there suffered a great deal of embarrassment.

I experienced the crisis of death and the first murder I was born with. If he had been born a woman, he would have been raped as well. But the man survived to the end in this world safely.

And the biggest thing that helped make that possible was

Space civilization will end in a few moments.

This was the notification window. Notification windows that appear like you're playing a game. The man survived these things to the end, and now he's created a tribe and he's leading that tribe.

This world has no law and only power. He really had to develop his tribe like a game, and the more he was rewarded for it.

“Phew. Too bad. ”

Look at the woman next to him. She was a beauty. She could have gone to Earth and been an actress. There were six such women around the man.

They were beautiful women who fought against other tribes. He is the chief of this tribe. Everything belongs to him within this tribe. There were no women, no treasures, no exceptions.

I was full of desire to take these women to Earth, but unfortunately it was impossible. Of course, it is impossible right away. It is not impossible in the future.

If the catastrophe on Earth begins in 100 days, then these women here can also be brought to Earth. He thought that he would not be wrong because an angel appeared on the day he made the tribe official.

“We'll find out in 100 days. ”

And a man's vision is darkened. When the man opened his eyes again, it was the ceiling of his house that caught the man's eye. When I saw the sunlight coming into the window, an ordinary city caught my eye.

“100 days until this boring world changes... I wish I could go faster. ”

* * * * * *

“It's hard...”

After finishing the lecture, I came out and muttered. It's not that hard. What I find difficult is to endure boredom. I'm sorry, but I already know everything.

I learned it during class practice, but the contents of the class were part of what I worked hard with foam. At least when it comes to computers, the knowledge bubbles and I have accumulated together is never light.

And as you can see, most of the lessons are already known to me. Sometimes things come up that I don't know, so I focus, but most of the time I was bored.

“Let's go home and play a game. ”

This is the end of today's lesson. From now on, there is nothing to do. The installation is still in progress. Lucky or unfortunate, the date is declining a little faster, but still 10 days remain.

Just January 1. At the end of this year, January 1, 2012. The installation has finished. I'm curious if you got a partial hit like this, but it took about three months compared to a half a year, so that's good.

“The final exam is next week...”

This time, the lecture was a little tight. So the next week I graduate at the same time after the last term and the day after class. I had to worry about my job, but I had already convinced my parents to let me start my own computer shop.

I bought a second-floor building, the first floor is the shop, and the second floor is the house where I live. My parents said it was a waste of money, but they didn't stop me from doing it.

The hard part of life at work is that my parents know much better than I do. Which parent in the world would want their child to suffer? Even my parents were no different.

Of course, the newly settled shops and houses are not so far from where they used to live. It's 40 minutes' walk from here. If it was too far away, I caught it nearby as a part of my fear that my parents would disagree.

I'm still heading there. The first floor is still being remodeled, but the move on the second floor is over. There was nothing great about luggage, so I finished packing my luggage and prepared all the necessary items.

Above all, I was close to school. We're 20 minutes away from the bus. It was just a two minute walk from the bus stop and it was extremely close to here.

“This is my building...”

A small house on the second floor. This is my own building in my name. This is the kind of place where it's okay for me to do shit. I went up to the second floor after the first floor where the hard remodeling work is underway. Then I open the door with the key and enter my house.

The structure of the house is simple. 5 rooms per living room. Two bathrooms, one kitchen. One of the five rooms is the game room and my studio, and the other is the bedroom. And three rooms are empty.

If I get married later and have kids, this place will be a nursery. The level is rather large. Overall, it's about 70 square feet, but I can't help it because the first floor was originally a super big place.

I have to fill the place with computer parts, so it's a lot of money... but 10 billion won I picked out to spend. I haven't used half of it yet.

This year is almost over. This means that interest comes from the galaxy, which means that more than KRW 250 billion will come to me again. Given the situation... 10 billion is honestly... I can't afford to spend it at all.

“Khh. I'm touched every time I see it. ”

Three monitors connected to a single main house that is sitting in a bunker. This is no ordinary computer home. Personal use worth about KRW 50 million. It's a home supercomputer.

Although the size is not much different from a normal desktop computer, the processing speed varies depending on the price, but in my computer today, Super-speed is roughly a thousand times faster than a modern computer.

I bought it as soon as I moved here, but its performance is very satisfying. I was experiencing a new world. I said it was faster than the computer in Bubbles' workshop.

As soon as I booted up, I looked at the computer that was powering on and I connected to the internet. Games are games, but don't you have to know that people are dying?

“Oh, by the way, this is today's presentation. ”

The last game the bubble created just before he died. It's a space civilization, of course, but it's private. There is publicly a dimension of war that can be called the feeble plaque of space civilization. That was the day it opened today.

“Hehe. I worked hard on that...”

I cooperated in making that game. You can tell by the name of the bubble and my name on the manufacturer's presentation at the same time. Only 98% of the production was foaming and I only did 1%. The remaining 1% will be taken up by companies entrusted with a non-foam shareholder.

In fact, the release of the game was announced because the companies were interfering in many ways. Of course, I wanted to shout "Get lost." I wanted to hit the blind in the money, but I endured it.

I couldn't afford it at the time. So I just sort of flipped it over, and... it's a real mess. Still, I am satisfied that the game is open properly. As I said, it is distributed over the internet. This should be enough to satisfy you.

“But I can't help but be annoyed. ”

Switch off the Internet and connect to War 2 of Stars. This annoyance needs to be solved with a game.