The World Gamer

9. End of Rest. Let's get back to work.

Horsemen consume significant resources to pick one. We also need military training. Usually, it is not a problem to just use the picked units. Literally just shut up and charge.

But if you train, you can squeeze dust like you do now. Units there are also level-up. It gets stronger by leveling up. You can do this up to 4 times, but the difference between one unit and no unit is large.

It does not change appearance, but it basically raises stats. Moreover, it is easy to distinguish between units that have leveled up. In the beginning, the unit is said to be a Trainer.

Then, the more you level up, the more you grow into Corporal Corporal – Sergeant. Now all my soldiers are Private First Class. The kids who stayed there for a while became sergeants.

I couldn't let these soldiers die so easily. It takes quite a while to get to the sergeant. Of course, you can level up during this kind of battle, but you won't be able to do it if you die. It doesn't heal all your health.

That's why I, who leads the priests and the senator, follow behind Shifu. Soldiers from Alexandria's barracks. I don't care if I can't control them.

However, the troops led by Qiu are different. I was able to control the heavenly army, so I had to take better care of them. Of course, the pursuit of Qiu will be... impossible. If we can break through the Heavenly Army and the Iron Armored Forces, we'll be able to pass through those bugs.

“Leader! The cavalry is clashing with the bugs! ”

Harudon says, "I nod." Even in avatar mode, the minimap is still visible, so I was already watching it crash properly.

It is a shame that we cannot see it properly from afar, but what is certain is that this side of the oppression is certain. It was because the red earth was being erased by the white arrow, penetrating it very lightly.

“They're all digging in there!!! The cavalry must not be isolated! ”

I dig through the roads made by Shiu and his cavalry. It may seem like suicide, but I trust my soldiers. It will not be pushed so easily. Knights are well trained, and most importantly, there is the Ultimate Huatar.

It's also designed to deal with that many enemies. If I could strike properly from the center, it would be like cutting off an enemy's waist.


As you get closer to the monsters, the monsters are slowly turning their gazes and approaching us, rather than looking at the cavalry they've cleared.

“Longbowmen ready!!! ”

Longbowmen put arrows all together in my cry. And pull the demonstration. I can basically do it by aiming while moving. I've waited a little longer to see the monsters getting closer.

I already know what the Longbowman's distance is. So I had to wait until I got within that range. Monsters found us and rushed towards us. Looking at them, I feel fear.

I know this is not a game, but a reality. There is a game system, and even if you go back with the game, it is not a naive game. I knew from the moment I summoned Chiu from Earth.

No, even if it was a real game, it was so real. I used to pinch the ball while in avatar mode, but the ball hurt. When the arm inadvertently regenerated, it came back to Earth, and the arm was still alive.

That is, if we die here, we may actually die on earth. Of course I have to be scared. Otherwise it's even weirder.

“Fire!!!!! ”

After some monsters came within range of the Longbowmen, I ordered a shot, and the longbowmen put down their bows as one. Arrows covering the sky in an instant.

Those arrows are killing the monsters with great certainty. Nevertheless, the monsters do not stop charging. But I have nothing to lose. They're idiots. That's exactly what I need to work on.

“Knights take up shields!!! Longbowmen are free to shoot! Bishops bless all knights!!! ”

I'm starting to get a white glow in the knights' bodies when I shout. It's a blessing from the bishop. A buff that raises the overall stat. I'm supposed to give it to the cavalry, but I ran out of time to give it to the knights.



And then the knights and the bugs collide. It reminds me of a scene I saw in a movie But it doesn't compare to that. This... is real. A game is no different from another reality for me. And with this kind of graphics, it's a reality.

“The Knights of the Second Line must not miss the spear!!! ”

I know when I see my illness, but I don't have a spearer. The main reason is that the knights are from Combined Diseases. With a shield, a sword, and a spear. They can even shoot bows. That's why it's expensive. It takes a lot of time to pull it out, but you're good at it.

“Heal!!! Heal your allies!!! Do not create casualties!!! ”

Congressmen, priests, and bishops recover the stamina of the weakened knights as they move in a rush to the shout of Hua 'Ta. Of course, Huatta himself was on the move.

Healing Over Time: Heals all allied units at 600 m around Hua 'ah for a continuous 1% health every 10 seconds.

Wide Area Healing: Heals all allied units for 20% health around Hua 'htar.

Extra fantastic passive skills.

Blue Pouch (3/5): Increases the healing effect of Huatar by 60%, decreases the Mana consumption of skills by 30%, and increases the Mana recovery speed by 150%./Passive.

Blueprint passive with the same name as the Ultimate. This skill makes Hua 'Ta the hero of the specialist who won't be left behind for recovery.

“Don't push it!!! ”

“Hold on to the shield!!! stab the spear more clearly!!! ”

“What are the Longbowmen doing! Don't rest your hands!!! ”

I have people with names like Harudon. And they were giving orders to units they could call "subordinates." Of course, Hahudon is still the most talented of all the names...

“There's no damage yet. ”

It's really amazing. Those enormous monsters keep rushing in like crazy and surrounding us. However, the allies have yet to show up with only one casualty.

Constant healing of senators, priests and bishops. And the healing of Hua 'Ta. These have caused the units to continue killing and killing monsters while maintaining a certain amount of stamina.

Here comes another sense of reality and disconnection in the game. Arrows must be limited. In reality, you have to think about the arrow. But the fundamentals of the world are games.

Longbowmen never fire arrows. Longbowmen's arrows are useless! Knights' weapons don't rust there. Their armor does not break. This is the situation of the game.

Of course. How many strategic simulation games do units wear when they are torn or in combat? And such games are never a game of large-scale entertainment.

So this game is no different. Knights' armor and weapons never rust, and archers' arrows never fall. That is, all you have to do is stay in this state. The problem is the senators and priests, bishops and Mana of Huata who treat them.

“The shame of faith is enough. ”

From time to time, I checked my religious values. While researching science, I get one or two of my leadership skills. Among them are skills like this.

Mana Recovery: Recovers 100% Mana from units holding Mana in a certain region. (Faith Consumption 100)

My current number of beliefs is 764. Mana Recovery was available seven more times.

“Mana is slowly falling. Leader.”

I nod at Hua 'Ta's words. Obviously, Mana is slowly showing the floor. But I didn't think so.

“Units hit when multiple units are killed. Use the Ultimate.”


Saving until the end. It is the Ultimate Blast. It revives dead units within 10 turns and heals all allies. Here all allies are all allies that exist in this world.

Even if an ally dies a little, it's okay and it's okay to lose some health. We have the Ultimate Blast Machine. We can hold out. The Ultimate Blast is the ultimate means. But we use it first. If it was up to us, we'd be fine, but we'd have to clean it up and let Alexander think about it.


The whimpering of Hua 'Ta. I also frown. Finally, one of the knights at the far end of the fence is dead. And from that start, the knights began to die. I can't help it. It is because all Mana is exhausted and can no longer heal.

But if one knight dies, at least 10 monsters are killed.

“The vibration stops moving! Hang in there!!! ”

We can no longer move here. Too much vibration will prevent units from joining properly when they are resurrected. So let's hold off and kill as many monsters as we can.

“It's been 5 turns since the first knight died! Leader.”

At Huata's words, I nodded and said.

“Use your blueprints at 9 turns! ”


And time goes on. The number of monsters on the minimap has decreased greatly. A lot of red dots that covered the minimap disappeared.

“Behold all patients! Blue Paper!!!! ”

And the Ultimate Hittite. The blueprint has been activated.