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10. War does not end so easily.

The search for talent has ended.

“It's over.”

But I was satisfied. Hangul got the King of the End. Do you think that's all?

AB: Swordsmanship talent 10.

Arthur. Yeah, I think he's King Arthur, but I got King Arthur. That's why I got two kings at once. I've never seen anything like it. That's why I wanted to pay more attention to culture.

Of course, it is the highest priority to increase universities. Then there is culture. Food or expansion is done later, first culture. I intend to build buildings that increase the library and increase culture by a staggering amount.

We have no idea how powerful these kings are. But it was amazing just to see Hahudon. They are more powerful than the Hadoudons. I will never be stronger than Hahudon, so it is my job to find them and increase them.

Merlin wants to see you.


Merlin raised his head and looked at me as I moved his vision to Merlin's place in the notification window that appeared while he was enjoying SimCity.

“I'm sorry to call you that. Leader.”

“No, it's okay. Why did you call me here? ”

“This dungeon subjugation brought you something you think you need. I was supposed to go back to the capital and make my way to the palace, but I had to ask you to come in person because it was impossible to move. ”


“You must first enter the dungeon together in avatar mode. It's at the end of the dungeon. ”

You nod at Merlin's words, use the avatar, and then head inside the dungeon with Merlin. It looked pretty deep inside the dungeon. There was a large web of spider monsters everywhere.

“Did you fight a spider? ”

“Yes, this dungeon was the dungeon where spiders live. The bodies of the monsters have all been moved to the Horse Tower. Spider silk will soon be recovered and transported. ”

At that, I nodded.

“You don't have enough money for the Tower, do you? ”

“Yes, I live a very rich life. ”

30% of my taxes go to the tower. Manasik and other resources are also working hard to support it. A name is like a unit. That is, they do not die of old age.

That's why Merlin had to grow as much as he could. If you don't die, you'll be able to train wizards for the rest of your life while riding in the tower. Merlin's personal strength is also rising, to say the least.

“This is it.”

I came to the scene of the boss's room. It was a very large room, showing that the corpse of the giant spider on one side was the boss monster.

“There it is, my lord. ”

Merlin pointed to a large statue. I've only seen that statue somewhere.

“Sejong the Great?”

There was a statue that seemed to have moved the statue of the Great King Sejong as it was at the entrance to the mine.

Sejong the Great: As a special statue, this statue can be consumed to obtain Sejong the Special Hero. Special heroes do not enter the hero holding counter and do not overlap with other heroes.

“... you can get heroes this way. ”

“That statue cannot be moved by us. Only you can use it. ”

So this is a Leader item? King Sejong, after all... hmm. This guy's got a lot of fame.

“We have to try. ”

I thought I'd put my hands on the statue and use it.

Do you want to consume Sejong the Great Stone and summon Sejong the Special Hero King?

Yes. Yes.

The statue glows. And as the size decreases, it quickly decreases to the size of one person. There was a noble middle-aged man dressed in the splendid clothes of the Joseon kings.

You won a special hero Sejong the Great. Sejong's level starts at 10.

“Nice to meet you. Leader, I am Sejong. ”

“Yes, nice to meet you. ”

“Haha. This place is still quiet, by the way. Would you like to go somewhere else? ”

“I have to go.”

And looking at Merlin, Merlin nods.

“I'm leaving the dungeon. ”

Along with the horse, Merlin's staff in his hand slammed the floor and a magic camp appeared beneath our feet and we moved right out of the dungeon. Is this magic? Wonderful.

“Huh. What an amazing skill. ”

“Magic. ”

“I see. Magic... Wonderful. ”

Sejong the Great Lv. 10./Great Leader.

Unique Ability: Blitz Battle: Constructs the only building that can be researched separately from the Science Lab.

Unique Abilities: Sex Mycorrhiza: An educational institution that can grow talented people. Increases Science and Culture by 200.

That's a scam.

“Let's go to the palace first. Let me introduce you to some other heroes. ”

“You better. You can put that at ease. ”

“Oh, that. Yes..”

I am your descendant! I want to say. By the way, Sejong the Great... I'm amazed that the person I've seen in ten thousand won bills or the National Guard is really in front of me.

Once upon a time... with Sejong... we made our way to the capital of my city. Of course, not to mention the gathering of heroes. When we arrived in the capital, Sejong and I headed back to the palace. There was already a gathering of all the heroes in the palace meeting room.

“I am the new King Sejong. ”

I gave a brief introduction. So Sejongdae... Sejong smiled and said.

“Call me Sejong. ”

“Sejongdae... Sejong is also the leader, so I'm going to manage the cities with Aleksandda. ”

Wow, it's hard. It's really hard. I don't know why Sejong the Great appeared and made it so hard for other heroes. I had no idea it was so hard to say half the words in the world.

“Leader... special hero. ”


Alexander nods.

“Good. I'm starting to overwhelm myself. I'll take good care of you. ”

“Take good care of him. ”

It was Alexander and Sejong shaking hands. Isn't this a great scene? Alexander and Sejong are shaking hands?

“Sejong... descendant of delivery. ”

“It's good to see your ancestors. ”

Shiu and Sejong shake hands. King Sejong and Emperor Qiu... Wow. This is amazing. After that, Sejong Group. Sejong greeted all the other heroes.

I didn't realize it so far, but I can see it clearly. This is a total hoax. No, it's a huge hoax team historically.

Heroes are summoned from all over the world. They're heroes, so I understand. But it's so amazing to see heroes come together, regardless of age and place.

“Hmmm. Then we can keep working. Sejong focuses on city management and Alexander focuses on expansion now. ”

I say Aleksanda and Sejong nod their heads.

“Oh, before that. ”

Sejong the Great... Oh, my God, this is crazy. Uses three unique abilities. The house was built next to the Science Institute and Sungkyunkwan was built next to the University of Bologna.

And I set up scientific research through house warfare. Fortunately, the scientific figures were not slower or slower for the same amount to go into both scientific laboratories and house wars at the same time.

Research in a scientific laboratory Because of that, Tech gave up for a while, but I didn't think the road would be open like this.

“We need to get some skills.”

Aleksanda and Jegall went out with Sejong, saying they would inform the current king of the city. The other heroes went out and I was still alone in the conference room.

“You have a lot of great skills. ”

First of all, the ultimate thing was cool.

Wonder Mechanism (Ultimate Energy): Summons 1,000 Wonder Mechanisms that shoot 100 arrows per unit and fires them all together. (It develops according to scientific research or time.)

100x1000. i.e. 100,000 arrows in total. Plus, it's more advanced, not fixed. Maybe if I'm right, I'll be a cannonball later. I don't know how it's going to change back then, but it sure is a huge support shooting skill. The next thing I took was this.

Hunmin Jung Yin: The text Sejong created. It was the best and easiest letter in the world and was widely spread to people. Culture and Science production increased by 50%./Passive

Have you seen this? This fraudulent skill. Of course, I shot all 5 times, but it still increased by 50%. Thanks to this, my current cultural score is 1150 and science is 1500. It was 350,500 in an instant.

Moreover, if I thought about the number that would continue to grow, I could only say it was a terrifying ability. Moreover, this is not the end of the nonsense.

Seong-goon: The best of all Korean kings in Sejong history. Every 10 turns, 2 talents with talent figures of 7 or more are excavated/passive.

Crazy ability.There is only one King Sejong when Alexander says he excels at military skills. Only Ultimate skill can be used to attack. Everything else relates to this inner circle, which is fraudulent.

10 Turns? This is 100 turns of continuous time when I use Talent Search. In the meantime, finding at least 10 people with talent scores of 7 or more is amazing.

King Sejong's Passive Skill is 100 turns to find people with talent scores of 20 or more. What is this massive fraud skill?

I was so excited that I called him King Sejong again, but what does it matter? I want to shout, "Long live King Sejong." Seriously.

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When discussing heroes, Sejong the Great appeared.

He was the first of my novels.