The World Gamer

10. War does not end so easily.

As I said earlier, there are 10 monsters appearing in Korea at an hour.

Koreans who continue to catch monsters and raise their points in places like this and those who catch monsters that appear in foreign countries to some extent. After a while, the difference in points will be obvious.

Overseas talents are coming to Korea to hunt monsters. Of course, Korea accepts them.

Other than that, foreign powers were just stopping them from coming from Korea. The reason is so simple. for the growth of the talents of their country.

It may sound foreign, but it's ridiculous that we have the capacity to handle all these incredibly frequent monsters so much that we don't need their help.

That's why the United States is the country with the best military force in the world, but soon the country with the best in the world will become South Korea.

“Mr. Kim, I'm from xxx! ”


A truck stops in front of my shop and someone comes out and says, So I answer and turn off the tablet PC and go outside.

“Mr. Kim?”


“I'll confirm your order number. ”

“Yes, XDS34211DD. ”

“We've confirmed your order number. We've never sold this much stuff before, so we confirmed it. ”

“It's a deal of a hundred million won, of course. Is that all you got in this truck? ”

“Yes, that's all that's in this truck. We'll help you move it. ”

“Thank you."

Three associates opened the door of the truck with me and moved the parts inside. Graphics card or CPU to sharer and lane. Mouse keyboard, etc. Bought almost all computer-related products

The Internet company decided to make a large purchase because it had the most products, was affordable and the service was good. It could be a rival company, but where is my shop? It's just a neighborhood store.

“But the store is huge. ”

At the employee's words, I nodded. 60 square feet for a neighborhood computer shop is a really big thing.

“That's how it turned out. ”

“By the way, it's going to be hard to tidy up these parts. ”

“But we have to. I'm not in a hurry to open it right now. ”

I moved all the parts into the store with all the chatter.

“Then we'll be on our way. ”

“Yes, thank you for your help. ”

“No, no, no, no, no. We're going to ask for a lot more from now on. ”

And the employees drove away in trucks. And I sighed and moved, looking at a pile of boxes. I don't know if I can clear all that up today.

* * * * * * *

“I'm dying...”

When I lay down on the bed, it was the sound of me coming out. It's hard. I had to carry boxes, separate and organize parts all day long. Of course I haven't done it yet.

But I was gradually becoming the computer store I thought I was going to be. I was also proud of that. In fact, this is the store I was thinking about with the bubbles. We talked about the dream shop, and all of it together is what I'm going to do now.

Even though he died, I saw that he was living well in heaven, so I had to live harder for him. Of course, people will understand what I want to do with just one store, but that dream is to set up their own shop.

“Let's try to reconnect. ”

It's time to reconnect to space civilization. I close my eyes and think about accessing the cosmic civilization.

Launch Space Civilization?

Of course I will.

Launches a Space Civilization.

Along with the voice of a good woman, my body felt a sense of propulsion, and a moment later, when I woke up again, I saw a familiar city.

Trust ‘country development.’ has expired. Determine your reward by looking at the situation in the cities you have developed to date.

“Huh? Has it already been 5000 turns? ”

That was fast.

We've done a fantastic job growing cities. Your inventory will automatically be rewarded accordingly.

“I see.”

I turned off the notification window and checked my inventory by tapping on the Leaders tab. I was told I'd get a random item for the first battle, but my inventory was definitely filled with items.

Random hero items x3

Increases the maximum number of heroes by +1. x2

National Lake Registration Rights

Summon Random Hero x1

Random Research Completion Ticket

“There's so many of them. ”

The hero's maximum number increase item is literally an item that increases the hero's maximum number that I can hold. I currently have 6 heroes in total.

But since Hercules or Huatta is a special hero and does not count as a counter to the number of heroes I have, I can have up to 10 heroes in total. That is, if only 6 more people are added, it is the end.

However, if you increase this number, of course I have to thank you. Names that often appear as they create schools play a role, but they are still incomparable to heroes.

I don't know how great their skills were, but the heroes were special. First of all, at least the heroes I picked are all very good heroes with unique abilities.

Of course, I don't think any hero would do this. If you think about my game luck, you might as well pick some particularly good heroes. You'll know when you summon a hero again this time. But first...

“Let's start with the items. ”

You used all three random hero items. And of the items that came out. There was this.

Shiu's armor.

As long as it can be worn. It is presumed to be one of the six items that Hua 'tha mentioned. And the other two are so-so. It wasn't a good item, so I just gave it to Alexander roughly.

It was a shoe and helmet. The shoe had an increase in speed and the helmet had an increase in Mana. It wasn't particularly interesting because it wasn't a very good item. And let's put the armor away.

Wear Shiu's armor to unlock the true power of the item.

Two pieces of cloth were collected and worn away. The effects of this set increase all stats by 30% and reduce Mana Consumption by 10%.

Chiu's Armor: All Stats +50% when Chiu is equipped/Heavenly Army number lv x 100 added

“Clearly putting all this together would be a huge scam...”

Immediately increases all stats by 130%. The number of the heavenly army increased even more, up to 3,200 now. If we keep going on like this, it will definitely be somewhat similar to Hercules.

“Now the next thing. Is this it?"

National Guardian License: You can register your national guard. The registration of the lake is a one-time item and can be changed to a unique item.

“The lake...”

I built all sorts of different systems. Either way, I had to choose the lake. There were a lot of animals that caught my eye.

Three-legged raven. It has been used as a flag for any country, is also known as a dragon-eating crow, and also symbolizes the sun.

All Mounted Unit stats in your empire are increased by 30%.

30% more food.

Leader Skill ‘Summon Trident’.

Summon Trichow: Summon Trichow to give a beneficial effect to allies while simultaneously defeating enemies. Leaders can also board this Tripod.

“This is what Koreans say. ”

There was a tiger, but I still felt bad about being a tiger in the yard. Of course, I'd do a tiger without the trinity, wouldn't I? There was a purpose, dragons, giraffes and Huanglongs, but if it is still Korean, it is three tribes.

You have specified a national security number.


Random research toy and summon a random hero. Once summoned, this random research toy is very appealing. I think it would be better if it took what I'm researching...


Use a random Research Completion Ticket.

University: The more knowledge you accumulate, the more deeply you have to dig.

You can upgrade your school to a university.

University: Universities attract more talented people. It also produces 50 scientific figures every turn.

“You want me to build a scientific record...”

Of course, the university is not bad... but the one who is doing it now??? Is it better when it's done? If you look at the progress rate that has not yet reached 10%, you can sigh when it will be completed.

“Let's go meet the High Elven Girl. ”

The quest has been completed. You have defeated all the monsters to your liking. Now all you have to do is go and get your reward. That's why it turns to the player's point of view. Find the High Elf Girl at Player's Point. Build an avatar near her.

The girl was in my palace. Luckily, I was playing well with the maids. I would have cried and embarrassed you.

“Ah, Leader. ”

The High Elf girl who found me said, Her words make the maids bow their heads. Hmm... Well, I'm king, so that's a natural response.

“I'm not uncomfortable staying here. ”

“They're all nice people. ”

“That's a relief. Did you hear the story?”

“Yes. I heard you got rid of all the monsters in the forest. ”


“Thank you so much. ”

Saying that, the girl approached me and grabbed my hand and kissed her lips on the back of her hand. And...

The quest ‘A Young High Elf Girl's Request’ has been completed.

Quest has been completed.