The World Gamer

7. Space Civilization: The Space Age.

“It's finally today. ”

When people were working hard on the last countdown of the year, I was looking at a notification window that was only visible to me. Today, the installation is finally over.

Three, two, one. Space Civilization: The installation of the space age is over. Do you want to connect?

“Of course I have to! ”

Time settings are available. Time is aligned with Earth's time. How many hours do you want to set?

“Ten hours!”

10 hours. Space Civilization: 1000 turns in time during the space age. Finish setup?

“100 turns an hour... Now I'm being nice. Setting up finished. It's starting right away. ”

Space Civilization: Launches the space age.

It's the beginning of the game.

* * * * * * *

January 1, 2012. The beginning of a new year. It was also the end of the world, as the Mayans said. And that prophecy... was being fulfilled all over the world.

Times Square, New York. A place where the last year of annual events are celebrated. A meteor suddenly falls from the sky toward it.

It was not a limited story here. Dozens and hundreds of meteors are falling around the world. Suddenly, something happened that no human being could understand.

And the most decisive was the next. The falling meteor became dust with the light and disappeared. It just disappeared without any foresight. But that's the beginning of a disaster.

Not all meteors are like that, but some meteors have one shape. It was a monster, walking upright like a human with 4 metres of claws.

Monsters will appear later in the human fantasy, including monsters called Wendigo. January 1, 2012. This day is called humanity's worst disaster. This is the first time monsters have appeared.

* * * * * *

Storage data of an existing cosmic civilization has been imported.

You will be given this item's special privilege for Mr. Kim.

1. You will be given 2 special heroes.

2. Build a palace in the capital for free.

3. All attributes are reset.

4. You will be given 3 unique items.

Randomly summons 2 special heroes.

The Great Hercules will be summoned.

The electoral blow is summoned. These two special heroes are heroes that do not fit in the number of heroes and do not have overlapping positions with other heroes.

3 unique items will be given randomly.

You have obtained Qiu's sword.

You won a Leader-only item called 'Gwang-nil’.

You got a Leader-only item called 'Random Hero Summon’.

A palace is completed in the capital city. Allows a nation to be built.

Nation has been founded. Name your nation.


I organized an enormous number of notification windows one by one and looked at the overall look. Before, there was definitely a game. It's like if graphics were playing really good 3D games, now I'm just looking at reality. This was no longer a game.

Things related to other manuals have changed a lot, especially the Resources tab. Food, culture, manna, science, iron, happiness. There were six compartments and figures, and there were none.

Statistics and diplomacy were cleaner and easier to see. Characteristics are military and expansive science. This characteristic was organized calmly.

Military, Expansion, Science. The three items remained the same, but each one was organized in an easy-to-see manner.

“Hmm... not a bad place. Leader.”

At that moment, I turned off all the windows and saw two people standing in front of a huge building that looked like a palace. A man with a large height and torso torn off and the skin of a lion from his head hanging from his head. And a loving old man with a strange figure next to him. Hercules and medical fire.

“You seem to have forgotten us. Let us take a look. ”

“Oh, right...”

Hercules and Hua 'Ta levels were 10. Looking at the skill points there, I decided to shoot the skill first.

“When filming a skill, make sure to shoot the ultimate weapon. It's a very powerful skill. ”

At Hercules' words, I nodded and looked at Hercules' information, and I noticed its unique ability.

Nemia's Lion Armor: No defense gear items. +5% Defense for each level 1.

Well... it's a fuzzy skill, but as a result, we can keep leveling up. I don't know what the maximum level is... but the heretic skills themselves aren't that bad. You are currently level 10, which increases your Defense Power by 50%. I also examined other skills.


I found a fraudulent skill.

Twelve trials (ultimate): having twelve lives. Each resurrection increases its power by 10% and adds 1 additional life to every 100 turns.

... isn't that the collapse of Valence? Twelve lives? So you're saying we should kill 12? No, 12 deaths, resurrection means 13 kills.

Besides, when you come back to life, you get 10% stronger? Besides, don't you have any ashes? What the hell do you think you're doing? You have all these horrible skills.

“... you're so strong. ”

“Hahahaha! I'm stronger! ”

Hercules told me I didn't smile at all, but I nodded. This is the real Bellance collapse. Last but not least, he's showing off his skills that he'll wipe them all out on his own even if he goes to the enemy camp.

Other skills are not bad. It's all good. But it also looks like a kid's prank compared to the ultimate time. How deceptive of you.

Even more so, I thought if Hercules had the ultimate weapon, there would be a fire, so I looked into it. Even Hua 'Ta's unique abilities were not great.

Medical Councillor: Give birth to one doctor per 20 turns who heals the sick.

It was Hiller, as you can see. I think it's a very good ability. It couldn't have been better, because it was endlessly constantly filming Hiller. And Huata's ultimate... this was... in some ways more fraudulent than Hercules.

Blue Sack (Ultimate): Revives all dead allies within 10 turns and heals all allies for 100% health. (500 Turns Cooldown)

There is a cooldown. It can be said to be very long with 500 turns... but it is deceptive. The resurrection of all allies who died within 10 turns. I can turn this situation upside down in war with just one thing. But without stopping there, he regained 100% of his health.

What's even more funny is that this skill covers the entire map. Literally all allies. What kind of scam do you have?

“Put it away. Does Alexander have it? ”

I quickly moved my vision to Alexander's location.

“Here comes the leader. How are you, leader? ”

I answered Chiu's greeting roughly and examined his skills. And...

“Huff-puff!!! ”

Full Body Uprising (Ultimate): Qiu opens up the power as a whole body. All stats are increased by 3000%. Unique skill: Blitzkrieg is available.

“Yes? Why? ”

“No... just the ultimate...”

“Ah. Ultimate. A new one this time. It wasn't there last time.”

It's the NPC of the game, and you can see it's patched, and it's very artificial intelligence. Isn't that artificial intelligence? Amazing, by the way.

“More than that, my leader. ”


“You have my sword. Can I have the sword? ”


It turns out that you received a sword from a random item. As I quickly thought of fitting the item, the white light gathered right in front of Chiu and an ancient sword appeared. And as soon as I put that sword away,

Chiu reclaims his sword.

The true power of the sword is unlocked.

Qiu's Unique Ability: A new body is added.

Military Status: Ally stats +30% in War.

“Yes. These senses. Thank you for returning the forgotten sword. ”


Qiu's Sword: By returning to Qiu's hand, the true power was opened.

All Qiu stats +50%

Level x 100 for clearing Heavenly Military holdings.

“I can use this to hold more heavenly armies. Are you going to be a cavalry again? ”

“Yes, please. ”


With an additional 300 troops, only a thousand mounted troops will be 900. That would be a lot of power. Clearly, it's time to check on Alexander next.

“Oh. You're here? Leader, I've managed these two cities well without you. You'll be pleased."

Alexander looked at me and said, I nodded roughly and checked Alexander's eventuality. It was a scam.

Royal Society (Ultimate): Alexander summons a summoned army from Alexandria's barracks to date. The maximum number of troops cannot exceed 200,000.

Fraud. And now that I see it, I realize... that Alexander's ultimate goal... is no cooldown. It only consumes Mana. So if Manaman is infinite...

“I don't know...”