The World Gamer

7. Space Civilization: The Space Age.

I moved my vision back to the palace with a brief swing of menthol in the ultimate of these incredibly deceptive heroes, and decided to name the country by naming it.


I'm concerned. It's the name of the country. I couldn't make it easy. It's weird to think of the bubble that made this game and use it as a bubble. However, if we mix it with my name, it becomes a strange name in any way.

“I don't know. Let's just go to Korea. ”

Is the country named ‘Korea’? Once set, it cannot be changed. Choose carefully.

“Well… decided to go to Korea. ”

The country "Korea" was born. From now on, you can manage your inner circle through the palace.

He entered the Middle Ages from the Classical Era.

A new trust has come down.

Advancing the country.

Korea, a newly born city-state. Such a small country. Develop your nation. Expand your land, acquire resources, and acquire talent. Develop as many countries as you can for 5000 turns. You will be rewarded accordingly.


“Internal Affairs...”

Let's take a look at the slowly changing system. There were so many changes. Once the inner circle through the palace was to instruct the hero in advance of something big.

I told Chiu and Hercules to recruit more soldiers. In other words, I told them to train. And Alexander, of course, has the resources. Last but not least, Hua 'tha doesn't have any orders to do, so he told me to just walk around and take care of it.

The following are adaptations to the changed system. People kept coming and going all over my vision, unlike before. While Alexander was away from me, he was walking the path that the workers had made, but the more I saw, the more I was amazed.

Next up is the leader. That's about me. A total of three tabs appeared as the attribute item disappeared and was simply said to be a leader. Features, Skills, and Items. There were three things.

A trait is a trait and a skill is a skill. Only the item appeared new this time, with one window and one card in the inventory.

Gwanghnil (Leader Only)

This is a Leader-only item that allows any single unit to be killed every 100 turns.

“It's a scam.”

Moreover, there is no expense of faith. It was just an endless number of second-rate fraudulent items with 100 turns of cooldown. Of course I wore a gong-nil.

There were only four items a leader could wear. It seemed irrelevant. Next one card. It was a card that allows you to pick a random hero. I put the card on hold for now. I was going to take a profile picture first and use the card.

“Oh, before that, science. ”

I closed the leader window and immediately checked the Science Lab. Dozens of items were lit up, and I looked at them one by one and ordered what I needed right now. And the first thing I studied was this.

Lamp Yong: Equipping talent is the hardest thing as a king.

View talents of common NPCs.

Allows schools to be built.

Can construct the University of Bologna Wonders.

Employable to manage.

This is what I think is most important right now. So after putting this equivalent into scientific research first, Next, I put in Alchemy. When alchemy is complete, gunpowder becomes a study, so you put in Alchemy first. The following can be drawn when the knighthood is finished.

It's an upgrade from a warrior. In addition, Iron Armored Soldiers were also able to produce. Looking at these three priorities, I also scheduled a total of 7 additional studies and looked at the characteristics again.

My attribute point was 37 points… I looked closely at the characteristics that changed with this and distributed points. This concludes the approximate arrangement.

Next, let's take a look at the minimap. I couldn't stand the thought of that skeleton sign on the minimap. There are also some troops inside the city I manage, so I went to the closest place to my current view.

Strange digs? Yeah, it looks like a cave down underground.

Dungeon: The dungeon where monsters live. Subdue Dungeons to reassure people and get treasure.

“Dungeon? Did he make these...”

If you look at the characteristics, it looks like you've brought a fashionable parent AOS game. Dungeons feel like you've brought what you see in ordinary RPG games. But there was a reason I had to subdue this dungeon. This dungeon was decreasing the level of happiness.

Select a hero to subdue the dungeon. Only a hero and a small number of troops can enter the dungeon. Dungeons have different difficulties for each dungeon and the higher the difficulty, the more rewards you will be rewarded.


I'm confident when I say "Yeongwoo". Once there's Hercules, which is called a tanker, there's Clean Dealer. There is also Huata, the last healer. It looks like we have all the party members we need.


Chiu, Hercules and Hua 'Ta. Would you like to order a dungeon subjugation for 3 heroes?


A dungeon subjugation order has been issued. Three heroes are on the move.

Notification window disappears and screen changes. 3 heroes. You can see Chiu and Hercules Hua 'Ta entering the dungeon entrance.

“Khh. So narrow. ”

The massive Hercules mutters. The other two were quiet. So the three entered the dungeon and continued forward. And monsters appeared.

“You look weak. ”

“I see.”

Hercules' words and Shifu's. According to the information about the monsters who appeared, they are Goblins. If you look at the "F" word next to it, it looks like a dirty, weak monster.

“I'll do it. First of all, I'm the least level. ”

Then Qiu went ahead and swung his sword at his waist. Then it was over. Three Goblins turned into ashes and disappeared.

“Ha. Is this place called a dungeon, too? This is too weak. Hey, leader. You don't have to have three of these. ”

I looked up and saw Hercules speaking to me.

“I did that as my first dungeon expedition... but I'll be in control of the difficulty from now on. ”

“Please do that. This is so boring. ”

I keep grumbling like that. Cleaning up doesn't feel good. It's just a blank expression. Monsters that keep showing up. But it's all over.

And then there was the boss. A Goblin Warrior. But it was also one room.

You have cleared the dungeon. Heroes gain experience from dungeon rewards. The dungeon has disappeared. The anxiety of the citizens has been partially resolved.

“This is boring.”

“I think I'll have to adjust next time. Leader.”

“I'm going back to teach the senator. ”

I was a little awkward for the three heroes with different reactions. I also knew how to distinguish between the difficulties of the dungeon. The size of the skull mark indicating the dungeon's marking. It seems that this size represents the difficulty of the dungeon.

So this time, I sent myself to a place with more skeleton marks than the previous dungeon. Again, this dungeon was stronger. The monster that appeared was class D.

But still, one knife from Shifu killed him. At least the boss died in two rooms. The dungeon was successfully cleared and this reward was also hero's EXP.

“You've increased your level. ”

Chiu has reached level 4. Then I took another picture of the ride. Then the tiger that Chiu was riding became a white tiger.

“Are you going to subdue the next dungeon? Leader.”

“We must subdue all dungeons. Luckily, there's no dungeon that looks more than Class D, so keep going back by yourself. ”


I ordered Qiu to subdue all the dungeons in the city.

This concludes with the skeleton on the minimap... and I press the + tab to the right of the resource. This was also a new one. + Tab shows gold, silver and diamonds.

“Luxury... Is this really how you distinguish them? ”

There are no buildings with gold, silver or diamonds in use yet. It may appear among the wonders, but at least none of the normal buildings are available to date.

I think there will be something more when the research is done as a mayor... but I'll see to it after the market's research is done.