The World Gamer

14. War with Japan.

I asked him to look into the sea, but even as he spoke, he didn't want to. A submarine? I'd understand if it was the 21st century. But this was just the time when gunpowder was being used as a weapon.

He had modern knowledge, and he developed science and technology by leveraging it. Nevertheless, we have not yet completed the transmission ship, but the submarine is ridiculous.

Bang, bang!!

It kept ringing. Then Tokugawa Katana sharpened her teeth. But there was no way to do it. Then.

“Stupid. Don't you see? A simple trick."

Next to Tokugawa Katana, a man with over two metres of metal appears with a shield shield in his hand.

“This is the end of the joke! Boys!!! ”

When I lifted the veil in the man's hand and swung it toward nothing, the fog echoed and the boat appeared as if it had disappeared with a thumping sound.

“Stomach... boat? ”

“Hmm. I don't know what heroes they are, but they use annoying abilities. All hands, attack the air! There's a boat! I can't see it! There's definitely a ship!! ”

“Everyone move according to General Follicle!!! Fire the cannons!!! Evasive maneuvers! Fire cannons at sea!!! ”

Fossil. Tokugawa Katana's greatest hero. Tokugawa Katana exclaims excitedly, discovering the hidden follicles. You're a hero. Follicles were the best.

“Tsk. That's it. ”

Meanwhile, the man on the boat whose transparency was loosened by the foam attack said with his tongue.

“Draw to designated location. ”


And the boats move quickly. Then the follicles looked at the boats and said,

“Pursue! We must take care of it here!" That stomach was a real pain in the ass! ”

Tokugawa and Katana's battleships start to move in response to the foam's cry.

“Battleships to the siege! We should surround them, sink them, and seize their chance! ”

“Are you going to rob me? ”

When Foam spoke in Tokugawa Katana's words, Tokugawa Katana nodded.

“There's nothing better than using a ship with those abilities. ”

“That's right. Move your battleships quickly. I'll do what it takes to take down that ship. ”


Tokugawa Katana frowned as she spoke softly.

‘Cocky bastard. ’

The follicles are strong, but he likes and dislikes them. His strength is good. But the follicles were too arrogant. Although he was king, the follicles had no manners at all. I asked for some courtesy, but the answer to the follicles was consistent.

If you're stronger than me, think about it.

At the end of the follicle, he challenged the follicle and eventually was plundered. The follicles were low in strength. He is now the strongest of all his heroes.

You can't beat follicles like that. So I didn't like the way the follicles acted or the way they spoke, but I just had to wait and see for now.

“Welcome. ”

Meanwhile, the man on the ship, who was becoming invisible, smiled as he watched the enemy battleship continue to pursue them.

“Any word from the Admiral? ”

“I did. You said you were all set. ”

“Ready to move?”

“We're ready to move, too. ”

“I see. We'll leave the battlefield as soon as our artillery fire starts to alert all the crew." ”


And a constant night of pursuit over the sea. The follicles, as well as Tokugawa Katana, were still moving, not feeling any strange at all.

As a result, the distance between the battleship and the transport ship was slowly opening up without their knowledge.

“How long do we have? ”

“If we go at this speed, it'll take another five minutes. ”

“Hmm. Faster, and they won't be able to catch up, will they? ”


“I can't. Maintains its speed and moves with Defense Magic, just in case. ”


And over time, we finally reached our designated position.

“All ships! Space travel!!! ”

The man's cry lit up and disappeared from 15 boats. The panic was the Tokugawa and Katana battleships chasing these 15 boats. Tokugawa Katana is surprised when the boats disappear with the sudden glow.

“Space travel?”

“... is it magic? ”

I panicked. It was a sudden movement of space. Of course, I was embarrassed.

“Dammit... I can't believe we're moving the ship.”

A magical situation occurred, but Tokugawa Katana was not embarrassed. While conquering Japan, I met people who were doing things like magic or so-called Yin Yang. The skills that heroes use in the first place are just like magic.

“... You've been beaten. ”

In the words of the foam, Tokugawa Katana looks at the foam.

“What do you mean? ”

“Tsk. Expand your senses even more. You'll see. ”

At the words of the follicles, Katana was more focused on her senses as she frowned. Then I knew. A tremendous number of things were heading this way. at a very fast pace.

“It's a trap. You got it right. ”

“Dammit. The entire fleet! Battle Ready!!! Smash your enemies here!!! ”

“Will you fight? ”

“We are an army of 800. I don't think we're gonna lose. ”

“I see.”

Boldly speaking, the follicles looked up at the sky. The follicles were definitely feeling. A quiet, yet very strong energy. And that energy was provoking him. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would win against someone with this much energy.

‘It must be hard. ’

Only 15 ships. I only saw it, but it was showing a clear difference between me and my allies. Fighting against such enemies is not good right now.

It was always a battle for the undefeated. But the problem is, the man who leads all these fleets won't listen to him. The follicles were wondering what to do.

‘Since when do I care about such things and fight? ’

Think of yourself while you're alive. He was young and foolish, and died in vain. I thought I had a new opportunity here and wanted to move for my dream, but I realized follicles. You have no dreams.

Despite being overwhelmed by the atmosphere around him, he aims for a common ground, but realizes that no one knows about him, so he seriously considers his goals and sets a new one.

“I'm done hanging out with you with wealth today. ”


“I fought under men like you called my own amulets, but I never deserved it. And most of all, there's no guarantee of getting out of here alive, so if you do what you're told, you'll die by 10halos. ”

“Are you going to rebel? Follicles!!! ”

“Don't get me wrong. I should have told you from the beginning. I'm just gonna hang out with you for a little while. I can leave whenever I want. ”

“Rrrrgh!! You have committed treason! I will condemn you here by order of the army!!! ”

The follicles hiss in Katana's cry.

“Can you do that? More importantly, here comes the real enemy. ”

Ships slowly visible to the naked eye. When she saw the boats and said, Katana sharpened her teeth even more. I wanted to kill the follicles right away, but I had to take considerable damage to do so.

“You! I'll kill you! ”

“Suit yourself. Red soil!”

The foam's cry opens a space in the air with a red leather and a mane. Follicular follicles. If the follicles are the best of the people, it's the land. Among the horses, there is a saying that the land is the best.

A legendary red tomato appeared with the follicles. Then the follicle on the back of the red tomato looked up at the sky.

“Atheistic follicles! Ready!!! ”

With a loud shout from the follicles, the soldiers around were able to feel strong enough to hold their own.

“Atheism... that's an overstated nickname. But I'll buy you as high as that whim. ”

There were so many clouds, there was neither moonlight nor starlight, but a strong light appeared in the sky.

“... You can't be serious. ”

It was easy. Legendary Legendary Legendary Beast. The dragon appeared with the light. And there was one person on the dragon's head.

“You said follicles, right? Where's the power? I'll test you. ”

Clear out the so-called bodyguard and disgrace. He appeared at sea.