The World Gamer

17. Traces of a friend.

As the country took its rightful place, the economy began to take its place. If it were just a game, there would be nothing to call an economy, but it's not out of the game's limits now.

There began to be merchants that could be called companies, and there were a large corporation and a large group of targets. Of course, there are criminals, and the policemen who deal with them are still running hard. In other words, it has now become a real world, not a game world.

Being king of a place like this can be quite stressful. It's because I can ruin many people's lives for no reason. So I made a commitment to be more careful in the future.

“I'm going to the Aviation Lab next. ”

“Is the plane ready? ”

“Not enough yet. You know, right now we're focusing on catching up with modern technology. ”

“I told you to do that, but you don't know that. So what's done is done. ”

“Yes, but on a scale that we used in the 1940s. ”

“Looks like the radar's developed to some degree, too. ”

“Yes, with the addition of magic, the radar is more powerful than the modern. ”


“It's still impossible for people to carry. ”

“Well... are the satellites still there? ”

“Yes, you haven't. The majority of the workforce is in other fields. We will be actively working on the rocket since we have raised the technology level first in the rest of the world. ”

I thought the GPS was on, but it wasn't.


“The landline phone is being installed. We're also in a hurry to install a base station for mobile phones. ”

“What about Wi-Fi? ”

“We're holding it at 4G. Of course, completing and installing the development still takes a lot of time. ”

“I see.”

So it's still a long way off... but there are hundreds of years of differences, and it's hard to keep up with them after a few years. No, it's possible, but we still need more time.

“How much longer do you think it would take for all these technologies to get to the modern level? ”

Longevity chamber pondered my words for a moment and said.

“Even if we can't, we need another year of Earth time. ”

“Can you do it in a year? ”

"Talent is still emerging," he said. And we're replicating modern knowledge in this world. If you try to develop the same thing, it takes longer, but it's just a simple reproduction, so it doesn't take that long. ”


One year... one year from now, you'll be able to rule East Asia.

“Battle supplies must come first. ”

“Of course I know. It won't take half a year for Earth's time to do that. ”

“Yes. Keep up the good work, then. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

And I'm from the science base. After that, I checked out the new buildings. I thought about what they might look like for a week, but they weren't what I expected.

There was a restaurant and a factory. Every little building has a new look. And after checking all the buildings, I turned off avatar mode and moved my vision to the developing area to the north.

And he focused more on food than on factories. Building the factory now felt a bit of a loss. After all the technology has been fully developed, it is not too late to build a factory. You can upgrade the facility inside the factory, but the important thing is that you don't need it.

We're obviously making tremendous scientific progress right now, but the basic facilities are still 14th-century facilities. Scientific advances have only been made at the scientific base, and they haven't released anything to the world yet.

Soldiers still benefited a little, but that was also clear. After all, I built buildings focusing on food. The reason for occupying this vast northern meadow in the first place is to get plenty of food.

As the population grows, there may be no answer at that time, but the game's limits have now disappeared. And if you can get out into space and find another planet, you can settle down there.

What if it's an environment where life can't live? You can turn it into a livable environment. Develop magic to do that. It's not saving the dead, it's just a little magic that changes the environment. There is nothing impossible when a vast Mana is consumed.

Or you can change the area at all and there are many ways. It's just a matter of going out into space and finding a new planet in space. I'm more worried about going into space than that.

“We'll see about that later. ”

If we run out of food... we should build an underwater city. If not, then we have to stop the population from growing any more. If that doesn't work... we'll have to change the wizards. Don't you think you can come up with something? Magically.

* * * * * * * *


The Jegal Resonance on Earth is now deeply troubled by the intelligence that the agents have brought. The order of the universe was clear. Executing it is not a problem. But the problem is the scale.

“It's getting bigger than I thought. ”

He said he could take out the entire congressman if he needed to. This is not a problem, but it is others who are affected by the Jegal Resonance now.

Prosecutors, judges as well as lawyers, government officials and large corporations were constantly scratching each other's light parts, intertwining each other like complex spider webs. This was the problem.

We can't just take out one. However, if we get rid of them all, then we will take care of the whole country. If you do not do well, this country will be ruined. It's that big a deal.

“I don't know how to do this...”

The order of the universe is clear. Let me ask you again, that's not what you do. The king gave the order, and it is not an unfair order, and it is a very reasonable order. I think it's very good to be a Jegal Resonance individual.

These rotten politicians had to be put down. I really hated having these people, so I wanted to get rid of them personally.

But the problem is that it's too big to beat them all. If so, it may take a little getting rid of it, but we do not know how long it will take.

“I can't...”

I don't see a way. That's why Jegal Resonance chose the next option. Let's start with those involved in the death of the bubble. Then, one after the other, the smallest, one after the other, was the best way he could think.

“Then... are they the next place to strike?" ”

The documents in the hands of the Aegean Resonance contained the name of the company Nextra. Next. Although not the best in Korea, it is a famous gaming company in the world that is positioned in the place of the second, making a difference between the third and the sky and the earth.

The number one company in space and bubble is so overwhelming that without them, it would have been the best in Korea. And the reason we elect the president is because the president of the company is connected to the death of the bubble.

The senator who commissioned the assassination. He was the one who inspired him. And, of course, it cost a lot of money. If you turned them all into money, more than five billion would go to this congressman.

“I'll have to hand it over to the prosecutor... and buy some stock in advance." You have to keep up with the shareholders. ”

Nextran is big. But it's a company that's being evaluated for being too rich. And it's not suited to the game companies that space and bubbles pursue. Above all, he did not like the vibrations.

It's good to make money, but I don't think it's good to go out too commercially. So I decided to swallow this company.

The company of bubbles and space. If the next is combined, it can turn the gaming industry upside down in the future depending on how the synergy works.

“Maybe this is it. ”

I finished the selection of spies to approach the shareholders. As a man, I chose only the finest spies. Melt the soy sauce gently and the work will be done. Of course, buying stocks was after Next's boss was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.