The World Gamer

15. Yeah, it's about time this came out.

This is the expected response. I don't deserve what I'm doing. From the outside, I'm clearly trying to monopolize that golden goose.

“No matter how much money you have, it's not going to work if you die. ”

“The bodyguards can hire as many of us as they want. ”

“With all the power? ”

The bluff, after all, comes the money naturally when you are able. It is because the country is treating the monster's corpse properly and at the same time, the corpse of the monster becomes money.

But are those powers just protecting people because they're crazy? How much salary do they think they'll be satisfied with? This inspiration.

“I need to hear how much you're going to hire. ”

“It must be settled between the parties. ”

Tsk. I knew you were going to hit me. No, all shareholders will. If our company begins to expand its business on its own terms, it could be more wanted than it is now.

But I don't. It's a company built for gaming and it only handles software additionally. We are a game company and I would never deny it.

“Are you going to build a new department after giving away your shares and hiring this company? ”

“I hope so.”

“At that moment, this company will not be a gaming company. ”

“No matter what anyone says, this company is a game company. I'm just doing some extra work. And that can lead to higher income. Then the company's stock price will rise again. Isn't that what you want, too? ”

“I'm not interested in money. I can eat and play teenagers with all the money I have. No, if you don't just touch the principal, you can live on interest for the rest of your life. I'm telling you, it's not a company built on money. It's a company built for gamers. ”

“Who said that? As a gaming company, we're not giving up our identities. I will continue as I am now. We just want to build another department. If it's hard for you, we can handle that department. ”

The old man really wants to punch one. When you create bubbles and this company. We had no intention of selling the stock. But I had to sell it. It's because there are people who are playing drugs.

There, the government began to tighten the gaming industry. Of course, the public opinion was not idle. The status of the gaming industry in this country was no joke, and its revenues were enormous.

But it's still a tough government. Why? Money. That's why the gaming industry didn't give money to Congressmen, to be precise.

A lot of people took it off the Internet and it was actually true. But he also rarely had a conflict with the gaming industry.

Even if I banned the game, I could sell it abroad as much as I wanted. It worked domestically. Then I naturally treated people in the gaming industry as absent members of Parliament, and they got angry and united.

So I stabbed him little by little in the gaming industry with the idea of giving him dirty and dirty. Of course, the bubble and I lasted to the end. Instead, we sold stock in the company we created. to those who are deeply politically involved.

Although it was not enough, politicians kept their mouths shut as the gaming industry began to move headquarters overseas as well.

There was a great loss there. Above all, there was a reduction in washing water and a decrease in jobs. Thanks to this, all the members of Congress who oppressed the gaming industry have been deprived of the general election and have eaten a lot and are still eating.

What I'm trying to say is that the majority of the shareholders here are political stakeholders, and they either take their ownership of the company or they're trying to persuade it to take over. This is also why I don't want to give up my shares.

“And since what's happening in the first place is like a game, if you make equipment like a game and sell it, it might have a promotional effect. Isn't it?”

The old man said I laughed in relief. Let's cut the crap.

“Don't do it knowing it's nonsense. That's how we're going to do this, anyway. How much time do you want? ”

I looked at Lee Jang-man and said,

“Time... you mean? ”

“Yes. As a result, you can choose what you want from two agreements between me and the shareholders here, and I and the shareholders need some preparation time. And that time should be determined by Lee Jang-kyung, the contracting party. It's a matter of me and the shareholders here to figure out how to maximize the conditions in there. ”

In my words, the faces of the elderly and shareholders are changed to a visual angle. At first, when I was told not to talk nonsense, my face turned red, and now I was thinking about it, and I was smiling faintly. It's like winning.

“I agree. ”

“Then I'm with you. ”

“You have to decide these things carefully. I agree."

After the old man said yes, they all said yes. After that, Lee Ji-won thought a little about it and said.

“One week. One week later, I will make my final choice. ”

“Very well. Then I'll have bodyguards posted for that week just in case." ”

“I don't think so. ”

The old man's tackle. He probably thought I was a player. Half right, the other half. Even without him, I really don't have anything to avoid.

“Well, aren't you the kind of person you should be addressing? As long as it's out here, it's going to spread. So nobody knows what's going to happen. So you have to protect it for your own benefit, don't you? ”

“I won't tell anyone what you've said here. ”

“Where does it go that it's a man thing? So you can put on a bodyguard, or you can just leave it there. ”

“... we'll stick together. ”

You're blushing again. I feel better just looking at that face.

“Then we're done here. I'll see you in a week. ”

Along with that, I got up and went out of the conference room. Soon after, Lee Jae-won came out as well. And it got loud in the conference room. They're probably keeping secrets about me.

“What happens to the bodyguard? ”

“They're the best. It's going to be there, but it's not going to be there. Think of him as an assassin using seclusion. And I'm going to attach them to that. ”

“Thank you. ”

“No. By the way, is this company quitting? ”

“The first condition of my contract is to continue planning the game at this company. ”

Lee Jing said, smiling and nodding.

“I will make sure to include the first clause. ”

The reason the company was created was not wrong. Me and Bubbles built this company because of these people.

“Then I'll see you in a week. You don't have to worry about safety. Feel comfortable like you are now. ”

“Again, thank you very much. ”

That's how we greeted each other and broke up. The reason he wants 10% of the stock is probably because he wants to stay in the company. If you become a shareholder and become a director, even if you do something else, you can still get involved in the company.

“Equipment made of monster byproducts, by the way...”

Another big change will hit this planet. And the beginning of that change will this time begin with one human being. Like Edison invented electricity, if the artisans make things, they will see it, they will imitate it, they will analyze it, and they will make fake things.

Lee Jing-seok may have stopped starting and other talents may appear. After all, the world will be noisy again.