The World Gamer

11. A war that begins again.

The Punitive Force Captain Wall has destroyed the 14th Monster Nest.


Looking at the notification window, I checked the minimap again. Since taking control of the south, I slowly made my way north. Of course, where the monsters are based, you march away from them in a perfectly contained situation.

And I knew I was making a big mistake. The base I found? Perhaps this was also an expansion base. As you head north, the base of monsters settles more and more.

“I'm glad the wall came out. ”

Summon random Asian hero. The hero who came out of there was a wall better known as the Great Cantonese King. The unique power of Wall Wall is the Cataphract. It was once a symbol of sweet potatoes and an unbeatable cavalry that once ruled the Manchurian plains.

Of course, there were more special abilities as a game, and I chose these bungoons. There were also armored soldiers, but their abilities were more overwhelming than theirs.

It was not comparable to Qiu's Celestial Army, but it was strong enough just below it. In addition, there was an advantage that the Cataphracts could be drawn from the barracks indefinitely.

That's why I took on the task of turning all the cavalry into Cataphracts and pushed the monsters' base at the expense of the Iron Armored Forces. I've left over 30 bases, all big and small.

We haven't even made it to Mount Baekdu yet, but this is it. I can't feel how long it'll take to get out towards Manchu. At worst, Manchu has been handed over to the monster.

“Good thing Wall came out as a general. ”

Wall Wall is a king who led the heyday of Goguryeo. I don't know why he was summoned as a general. But it wasn't bad because it was good for me. Actually, thanks to him, my military power has skyrocketed.

“Should I push here, too?”

Home of the monster I'm surrounding. Of course, it doesn't look like the main base, but we've seen it. It is at least the largest of the bases on the Korean Peninsula.

He pushes this place away, takes over the Korean Peninsula perfectly, and then goes back to Manchu. Not a bad plan. But more than that, Jegal Resonance advised me to attack Japan in the south.

It was too dangerous for me to march on Manchu right now. Even though the allies are strong, if the monsters have taken over Manchu, the amount spilled from them will be unimaginable.

“Follow the words of the Gale Resonance. What am I supposed to know? ”

The decision is made. You wear an electronic bracelet while you're in the well. One such mistake on Earth is enough. You can't make that mistake here. First of all, it is my priority to know my current troops.

Cataphracts: 30,000 people.

Iron Knight: 100,000.

Article: 150,000 people.

Antenna: 100,000.

Alexandria Military: 200,000.

“A total of 580,000... plus the heavenly host of Qiu here, plus the wizards, the priests, and the senators. 610,000. ”

610,000 troops. Never a lightweight force. An extraordinary force. Especially now in the Middle Ages. Four to five centuries. It is no wonder that 610,000 troops move in this age around the 10th and 14th centuries.

The problem is that the target is not human. Monsters. They are literally monsters. We're trying to hit them with power. Of course we need to be thoroughly prepared. And by the numbers, there's gonna be more of them than me.

“We should surround them from all sides and narrow them down slowly. We need to build a separation pod and launch a decoy mission. ”

Monsters are stupid. A hundred is 100 if you use the decoy. It's all on the line. The problem is that there are so many of them that you have to be careful that you might get hit on this side.

“Tsk. I even studied explosives. Why haven't I got a gun yet?" ”

There is a cannon. It can only be worn on a ship. I haven't had an illness on the ground that uses gunpowder properly. So unfortunately, I have no choice. I had to go like this.

“This is really uncomfortable. Now that I've researched the bomb, I'm gonna need you to run with it. We stopped them from being in the unit...”

The greatest disadvantage of the cosmic civilization. You cannot make anything research-related unless there is a unit or building involved.

This was really annoying. At least there's a wizard. If I hadn't gone over there, I would have gone to heaven and foamed at his neck first.

“Then I've made a decision. I'll call it a gathering. ”

I immediately brought together the heroes and names in the conference room. Of course, they had to gather only those with combat-related abilities. As time passed and everyone gathered, I looked at them and said,

“I've decided to attack the monster's stronghold completely. All troops are mobilized. It'll power about 600,000 of them. ”

“Does it include senators or priests? ”

I nod at the words of the equipment.

“Congressmen and priests are all in on this. There are no exceptions. I can tell by the people gathered here, but they're all combat-ready heroes. The list of participants is all here. It's gonna be a gunfight. We need to get them out of here as soon as possible. ”

“Blitzkrieg... Does that mean we can mobilize all the defensive forces in the country?" ”

You nod at Chiu's words.

“It's literally a gunfight. So we need to get this over with as soon as possible. If you guys are here, we can make that possible. ”

Everyone nodded with confidence in what I said. Yes, if they're here. Even if they mastered warfare beyond the ages, east and west, there are a number of good people.

Soldiers training is also high and soldiers are strong. I don't think I'm going to lose fighting that monster in this state. The only thing that worries is how quickly it ends.

It's literally a total power struggle. This is a full-scale battle for all defensive forces. I had to finish as quickly as possible. While the house is empty, if the enemy attacks, I will be robbed of the empty house.

“It's dangerous, but it's not a grumpy move, so we finish it as quickly as possible, get ready again, and take over Japan in the south. And then we take China through the sea. ”

Just west of the Korean Peninsula is China. After the complete annihilation of naval forces in the vicinity of Japan, they will control the West Coast. And I conquer China through the sea.

Of course, there is no country in the world called Japan or China, but they are just calling it comfortable.

“What are you going to do about Manju? ”

At the sound of the wall, I looked at the seagull resonance. I don't know yet. Everything that has been said so far has been said to me by Jegal Resonance.

“Manchu will be pressuring from this side and from the Chinese side at the same time after some occupation of China. So China's not going to take that many. The main occupation goal is Manchun. We're going to take complete control of it, and then we're going back west to China. ”

“I see.”

“And I think we should keep in mind that the only other species we've met are the Blue Forest, but we don't know what's going to happen next. ”

“We already have officials on diplomacy, right? ”

“Yes, but they can make enemies of us. They all have peculiar properties. It was said to be 100 percent incinerated if it was stopped. I think it's important to have a consistent collection of information about them. ”

“The National Intelligence Service is trying to increase the number of agents, but it's already increasing as much as it can. ”

“I know. I just want to remind you again of the importance of information. We say we are strong, but we must never be careless. although no one will ever forget the importance of information. ”

A place where the bones of war are thick. There is the Hangwoo of the Chopin King, there is Qiu, a systemic martial artist, there is Yushin Kim, the leader of the Three Nations, and there is Sunshin Lee, who is called Sung-gyung and Shin. I will take care of everything. That's what I would have said, too.

“The most important thing in the Blitz is the speed that you said you would. We must defeat them as soon as possible. So this time, I'm going to break right through to one side without any rest. We're going to push through the center, and we're going to spread out from there. ”

“Then we need to build a stronger siege. ”

“Yes, 200,000 will charge the rest of the 400,000 against the siege. ”

“I'm good at charging. ”

“Me, too."

When the harbor master and the equipment spoke, the seagull resonance nodded and looked at me. Then I nodded and said,

“I'll talk to the resonant here and talk some more about it. Dismissed for now. Don't go far. Stay in the palace. We have to make the announcement as soon as the decision is made and move on from the moment the announcement is made. ”

Everyone nodded at my words and left the conference room. And I said, looking at the remaining echelon.

“What about longevity? ”

“It's Sunshin and Arthur who make up the siege network. These two are best suited. And that includes Yoosin Kim and Hadoudon, who will divide the 200,000 into four armies to form a siege net. And we need to put the rest on the assault side. ”

“The most destructive of them all? ”

“Yes, especially this time with Whita and Jan Darhk. You must also include these two people. ”

“Of course I do. ”

Jan Darhk. That's the Holy Virgin. I found her as a name unit, and her gift of faith was 10, and she was the ultimate king of the faith family. Of course, he was as talented in the field as he was in the longevity.

There is usually only one talent, but often more. And most of the name units are not one. Previous talents are also found in schools and enrolled with new talents.

“H'Artha should lead the congressmen to the Chancellors, Jan Darhk, to protect his allies. And put it away, Hangwoo. These two go to the front, and then there's the vertebral column, and then there's the equipment. The last one is you and me. ”

“Am I going? ”

“Yes, we still don't have enough longevity to lead a large army. So you must participate. You'll also have a great experience. ”

“I'd rather not. ”

“No thanks. I just want you to think about military fraud. ”

I'd rather make a threat. How can I not go out like this?

“Okay, you can leave. ”

“Everyone will lay down their lives to fight for your victory. ”

Oh, yeah.