The World Gamer

7. Space Civilization: The Space Age.

Lamp Yong: Equipping talent is the hardest thing as a king.

View talents of common NPCs.

Allows schools to be built.

Can construct the University of Bologna Wonders.

Employable to manage.

“Oh, the study is complete. ”

Leader Skill ‘Talent Navigation' will be created.

Talent Exploration: Skill to see a layman's talents for 100 turns (requires 500 Faith)

“Is this what you use? ”

Ordinary people. I mean people who just show up and wander around, not the units I picked. Normal NPC, I guess. Let's just think of talent as seeing talent after all.

Enable Talent Navigation?

“Hehe. Was it only by skill? ”

After the talent scouting skills appeared, I didn't think I'd have to use them to see them. 100 turns... Let's try them out. Faith is 524, so it is possible to use it once.

Use Talent Navigation skills. Show the talents of ordinary people over their heads for 100 turns from now on. Talent is between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest.

With the notification window, letters began to appear over the heads of the normal NPCs in my field of view. It was full of white and yellow, white had a talent level of 1-3, and yellow had a talent level of 4-6.

“Well... diverse. ”

Military. That is, among the talents related to powerlessness, there are many fields such as swordsmanship, spear, fighting or archery. The talents of construction also include general construction, advanced construction, construction of wonders, and construction of exchanges. You are talented with 4 buildable structures.

And diplomacy, civics, agriculture, merchants, management, etc. There were so many different kinds of talents. Once I chose the yellow ones who were talented. And let's think about raising them.

We need to build schools for each field. Build a School.


Ask them to build a school. I sighed but quickly built 10 schools at the same time. And looking at the remaining religious figures, I regretted not being able to use the Golden Age, and I prayed that the school would be completed within 100 turns. Luckily, the school was completed before the search for talent was over.

It is possible to get regular people into schools. Without the right teachers, their efficiency is greatly diminished.

“Let's put that in later. ”

The schools were divided into five broad categories: Military, Internal Affairs, Merchants, Artisans, etc. There were five schools that could be upgraded separately: ten schools, one for each of them, and two for each of the NPCs with talent.

The school also had a capacity of up to 100 people. There was no problem with the capacity. It was because ordinary NPCs with yellow talents were not so many.


Once I was putting the yellow NPC back in school, I found an NPC with a red talent.

JOHN: Internal Affairs Talent 8.

“Wow. That sounds awesome. ”

8. I said I had a maximum of 10, but in the appearance of an NPC with a talent figure of 8, I immediately sent this NPC to school. And then you're looking for another red talent NPC.

Alchemy: Making Iron Gold. That's the goal of Alchemy.

Chemical research is available.

Alchemy School has been added to your school.

You can expel alchemists.

Alchemy research is complete.

Mandarin Wall: The best means of war are to deal with enemies so they never have to fight a war, and two ways to kill them with strong defenses.

The Great Wall covers two cities.

Allows troops to be stationed on the Wall and deals 100% more damage towards enemies entering the Wall.

The Great Wall is complete. I quickly surrounded the walls with archers. Then they started sending the fighters out of the walls.

We used to keep the fighters around from time to time until the walls were finished to scout if the enemy was coming, but now we don't have to. The Great Wall has strong defenses. So it's time to strike. You produced more archers at the Training Hall for defense.

Knight: A knight is everything a knight needs to protect.

Can be made by Knight or Armored Soldier.

Allows the construction of barracks.

The Knights' research has been completed and I've upgraded all the Training Hall to barracks. And I have to turn the remaining warriors into knights... but unfortunately, it costs too much, so I just let the warriors become warriors.

I usually think of riding a horse as a knight, but knights don't ride horses here. Instead, we have a new unit that looks like a knight, commonly known as the Ironclad.

Mayor Cheonho would like to speak with you.

A notification window that appears then. So I thought of talking, of course.

“Greetings, Mayor of South Korea. I am Cheonho, Mayor of Cheonho City. Nice to meet you. ”

“Nice to meet you. ”

“There's a battalion of your men near my city. Would you mind stepping away from them, please? ”

“Of course.”

“Thank you. I'll see what I can do." ”

Along with that, the face of the mayor of Cheonho disappeared. More than that, the mayor... This guy built the city, right? Now all the computers are going to abandon their tribes and grow into cities and villages...

“You have to eat before you get bigger. ”

Destroying a dungeon that is still being cleaned up. Although I have Hercules, I decided to wait a little longer because I thought it would be good for these two to go at the same time in order to further reduce my damage.

Chiu has done your bidding.

You have subdued all 27 dungeons in your country.

Increases Chiu's level.

1,000 Faith and 2,000 all resources as a reward. And 5,000 gold and 2,000 diamonds. Bulk Leader EXP earned.

You've been cleaning up all the dungeons terribly since the thought ended. The rewards were not bad. But most of all, I like the number 1,000. This allowed us to use talent scouting twice more. But first we have to build enough schools.

First, I summon Chiu and Hercules. After the Dungeon subjugation, Shiu and Hercules, who were training in the military, showed up where my vision was.

“What's going on? Leader.”

“War. I have found a new city and will conquer it. ”

“I see.”

“Military training and morale are great, so you can start anytime. Leader.”

At Hercules' word, I nodded and pressed the Declaration of War on the diplomatic tab immediately.

“Dare! You've given me the arrogance of a small city-themed country, and now you declare war on me! Your arrogance has crossed the line! I'm gonna kill you right now! I will destroy your city! ”

Enters war with Cheonhosi.

Chiu's passive skills and unique abilities are triggered.

Shines the Passive Skill of Shiu at the same time as the Declaration of War. And in the meantime, I've checked the status of the clearance. The clearance is now level 7, up from 4 to 3.

I finished filming all the riding skills. I was able to film 5 times, but when I finished all 5 times, it shined from the body of Chiu and was surprisingly dragon underneath the feet of Chiu.

Dragon: You are so famous that you can fly with Qiu. Dragon's Breath can be used by consuming Mana of Qiu. Dragon's Breath is a very powerful attack.

I was frankly surprised when the eastern dragon appeared. And I felt a tremendous amount of pressure as I was riding on top of it. The other skill has been stamped with an offensive skill.

Thousand Years Old: A Shock with Power from Qiu. It is said to be able to kill even the sky. 400% Atk Damage.

“Well, that's a good choice. Leader.”

When all skills are captured, a clear head nods at the top of the dragon. That's when the signal from the minimap appears. It was a red signal, and when I saw it, it was a signal that my men died fighting.

“I've never seen a computer do a pre-emptive attack that scared me to declare war before. ”

“Maybe we should meet up, too, huh? Leader.”

Hercules gave me a moment's thought. Fighting in the Great Wall is overwhelming. But sending in soldiers causes casualties again. That's a loss. But in the case of a warrior... it doesn't matter if you turn him into a knight.

“Hercules leads the warriors and waits. Command the archers at the clear walls. ”

“Tsk. It's boring. Well, let's do that first. ”

“Good call. Leader, we don't have to fight for our advantage. ”

Different reactions, but once they're both on my terms. And after some time, enemies finally appear on the minimap.

The duration of talent exploration is over.

That ended the duration of talent exploration. Once you have conquered them and increased the school enough, you can use it again. So war comes first.

Enemy troops confirmed. There are warriors and archers. There was also an athlete riding a horse. But there was no siege equipment. As the enemy approaches my walls to some degree, I send Hercules out of the castle.

“Hahaha! Fighting a cancer war is fun! Let's go, warriors! ”

At the gates of the Great Wall, the gates are opened, and Hercules and his warriors charge towards them. Enemy soldiers progress calmly and without panic, and the fighters start to move very frankly, aiming to the right.

“Attack the archers!!! ”

Enemy archers shoot arrows at my troops with the shout of one who appears to be their leader. Warriors were clearly diminishing their stamina in the attack, but Hercules was different.

“Hahaha! You call that an attack, too! This is how you attack! Earth Slash!!! ”

Earth Slash: Hercules jumps and strikes hard at the ground. And shoots its power through the ground to the enemies. 300% Atk.


Colorful effects and sounds. No, it's true. Should I just say it's cool? After all, the earth was torn through the ground and the enemy warriors hit the cluster, killing dozens of them in an instant.