The World Gamer

9. End of Rest. Let's get back to work.

“A man summons a man... You've never seen such a skill before, have you? ”

“I've seen all my abilities so far, but that's the first time. Besides, you look strong.Even if Goblins are weak, they cut them down with a dagger like that. We don't have a lot of samples yet, but that's a pretty good strength, isn't it? ”

“More importantly, what the hell is that? I still don't understand that people summoned people. ”

“You only get headaches when you talk about your superpowers. We move first. You can't tell me on a white day like this more than you can tell me in person. ”

“You already know where you live, right? ”

“Of course. He owns a computer shop, and if he opens it formally, then he'll go as a guest. What do you think? ”

“Computer store? ”


“What kind of money do you have to run a computer store in this neighborhood? ”

“Wouldn't it be better than spending money to suddenly become lightning rich? ”

“Hey, this guy gets it a year, but it's close to 25 billion. Even if you just use it like a lightning bolt, you won't be ruined. ”

“... Don't you think it's time to grab God by the neck? ”


“You have the money to make 25 billion dollars a year in Awakening Superpowers. In the last year or so. You can't do this if you have a God. ”

“Your best friend died instead. Do you want to make 25 billion a year instead of killing your best friend? ”

“That's... a little thoughtful...”


“It hurts! Sunbae!!! ”

“Enough nonsense. Idiot, you're not gonna do it. So do I. 30 billion is a lot of money, but not enough to trade it for a friend's life. ”

“Huff. I can't even say...”

“Anyway, let's open the store formally and leave about a week later. And what about somewhere else? ”

“You're doing great. The only thing that matters is Congress. There's still a lot of talk about legislation. It was so clearly excavated, it made no sense. ”

“What about public opinion?"

“You're not acting in Congress because of public opinion. I'm lobbying hard, but I know it's gonna get messy the second I get through that bill. You never know if you're thinking of leaving Parliament just once. ”

“Some people take money and disagree, right? ”

“These guys are badasses, right? ”

“Tsk. Investigate everything. ”

“Is there anything I can do? ”

“Who knows? If the President is a good man, there might be something useful. First of all, it's across the water, but this year's president is changing. ”

“I just want you to be the right person. ”

“That's what I'm talking about. If we dig this opportunity up well, our country can rise sharply, because international politics is so chaotic. ”

“There are many superpowers with strong and special abilities. I once read an interesting article on the Internet that said that the racial traits of my people are fighting ethnicities and gaming ethnicities. ”


“Right now, superpowers are combat, and when you become one of these superpowers, you have a game phenomenon that's similar to what happens all of a sudden. Killing monsters and earning points. If you think about it, I think our country is also a tower for this superpower. As long as the game and the battle combine, the people of my country can't lose. ”

“Well... that's true. ”

In fact, while many superpowers are emerging around the world, the Republic of Korea has, to date, held the most superpowers and is also the strongest.

Evolve into superpowers, and there are many different abilities, such as games that are unique to them. What I like to call a gaming system was really like a game.

Experience by killing monsters. This means you can collect points to level up your abilities and buy items through the Point Shop.

Actively exploiting this is a lot of Koreans. These are the South Koreans who will never be swayed by any game.

The moment you become a superpower, the game system is applied. I feel okay and know that there are not many Koreans who are not able to apply to this game system. It's making a huge difference from other countries.

In addition, there was a ranking system for superpowers that only these superpowers could see. The ranking system currently ranks from 1 to 15. It was occupied by all Koreans. It was overwhelming.

“I really hope this presidency comes out well...”

“Whatever it takes. ”

“Of course. What about other superpowers besides this one? ”

“Everyone's doing great. Good catch. It seems that men went to the military is affecting them a little bit. Women are a little bit of a problem, but most of them are okay. Some miso is the problem. ”

“Throw them away. It doesn't matter if you don't have them. ”

“I still am. We have a sort of mercenary contract. Of course, catching monsters pays the bills. ”

“Tied up like that, that's it. Oh, and you're stopping them from getting her out of the country, aren't you? ”

“Don't worry, we are actively utilizing the powers of the National Guard and soldiers. ”

“The chaos continues, but it will soon sink. That's all you have to do until then. ”

“I know. Then we'll be going now. ”

“I hope so.”

And they got up and moved on to meet another superpower.

* * * * * * *

“Wow. I feel really bad. ”

The forest that used to be an Elven village has been a mess for a long time. And it's no secret that the High Elven Girl cried when she saw the village. Anyway, I calmed the girl down, sent her to the palace, and then cleaned her up again.

And I was watching the monsters as I chased his vision. These were the real monsters. I often saw tentacles playing. The most irritating part was the fact that the beast that tore the sheath of a pregnant woman was eating her elf.

I almost threw up on this. I can see why the other five factions call this creature a public enemy. These bastards can't exist.

The universe couldn't figure out what the hell they were thinking. This is a 19-year-old banned game. Too cruel. No, of course it could be because of reality, but if you're playing a game, you can't be 19. No, it must never be possible to choose a monster as a species.

“A lot.”

I nodded, too, as she was riding around on the dragon, figuring out the radius of the monsters' activities. At first glance, an enormous number of monsters swarm like a nest of ants.

“It's going to take a long time to kill them all. ”

I shook my head.

“It won't take long. Like I said, one of them isn't that strong. Easily die. It's just hard to do it perfectly because of that crazy reproductive ability. ”

“We are quite capable, aren't we? ”

“Of course. I'm just a little concerned about the defenses of the cities, considering the need to mobilize all the troops. ”

“That's what I have to work hard to add to my defense. And the arrowhead defense towers are growing. ”

“That's the only way. The more of them, the harder it is. Then I should probably get back. ”


After finishing enough reconnaissance, Qiu heads back to the palace, and I move my vision to take a closer look at the new expansion area. For now, the expansion of forces continues.

I'm not a big fan of brute force expansion, so it takes a while for me to stop expanding there and expand again after I have a defense system, where I have a defense system.

Builds walls and arranges arrow defenses. These two things take a while. I couldn't make it without thinking, so I had to consider the terrain.

This part takes time because I have to do everything individually. This part had to be taken.

“But it's going well. I haven't met any other players yet. ”

It was growing along the Han River. Now we can build ships, so we are also fishing for shipyards through dry boats in the Han River, and we are also making reconnaissance ships to see if others have touched the Han River, but no one has touched them yet.

“We have to take over the Han River perfectly. ”

If you conquer the Han River perfectly, you will be comfortable in many ways. The lands around the Han River are perfect for me to eat. Where else would I be? I could own all of modern Seoul if I wanted to.

No matter how many games you play, there are many metrics that grow along the river. The largest metric is also food. It is because the air conditioning of food through water mills and fish catches is very helpful.