The World Gamer

11. A war that begins again.

“Use Golden Age. ”

Golden Age of Leader Skill is used.

I lost 50% of my faith, so I had no problem using it. The next step is to move on to the next era. Choose a palace and find the next generation of manuals. Tap into the Renaissance.

from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

Locked scientific studies were opened.


The pillar of light enveloped my vision and the buildings were constructed to be more modern. The real brick houses, not the old cabins, began to appear.

“Next up. ”

Random hero power license. Use this.

You used a random Hero Unique Ability License.

Unique power of the great prophet Jesus Christ. Use miracles.

“Huh? This lunatic? ”

Jesus Christ. Known as the Son of God. It's hard to call him man. God is okay. Bringing a man like that into a hero... If Christianity had seen this, they would have blasphemed.

The unique power of Jesus Christ was triggered. It reacts in conjunction with Hidden Research. Time of choice.

With the notification window, my vision darkened and a new notification window appeared.

From now on, you must choose one of two paths.

And there appeared two paths of light. I stood on a straight line just before the crack in that path and looked down at two paths.

One is to choose infinite progress. It's not the research assignments that the game has set out, it's the research of people around the world who have to invent new texts. The process is very difficult, but there are no limits. The miracle of God frees you from all limits as a game.

One is limited, but chooses a fast and safe development. In this choice, scientific research provided by the game can lead to the development of a stable and fast text, but the limits are clear. When you make this choice, your current science level will permanently increase by 3,000 through a divine miracle.

... I'm worried. Endless progress. Or do we get 3,000 horrific scientific figures, though limited? Given that there is a 50% bonus, that's a 4,500 increase in total.

With the addition of 4,500 to my current scientific readings, I'll be able to surpass the Renaissance in no time. But it is said to be limited.

Limitations of the game. It was becoming more and more certain as it went on. Historically, gunpowder was used by the Army first, but I can only use cannons on ships.

Even a shotgun can't make me and I can't make it. Of course, entering the Renaissance will be different now, but this limitation will continue to emerge.

But if you choose infinite progress, there is no such limit. This is a very stubborn story. Push the limits of the game while keeping the game's system intact?

Maybe you have to choose this to get a real deceptive technique. But in the middle is the process. I said that it has been done through scientific research so far, but if it disappears, I have to do it manually.

It may take some time for the steam engine to come out and the computer to come out. However, if you make a limited but stable choice, it won't take that long.

This is a very important choice. Of course, I had to seriously consider it. I don't know what this foam made of.

You know I'm not very good at this.

There is an example screen to help you make your choice. Would you like to take a look?

“You'd better show me something like that! ”

This is what it looks like when you reach the final stage of a limited but rapid development.

My vision became brighter and modern buildings appeared in my eyes. High rise, Willow. There were cars and planets, rising in field of view, planets circling the world's presumed backdrop, and through rockets reaching other planets.

Here are some examples of where you have chosen infinite advancements:

And what appeared was the universe.

Infinite progress has not been determined. Literally infinite. There are so many different kinds of choices. There is no end like this universe.

Which path would you like to choose?

“... this is driving me crazy. ”

To be honest, my heart was somewhat hardened. However, I felt anxious because I chose the path that was too difficult to choose.

“Shout it out, right? It's time to scream, isn't it? ”

I ask myself, and I answer myself. Yes, for now... we have to scream.


You have chosen infinite advancements.

The darkness disappears and the capital, Seoul, is seen again.

What you choose is infinite possibilities. Continuous advancement.Add effort to your efforts. That effort will never betray you.

Resource science disappears. The Science Lab disappears.

All limits have been lost. From now on, only true infinite possibilities remain.

Grow and develop your talents. It will choose the fate of your civilization in the future.

“Ha... Science is gone. ”

Now we have to get to the real bare ground. I felt extremely anxious, but I believed something. Normally, things don't make sense... but I have magic. And above all, there is modern knowledge.

I'm not that popular. I have people who are called geniuses. I have the power to summon them to modern times. They will learn modern knowledge.

“This will catch up to the modern science level at least quickly...”

Above all, it's not a reality, it's a game. Even so, I had to think that if I found oil, I could almost spread it to infinity. With that in mind, once resources are developed indefinitely... there is no disadvantage.

“It's a meeting. ”

I summoned all the heroes to the palace. Merlin, the head of the wizards, was also called. And I talked about the choices I made, and they nodded, as if they already knew.

“Excellent choice. ”

Sejong nods at the horse.

“Nothing saddens me more than there are limits. Besides, we can get enough of the advanced knowledge of modern times, so nothing will stop us from improving. ”

As three species have said, the enormous knowledge that has been accumulated for thousands of years now can be seen as much as we want. It is improving through it. Then, at least to the modern level, the development of science will develop at a tremendous rate.

“The reason I called Merlin is that modern science has its limitations. And we have forces beyond that limit. ”

“You speak of magic. ”

“Yes, magic and science. You have to combine these two completely different academics from fantasy novels into one. And I chose infinite advancements for that purpose. ”

The wizards themselves made magic and developed it. It was completely different from my soldiers. And I never once or twice felt sorry for why the military couldn't. But this choice has now lifted its limits.

“So are the soldiers. Teach them to pray. I'm going to make them into elites who can use chi. ”

My objective is 100,000 Swordmaster-class soldiers. Let's just cut to the chase. We just don't know how much of a sodmaster he is.

“There's a lot of knowledge in modern times. Even fantasy novels, we have the power of fantasy. It also has the power to make it happen. If I go back to Earth today, I'll summon some people. And remember as much of the Earth's knowledge as you can and come back here and spread it. And we need to raise scientists. ”

“I'm already ready to raise professional scientists in school. As long as we build more schools, we can raise them. ”

Socrates gives me a nod.

“It's going to be very difficult from now on, but let's do it well. We can really do anything if we're good enough. ”

The possibilities are endless. We've got it. Now all you have to do is make the most of it. And I have to be prepared for that.