The World Gamer

11. A war that begins again.

“There you are. ”

A new civilization appears while roaming in avatar mode. As I expand my power, I will become a new civilization. Another player, a leader... I thought I'd meet another. It was strange that I hadn't met anyone so far.

The user circles around the monster's stronghold as it moves north. And in the meantime, I met someone else. As a human being, I was circling far and wide through the battalion to check the power.

Of course, it does not appear to be the size of a monster, but it does appear to have an area that is never small. I don't know about troops... but if I had an area of this size, I'd have some basic troops.

“I have to push...”

I only get in the way of getting bigger. So I'm going to push it, but I can't just ignore it. I have no information about the other person, so I can't help it.

But now that I have an alliance, he hates me. He hates me because I'm building buildings around him. So the alliance has crossed the water and what do you call a Cold War? I haven't fought yet, but since he hated me...

I had to assume there was a good chance that he would attack me first. With that in mind... we should build more walls.

“Should we provoke them to attack first? ”

Fighting through walls is clearly advantageous. Wizards are not only advantageous now, but incredibly advantageous.

“Or should I strike first...”

As a result of scientific research, I am now able to build siege weapons and am increasing them rapidly. Of course, siege weapons don't make a difference. I'm just making a catapult.

The ranged attack from this catapult is quite strong. It's a game, but it's also a realistic world. The catapult's stone is a huge blow to units as well.

40 kilograms of rock falls from the sky, and there's a 0% chance that a person will survive it. Build 10,000 catapults and line them up at the same time, killing 1-20,000 units lightly.

Of course, if there is a hero there, the story will be different. It may be a powerful attack... but I can cut off the stones I remove from my heroes, and Hercules can take the stones and throw them back.

Even if a hero can only have me, it is not a name. In other words, we need to move with the enemy in mind that they have a hero or equivalent nameunit. I'm glad I didn't, but I have a feeling.

That's why I'm calling out and not attacking. I'm too familiar with the effects of heroes and names, so I can't just barge in.

“This is not my forte...”

Jegal Resonance. I have a world-renowned soldier and scribe beside me, but I can't use it. He's already busy managing the inner circle. But it is not enough to tell them to go to war. His work has decreased due to increased management, but he still lacks manpower.

My country is expanding, so of course it is. I wish I had a tactician of my own resonance level, but unfortunately I don't. I looked for famous schemers among the names, but unfortunately not.

There are a lot of famous people in the Three Kingdoms, but I don't know where they all went.

“Just hit it? ”

I am confident that I will conquer a hero or a name level. I have four talented ten-gauge kings. There are other names, and they're getting stronger and stronger as a monster striker.

Heroes, by the way, have mouthaches of Shifu and Hercules. If these two charge, the intermediate troops will be fine. Especially in Hercules, it is also impossible to lose health with a medium attack.

I don't think I'll be pushed out of the fight between Heroes and Names, but the problem is the damage done to my allies. I should at least do it. In other cases, I just stormed in, but the problem was the monster right above me and next to me.

To stop him, I have 200,000 troops at all times. These are the troops I picked up in the barracks, and together with the troops from Alexandria, there are 400,000 troops.

The land you own is small and has a lot of troops? But I have to. Without this kind of force, we can't stop the monster. Thinking about the last time you attacked a monster is simple.

I led the troops when I attacked what I thought was an expansion base, but this time it's a headquarters the size of a wanted one. Of course, I had to have that kind of force.

“After a perfect siege against the walls, we lay down our troops and prepare for battle. Then we take out the troops and attack... I'm nervous about attacking them. ”

It's still a quiet monster camp, but there's a huge number of monsters coming every time my strike team goes there to kill it. If you tell them to ride or walk away, they will all perish.

It's a good thing Merlin and Medea escaped using space travel magic. Of course, there are monsters that come with us, but they just need to be dealt with lightly.

But that doesn't give me any relief. I've brought some monsters into my base, like it or not, and if I can see the player's point of view with you, that monster knows where I live.

So I can't move my troops around. It's because we don't know when to move. As they moved, all my current troops had to do their best to defend themselves. That way we can stop it. Of course, it's not me, it's the idea of seagull resonance.

It is the famous Judgment of Jegal Resonance. Of course I had to follow. Monsters are ignorant, so using tricks will get them all caught, but the problem is numbers. Hundreds of thousands. Intermediate tactics are meaningless in front of that number, possibly millions.

Of course, the traps are preparing well. The walls of Jegal Resonance are advantageously installed for allies through Jingiyu, a unique ability of Jegal Resonance, and land mines with explosives from 500 meters directly in front of the walls.

Of course, it's not a perfect mine. You have to manipulate it before it explodes. But that's enough. And there are many magical traps set by wizards. We need to break through all of this and get to the Wall...

Monsters should think of their comrades' corpses as wall-to-wall, but they'll be the ones to attack. The walls are high, but these monsters are the ones that just shut up and rush up and make their way up into corpses.

In other words, the war against monsters is a total war. It is a battle between death and death. Of course, no matter how strong the defenses are and how many troops there are, there is no shortage.

As I said above, there are monsters who will remain after building walls with their bodies and climbing over them. Those are the ones. The Wall won't last that long once it starts an all-out war.

In other words, once the wall ceases to work, it will be all-out war from then on. Of course, the number of troops is important in all-out war. Despite its advancement, there are many pathogens, but the opponent should never forget that there is a quantity that can be ignored.

I had to have at least half the amount, even if it wasn't similar to that amount. With 100,000 and 200,000 battles, it was incredible to actually feel two simple badges.

Half a million and a million? Not to mention twice the difference. But there is a 500,000 difference. Just as there is a difference between one trillion and two trillion won in the sky and the earth, so there is a difference between 500,000 and one million units.

“We need to recruit more troops, but we're running out of real food...”

I stretched the field and even though the Han River was full of water repellent, it was good enough. When I saw the river, I installed everything. And we built everything from the wonder building, no matter what means and means to increase the food.

But even so, the food was now at its limit. I couldn't handle my food if I increased my troops any longer. I couldn't help thinking about the units that keep pouring out of my house.

“We need more fields, but there's no land. ”

Your realm continues to expand, but you can't just build a field. I had to be prepared.

“There's no way...”

I tried to close my eyes and make the field die, but another player nearby appeared and robbed it of nothing. Moreover, if I destroy all the fields, I will only lose money.

“What can I do for you now? ”

There's only one way. The territory of the state, the increase of the territory. It is not an intermediate stretch. It is definitely going forward.

“South and east. We'll take them both first. ”

My country is in Seoul. From here, it occupied the south a little, but it didn't occupy much. The same goes for the east. Then South of the Korean Peninsula. In other words, the so-called land of Korea is perfectly occupied. Fighting monsters... we must postpone the next one.

“Once you've made your decision, you have to move on. ”

I switched to the player's point and made the fighters move south and east. A unified war? My unified war for the land of the Republic of Korea began.

... I'm embarrassed to say anything. Oh, my hands and feet are tingling.