The World Gamer

9. End of Rest. Let's get back to work.

As you know, without food, neither units can be drawn nor units can be retained. In other words, what underpinned all the resources was this food. We need food to recruit workers and do something about it.

Chiu, Hercules, Alexander and Hua 'ta are trying to lead the troops out. Do you want to allow it?

Looks like you're all set. Of course I do.

We're going in.

With a message saying go, a large amount of white dots, my markings, began to move on the minimap. It was spectacular when I moved my gaze and looked at you.

There are close to 100,000 troops in the capital. 100,000 troops marching in unison. He was the Minister.

“How the hell did they make a million in China? ”

100,000 is a lot of money. However, the procession grew larger as soldiers from other cities came together. With 100,000 troops in the capital and 150,000 in the rest of the city combined, the 150,000 troops on the move... was the best.

It was spreading widely, and the one in front of it was an armored cavalry. And then there were the knights, and then there was the longbowman. He joined the senators, priests and bishops.

“This is why it looks like a real war. ”

Yeah, I felt like I was actually at war in a movie. It makes me feel better. I'm excited. Those 150,000 are my soldiers. Soldiers who listen to me and move only for me. I understand why people have acted so hard in the past to become kings.

Those who try to climb on people, to be honest, did not understand at all, but now they are trying to understand a little bit. If anyone sees this, everyone will have to understand. The ancients could have seen this and wanted to be king.

Now that I see this, I am definitely willing to build my own proper country, maybe other people from the old times will be no different. Or drink it.

150,000 soldiers on the move. I am proud to see them. Of course, the horsemen were scouting ahead to make sure there were no monsters. Of course, I was watching the place.

This is different from reality. Before the horse soldier finds a monster and goes back to his hometown, I'll go tell the heroes first. I can't compare my vision to what a racehorse can say. I won't take a second.

“I don't see...”

I'm finally coming to the forest where the Elves' village used to be. The strength of the cavalry in the forest seems to be doubtful. So we have to be as careful as possible in the forest. The cavalry is walking through the woods cautiously, but there are no signs of monsters yet.

“You escaped?”

But the question is, why did he run away? Animals in the forest feed the monsters. It's weird that they just run away with it.

“Well... there must be a reason...”

Slowly moving horsemen. And eventually arrived at the village of the Elves. It was a brutal site.Blood everywhere, but no bones or Elves. It was eaten by monsters. Only blood is telling us that there have been many deaths here.

“The monsters have retreated, right? ”

I've come this far, but I don't see any signs of monsters. It was there when they came to remove it, but it was gone in the meantime.

“I don't feel so good...”

That's a little weird. That's why I took my eyes away and went to the headquarters where I was advancing. And I told Qiu about what I saw.

“That's right, Leader. They can't just disappear. You have to think of it as a forest somewhere. ”

“The problem is, we don't know where he is. ”

“I see.”

Then Chiu pondered for a moment and said.

“Me and Hercules. I'll take you two to the woods. Because if it's just the two of us, we can get out of there if those monsters attack us. ”

“Go for it. ”

My permission falls and I move forward a little further, stopping the procession at the entrance of the forest. Then I decided to rest here, and then Chiu and Hercules went into the woods. As soon as I entered the forest, Hercules looked around and said,

“I knew they were just worms. ”

“You've got a certain level of intelligence, so you've done this. But I can't help it if it's underrated. Leader, I need you to spread the word. ”


According to Qiu, I quickly moved my gaze and told Alexander what to say. Alexander nodded as soon as he ordered the movement to take place, and the soldiers quickly made the movement.

In a large circle, the longbowmen from Alexandria's barracks are the outermost, the knights behind them are the longbowmen behind them, and the horsemen behind them. And in the middle of the cavalry, priests and senators were placed.

“Tell him the dust is ready. Leader.”


I felt like I was becoming an errand boy, but it was the right thing to do if this was going to hurt an ally.

“Tell them we're done with the vibes. ”

In my words, he nods and Hercules smiles.

“Then let's get started! It's time to crawl out! You bugs!!! ”

With a loud shout, Hercules raises a club at his waist and strikes the ground hard. With a thump, something black pops out of the ground.

“Earth Slash!!! ”

An invisible force that shoots in a straight line. Every time it passes, black things protrude from the ground.

“Come on, stop hiding and come out! You little worms! Slash the earth!! ”

Sever the earth once again used. Again, black things protrude from the passage of intangible power.

“You've been hiding underground...”

There were bugs hiding underground. As you can see, after two attacks on Hercules, a large number of insects emerged, with almost all of the forest's land surging. It was the same with my script that I saw on the minimap.

Suddenly, red warning signs appeared everywhere and red enemies began to appear.


I panicked and called it off. Then Chiu looked at me and said.

“Come back to the base with me. Hercules wants you here. ”

“Hahahaha!!! Don't worry!”

Chiu summoned the dragon to the good smile of Hercules, then climbed on the dragon and hurried back home. I also moved my vision back home. The manuscript is woven with dust. That's a big circle. But the circle was surrounded. Bugs.

“So many...”

I muttered without knowing. And it was filthy to say the least. I was offended. I was very offended.

“Luckily there aren't any flying insects yet. Leader first. I will subdue the bugs with the heavenly soldiers. If you don't know where he is, you don't have to do anything until you get out. ”

“What about the other cavalry? ”

“I'll keep the fighters on the move and take the ironborn with me. ”

And when Chiu arrives at the base, he looks at Alexander and says,

“I'll lead the armored and heavenly troops out. ”

“Is that so? Then I'll have to step up, too. The oscillation here is leadership. You command it yourself. I'll take my men with me. ”

“Huh? Me? ”

“You'll have to fight me on the front now. Hercules is fighting in the woods. This is definitely the forest ahead, but the rest is flat. Fighting on the plains is fundamental to the basics, so you must do it for the experience. ”

You don't seem to have a choice.

The battle has begun. Your avatar mode will automatically change as the battle begins.

“Eeh?!! ”

My vision diminishes and I am somehow at the center of the vibration with the blowing.

“What the hell! ”

Changing from avatar mode to player mode greatly reduces military morale. Switch to Player Mode?

No, there's no way you can change that!

“Don't worry, leader. One of you. I can do something about it. ”

A picture of my grandfather over 70 years old. I don't blame you for hearing that.

This is your first major battle and your first battle through your avatar. Your reward depends on the outcome of your battle.

... I'm going crazy. I'm going crazy. What the hell? If you could just say something in advance about learning the Avatar, what would happen? If I knew this, I wouldn't have learned it if I did!

“Monsters approaching! Leader!”

Hahudon, he looked at me and said, What am I supposed to do if I look so hot?

“Well, good luck with that, leader. ”

As I raise my head to the sound above my head, the place is smiling away.

“Here we go!!! Subdue the monsters!!! ”


With the sound of the heavenly soldiers shouting, the tremors spread and heavenly soldiers rush forward. And with that, the spearmen unravel and begin to form a uniform, and Alexander's cavalry moves.

“Prepare!!! Show them our power to conquer the world!!! ”

With Alexander's cry, the soldiers move swiftly. And the knights, the longbowmen, the senators, the priests, the bishops. And Hua 'tha and I. We were still in the middle of vibration.

“Shit. I don't know. We follow behind the clearing while maintaining the dust! Priests and senators put the healing of knights first! Bishops bless knights!! ”

Once this happens. I have to do my best to think of myself as playing a normal game.