The World Gamer

13. Infinite Possibility

The limits of the game have been lifted. It's made a huge difference. Of course, the biggest change started with the construction of a forge that makes weapons. Drawing units is just a draw.

But that's all. You can't just make cannons for the Army. Rapidly increases the Forge. Then I started studying how to make cannons by disassembling them.

The scientific figures are gone. If you ask me if all the buildings I've built by looking at it have become idiots, that's not it. Home wars are the gathering place of the best geniuses in my country.

Their heads can never be ignored. They understood the principle of cannons in an instant, gave me a direction to go further, and they have already joined forces with the wizards to capture the concept of manpower I had briefly spoken of.

The wizards each used their skills. But it made it more systematic and easy for regular soldiers to use. Here's the concept of no public being I spoke to. In other words, we discussed the judicial law that comes out of the nonagreement.

And based on the concept of the deep law, it quickly became clear that it laid the foundation of the breathing method that anyone could learn. Now all you have to do is study more and provide the soldiers with a practical verification process.

And this was not the end. There was a tremendous amount of talent for each person because they used talent searching to attract scientists. It was not one or two like before.

Of course, it wasn't that big, but it was really important to be able to see a lot of talent. Why is this important? One of the talents was this.

Accounting: a talent for better managing money.

Bioscience: the gift of science to get to know biology faster.

Cannonball: a talent for firing cannons.

Etc. There were many talents. In other words, everything that has been blocked by the limits of the game has been solved. This is how it became more like a real life game.

“It's school first. ”

The biggest hit is also the construction of the Wonder building. Construction was originally four. But now it is integrated into one. Construction was the only manual, and in it were all the buildings.

It was not difficult to build the buildings inside. But I couldn't just build a new building. In fact, people had to work together to complete it so they could register in this building.

There was no forge, but I could barely make it with the help of three kinds. That's why the forge was registered in the building, and now it can be built at random.

It is a good thing that the limits of the game have disappeared. But since then, this process of infinite possibilities has been clearly felt. One building was already hard to build.

Units were similar. To pick a new unit, it had to be completed properly. For example, an athlete shooting a bow. Not possible in the game They use swords.

But now it's possible. The limits are off. In that case, a new pathologist named the archer appeared in the barracks, not the fighting men.

It can also be said that these differences began to become incredibly complicated as they started to appear one by one. That's why we needed more and more talent.

More schools. I was going to increase it like crazy. I had to save as many talent as I could through this school. And I was thinking of setting aside a place for the geniuses, and I was thinking of constructing a place for them.

The best thing is that I can choose my education to some extent. I am not only able to put it into school and finish it after a certain amount of time, but I am able to divide the school into seconds, medium and therefore build a university separately.

This is a good thing because it's out of limits. It takes a little longer, but that's how much talent comes out. Unlike Earth, we don't learn all sorts of things.

Military, military. Science, science. So a few years for each of these areas. That is, digging for a few turns. Create a professional workforce. Of course, we teach basic common sense, but we still do not do things like education in our country for 12-16 years.

For just 12 years, you will learn other things as common sense by defining the main disciplines and digging into them for 12 years. Then you go to the university and dig up more or jump into the action.

Of course, it has to be more efficient. Often the geniuses see them as a very good educational system because heroes and name units manage them separately. I made it, but I was amazed.

“Too much work. ”

The school will do whatever it takes, but now that we have to study everything ourselves, it means that there's a lot going on. Of course I'm worried.

But we still need to make sure slowly. Sejong and Jegal Resonance and Alexander and Queen Seonduk said the same thing at the same time. The sooner we do this, the slower we'll have to do it.

Especially now that the limits of the game have just disappeared. In other words, everything that happens in the future is done in a situation where the limit has disappeared, and what we need to do now is to underlie all of that.

That's why he said it was very important. I said never work in a hurry, and I agreed. So I haven't done anything else in a hundred years. No, I care about a thousand-year-old genealogical education.

After training has been resolved to some extent, what to do next is to remain secure. Currently, the % of happiness is 91%, and everything has improved by 75%. I had to keep this up. And it had to be higher.

The basis of happiness should be no crime. That's why we need to keep the law in check and the police in check for security. It's the police. We just need to get the military units out this way. It's simple. Of course, you have to study a little bit about the law.

“Three turns left. ”

After taking care of things, the turn is over. At the end of the turn, I had to move again. For the rest of the turn, the workers are instructed to build the school and the vision becomes dim.

And it was my room when I opened my eyes that were closed. It was back on Earth. I immediately summoned heroes and names from the mini-version of space civilization.

“Sejong the Great, Jegal Resonance, Qiu, Merlin, Medea, Suddenly, Yi, Jang Young-goon! ”

Summons 8 Heroes and Named Units in total. My room lit up and eight people appeared dressed differently.

“I'm going to teach you how to use a computer, so you have to do your own research. ”

I taught him how to use a simple computer. The first person to tell me about it was this one and that one before that, the zebra resonance. These three people decided to redefine the law.

Next up is Chiu and Merlin, Medea. These are the three. For them, I will study magic and masculinity based on the mystical and fantasy novels I have collected. Of course, I do some research on the Internet.

Next up is Sejong the Great and Jang Young-sil. These two are science. Science is so extensive. So they said they started in the Middle Ages.

Longevity chamber's talents are science and invention. Science Talent level 10 is a monster with an Invention Talent level 9. This one does more. I had a genius, a gift I had never seen before.

In the explanation, it was written that everything was quickly understood and learned. His genius ability was 10. I mean, he's a genius. He's just a distant country to me.

After all, those who taught them how to use computers, who make laws, and who study science, were on the first floor, and the rest were on the second floor. Divided criteria were clothed.

At least their outfits on the first floor were closer to the top. He wears clean armor, and Medea or Merlin is a wizard's fashion. Compared to that, those in hanbok and intestines were very good.

After placing them all, I lay back in bed. What am I doing? I couldn't even sleep there. I just kept moving. Of course I need to rest. I'm not that hero and that nameunit.

So good night.

* * * * * * *

“Hmmm... Amazing. I knew the world was big. ”

Sejong the Great, moving the computer mouse. It was so unrealistic, but I was actually doing it. And next to such a Sejong the Great, his hand and feet became the Eternal Hall. He was nodding, too.

What they were looking at was various scientific knowledge of the Middle Ages. I was checking the weapons that were worn by the ships or soldiers that were built at the time. It was not in the Joseon Era, so it was enough to interest them.

“I never thought of a spear of this type. ”

Sejong the Great saw Lance for assault. Then the Office of Justice nodded. The strength of the weapon could be expected to be somewhat expected in the Sejong era, when the rocket-type emperor was renovated from generation to generation.

“But it's outdated. ”

“You have to assume that the gunpowder is actually missing the meaning of the cavalry and infantry. Your Majesty.”

“Yes. Speaking of which, let's find some gunpowder. ”


Then Sejong the Great put gunpowder in the internet search box. Then he laughed in vain.

“I can't believe this is what I used to write called literature. ”

In his words, the Eternal Hall smiled. When Sejong the Great made the Hun Min-hyang. No, the Hangul that's been ignored as a word ever since. But in this age, it became so famous. as the highest scientific and artistic value of any language in the world.

“I can only say that it's way ahead of its time. ”

“I see.”

Sejong and Jang Young-sil, the two geniuses were great in the Joseon Dynasty, but they were becoming even more prominent in the modern world.

“It breaks my heart to see my descendants struggle. ”

“When everything is thrilled, there is a gridlock. This country is thrilled enough. Having a painful history, this country has never been more famous around the world. ”

“That's right. ”

Sejong ruled the Joseon Dynasty in Asia. But it was weaker than China's Ming Dynasty. Korea is still weaker than China. However, in the whole world, Korea is indeed strong. It could be said that it was much stronger than Sejong.

“A plan by God has led to the emergence of talented people, and our leader has become one of them. The excitement of this country will be divided in the future depending on whether or not you can use them well. ”

Centuries-old genius Sejong was clearly expecting things to happen.

“The paladins are in trouble. ”

“Hypocrites, I suppose.”

In politicians' stories, Sejong the Great did not have a good impression.

“If I were here, I'd chop them all down right now. ”

Sejong the Great spoke with all his heart, and the Office nodded.

“What do you do when you say impossible things? I have to think about what I can do. Let's keep studying gunpowder. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”