The World Gamer

17. Traces of a friend.

“Oh, Kim! ”

When I arrived at the game fair, I met someone I knew right away.

“Moheim, how are you? ”

“Of course! I didn't want to go this year, and I didn't! It's late.”

“Haha. Something like that. Something happened at the company. You know that.”

[Oh, the equipment made of monster byproducts?]

Suddenly, Moheim spoke English, and I told him the same thing.

[Yes, that's why I have a headache.]

I mean, I totally forgot, but that's something I'm not supposed to say.

[But I'm glad you're here. It was starting to make sense.]


[I guess so... We're getting ready, too. We also wanted to be rated for showing our games to the best gamers in the world.]


[Hahaha. If the best gamers in the world have fun, there's no better promotion. Come on. Let's go inside.]

[Who's in charge of this now?]

[I'm doing it.]

[That must be hard.]

[But it's worth it. The world's first game fair! That's where people like us want to be! I'm honored to be here, and I'm running a place like that on my own, and I'm so excited that I can't even sleep?]

[Sleep tight. I know it's been bubbling with me, but you need to get some sleep. If I don't, I'll get tired later, so I can't do it right.]

[Haha. That's what I'm saying. How am I supposed to stay awake when I'm old?]

Seeing Moheim talking with a smile, I also smiled. Then I entered the exhibition hall under Moheim's guidance. Many game companies have already left their booths almost complete.

It's the Universe!]

It's Uni Kim!]

Those who recognized me called out to me and waved their hands. I waved to them, of course. By the way, Universe made my name according to English.

Uni Kim is the ID of the game I play. I play almost all games with this username. Among gamers, this username is called the Divine Impossibility Realm, or whatever. So when I played the game, most people had no problem with their IDs. There was no duplicate ID.

[It's popular!]

Moheim said with a smile.

[I remember everything.]

[Hahaha. I'll never forget it. You shouldn't be in this industry if you forget the best gamers in the informal world.]

Informal... Yes, I'm famous for informal. The reason is simple: I am not a professional gamer. But I've played games with professional gamers. And I've never lost a strategy simulation game before.

Some people call it God, but this work is informal all the time. Well, it's official on the Internet, but it's not a professional, so I didn't win or compete. Just a legend among gamers? That's enough.

[You haven't played much lately, have you?]

Moheim gives me a nod.

[I guess I'm busy. Because there's no bubble, I have to take care of everything he did. And then there's the foundation. Oh, and I set up shop.]


[Yeah, a little computer repair shop.]


[Yeah. Me and Bubbles used to run a place like that. It's just that things got so big that it became a big company, but our goal was a small shop.]

[So you set up shop again with a separate company?]


[Oh... I see. I'm gonna go play with this one.]

[I'll make you a cup of coffee.]

And we went back to talking about the fair and looked around the whole fair.

[What do you think?]

[I think it's good. I think the bubbles were better with me.]

[Hahaha. It's worth it to say that. So you're in next year, too?]

[I hope so. Last year was a total meltdown, and this year's contract was hectic. I didn't get the job right, but I'm going to get it right next year.]

[But the fair is not bad because you can officially participate.]

[That's right. Are you sure about the new Moheim? It's your first time on the FPS.]

[Well... shouldn't we give it a try? I don't think it's that bad.]

Who's in charge?]

Lee's doing it.]

[You can't say that.]

[Woah and the devil's storyteller. He's responsible for all the stories and creations in the new book.]

[He's a writer, right?]

[But we've been together since the beginning of our company. I know more about gaming than the middlemen. So I gave it a shot. And there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. That's what I thought, so I'm going to promote this new piece for the big time. So I need your help, too.]

[Do something.]

Surprisingly, Lee told me. I'm aware of that. My English teacher was 10 years older than me. It's not that long ago that a company made by me and Bubbles was called the best gaming company in the world, but Thunderstorm, a Moheim company, has been called that for 20 years.

As we emerge, the title is a game company that we received but still has the most users in the world. The only Korean person in such a company is my English teacher and game storyteller, Dongwon Teacher.

I didn't know he was in charge of this new game. Korean gaming news will be loud again.

[Did you come with me this time?]

[No, he said he'd be in the United States more. But he'll be here before he starts.]

[I see.]

[By the way, did he say he was your English teacher?]

[Yes, I learned English from him. He's a professor.]

[Hahaha.Obviously, Korea has a lot of amazing talent. Bubbles and you and Lee.]

Game storyteller. This is portfolio teacher's side business. A real job is a university professor. I am a real English professor who teaches at the university. Of course, I am the youngest professor among English professors in my country.

In addition, there was a meeting between professors called the Association of English Professors, and he was the youngest member of the group known to be very difficult to enter.

In addition, he has written many papers that have been recognized worldwide in many ways. You can think of it as a Munchkin character like a bubble.

[I'm not that great. He's just a gamer.]

[If you're just a user, all the professional gamers have to cut their wrists. Come on, why don't you make up for what you missed last year and do one more event?]

[Event match? Can you do that all of a sudden?]

I became the best in the informal world because of the event competition at this fair. Invite the best gamers in the world to compete with me.

Of course, they started to laugh at first, but for me the first time and the atmosphere changed. Most of them are five-and-three, so they are slightly embarrassed by the first defeat, angry at the second, and bruised by the third defeat.

As I said, my record is undefeated. I don't have a draw. This is how I showed my skills at the first fair, and my fame has skyrocketed, and so far I've become officially known only to people I know.

[Of course, I've prepared for another event. If you don't come, the players will have to do it themselves, but now that you're here, you and the players will have to do it together. You still have people betting on when you're gonna lose?]

Are you one of them?]

[Hahaha. I'm betting you don't lose! So I'm gonna ask you to watch the game again. Set the mood.]

[Well, I'll try. He's as old as a drop out now.]

Among gamers, mid-20s should be looking at retirement. I'm 26 years old. If you're a professional, you can retire without being surprised at all.

[I'm looking forward to it, Universe.]

At Moheim's words, I nod with a smile. I knew I was good to come.