The World Gamer

14. War with Japan.

In the appearance of Qiu, the follicles swallowed without even knowing it. I could tell by the energy I felt. It's different. It's not about being strong and weak. It's just different.

“But you can't just walk away. Let's go! Red soil! ”

The tremendous cry of the red tomato with the cries of follicles. And the red tomato finally starts running. Only the red soil did not run on the deck of the ship. The place where the land runs is empty. It was the sky.

The foam's red tomato flew toward the clearing in the sky. While looking at the foam and land, he smiled slightly.

“I like your attitude. ”

And the dragon of Qiu moved. It moves towards the red tomatoes and follicles running towards itself. And when you put it away, you pull out your sword.

The sword of the foam repellent and shifting. The two approaching weapons clash into the air and announce the start of the battle.

“Relinquish!!! ”

Lee Sun-Shin's fleet, which was constantly on the move, held Katana's fleet within firing range. And Yi Sun-Shin immediately gave the order to fire. And a modern 360-degree revolving cannon fires.

Each ship fired 15 artillery guns simultaneously and destroyed Katana's battleships in an instant. It's said to be lacking in many ways, but it doesn't have digital technology.

Simply by virtue of its pure firepower, it surpasses modern artillery. Of course. Unlike modern artillery, these artillery have undergone a magical process. The weight of the warhead was even heavier and the magic engraved on the warhead increased the speed and explosiveness of the warhead.

Increasing firepower in a way that we absolutely cannot in modern times. It's magic that makes it possible. And the warhead, which was given such magical power, showed definite power.

With the occasional power to penetrate Katana's Battleship, Katana's battleship sank nearly 50 ships in a single attack.

“What are you doing! We'll shoot back!! ”

“Cannons from our fleet cannot reach our range!!! ”

Another hero next to him said Katana, calling for a counterfire. Then Katana grits her teeth again. And I was devastated. Katana lives in a modern world that understands how scary the difference between technology and technology can be.

It seemed so obvious how the current situation would end.

“All forces retreat!!! All fleets fall back and get out of here! At the same time, retreat and keep firing back at the enemy! You don't have to touch it!! Shoot!!! ”

Katana's orders fall again, and Katana's fleet is busy turning away. In the meantime, we fire a counter fire on Katana's other orders. I couldn't reach it at all, but I tried to shoot it first.

Not starlight, not moonlight. A battle in the middle of the sea. A gradual shimmer begins to emerge over who the winner of this battle is.

“Admiral! The enemy is retreating! ”

And Lee Sun-Shin who was watching all this. The deputy next to him told Lee Sun-Shin.

“Tell the fleet in the rear to advance their education. ”


If it's sincere, it's true. Hakjin. As Hak spread his wings, a large siege was once again unfolding here, leading the charge of Hanshan-do's relentless firing of the enemies inside.

“Your Majesty! Hostiles at the front!!! ”

“What?! ”

Katana, who had been retreating for a long time, was embarrassed by the fact that an enemy had appeared in front of her, and looking ahead, she was really seeing one or two enemy ships. He was distracted by the first raid and couldn't even see it properly, but he gritted his teeth looking at the appearance of the enemy ships.

“How can a ship like that already...”

It was the image of a modern battleship. It was all made of iron, with a cannon that rotated 360 degrees and was capable of adjusting elevation. And it was a ship that could never come out of this era.

But it did. This means that there are places with tremendous technological advancements. And that's where we've made our progress.

“Damn shipbuilding!!!! ”

I don't know if it's Joseon or not, but Katana shouts. Ships appeared when they went to attack the Korean Peninsula. Of course, I couldn't think of it as just showing up.

“Dammit. Break through!!! We have to get out of here somehow!!! ”

“Former fleet assault!!! Chargers to the front!!! ”

A hero who is an assistant in Katana's cry shouts. And the boats quickly stepped forward, looking like sharp spears rather than ordinary shapes, and turned towards the enemy ships.

Of course, the hostiles started firing. Those are Katana's ships that have been beaten from all over. But there was nothing we could do here.

As I got closer and closer, I couldn't do anything until I got within range.

"Even if it comes within range..."

The target is a ship made of steel. I don't know how effective the cannon you're firing at that ship will be. In the worst case, it could have done no harm.

‘No, it won't. Even if it can't be broken. I can do damage! ’

Comfort yourself. If you don't do this, Katana will go mad.

“Your Majesty! The enemy ship is within range of your cannon! ”

“Then what are you doing? Shoot now! Sink them all!!! You are soldiers of the great Japanese Empire! Show me the weather!!! ”


And the Katana fleet has finally begun its proper attack. But Katana's worst thoughts were still right. The cannons fired by Katana's fleet. I did nothing to harm the ship.

“F... Shit!!!! ”

I didn't see the answer. This was the end of it. Yes, that was the end. Katana said in a powerless voice that she thought she could never win unless she advanced and had ships of similar level with her enemies.

“All forces retreat. ”

It was only one battle, but Katana realized she could never win. He didn't really like it and was annoyed, but he was a man who admitted to it.

“All forces retreat!!! Break through the enemy ship's siege and retreat!!! ”

The conquest of the Korean Peninsula in Katana was lowering the veil before even a proper start.

* * * * * * *

“Looks like it's over. ”

Seeing the situation in the sea, he said. Lee Sun-Shin's academic advancement blocked the retreat route. Moreover, he used the pursuit behind Lee Sun-Shin to break through the enemy fleet in a straight line and fire at will.

We were able to break through thanks to the defensive power of the ships that wouldn't stop attacking the enemy ships. And this effect was extraordinary, but the enemy fleet continued to crumble, burn and destroy like a tofu. It was a one-sided massacre.

“I see.”

When she saw that, she dared to answer. Definitely. Done. There was tremendous damage. It will take some time to repair that damage. And in the meantime, the countries that waged the war will invade them.

“I think the country of Joseon is amazing. ”


“Isn't that right? That idiot keeps calling me that. ”

“No, we are a country called Gauri. ”

“I see.”

“Yes. But... you must be the strongest scout our side has ever seen." ”

“There aren't any strong men over there. Now, of course, I don't mean to sound like a broken subject like this. ”

The body of the follicle was not sexy. One of the two feathers of a proud head was cut off and the armor was bleeding from all over.