The World Gamer

18. conquest of islands

“Are you here?”

“What's the situation? ”

“Many things have been destroyed outside the castle. It should take some time to recover. Soldiers have been evacuated. ”

According to Jan Darhk, who is in charge of the war, Merlin nods at the reinforcements. Over 200,000 troops. I couldn't help but stand up to the troops.

“What about Tokugawa?”

“It hasn't shown up yet. But it will show up. because he likes to stand up. Since we haven't taken down this castle so far, they'll want to take it down themselves. ”

“Of course. We'll have to catch him then. ”

“Kill him? ”

Merlin nods at Jan Darhk. While it is the universe's command to defeat the enemy, Merlin does not intend to let him live. He's making an impact in real life, so he might do something strange after he's been spared. In real life.

“Of course. For your own safety. You're free to go. We don't want the Holy Virgin to die. ”

At Merlin's words, Jan Darhk shakes his head.

“I am also a general. We'll do what needs to be done. ”

Merlin nods at Jan Darhk.

“Don't you regret it? Unlike monsters, this time it's killing people. ”

“What I've done in my past life. Perfect peace is never possible. And as I watched the world die, I realized, And I met the angels, and I knew better. Then it's my job to work as hard as possible to make peace with as many people as possible. I think that's why I was empowered by him. ”

“I see...”

A girl of unwavering will. Jan Darhk is called the Holy Virgin. Seeing her, Merlin smiles slowly.

“Then go. ”


Preparation for war. Not war. It will be a one-sided massacre. But he doesn't let his guard down. Being careless and affectionate, no allies should be harmed.

“What's left is how quickly you receive an empty house. ”

He said so, looking further south.

* * * * * *

“It's going to take some time. ”

Others nod, muttering as they look at the map. The rebellion of the enemy can be crushed in an instant. The only thing that matters is the size of the land.

“Even if you divide your forces, you won't be able to capture them in a week. ”

“I think we should catch it for a month. ”

I nodded my head at this horse. A month is the least I could do. Originally, you have to take over and move after some stabilization work, but this time it's a little difficult. It's just a random occupation and movement.

“As the followers continue to come, leave the rear to them and we will take the conquest first. ”

The ship they're on has stopped horribly at the end of Chiu's horse. It was to arrive on land.

“Then everybody move. First, we take over the island. ”

“Yes!! ”

2,000 ships. A total of 200,000 troops landed in Hokkaido, with 100 in one ship.

* * * * * * * *

“That saint? ”

“Hmph! You have a hero with defensive traits that hasn't been conquered yet. ”

“A trait for defense... You'll see if you can experiment. ”

Then Tokugawa Katana walked towards the castle. Standing about 50 metres from the castle, Tokugawa Katana drew her sword from her waist.

As soon as the sword was drawn from the sword, Jan Darhk frowned as he saw Tokuga and Katana at the wall during his intense life. That sword was so ominous.

“Let's test how strong it is! Weeds!”

Jan Darhk jumps off the wall with his spear in his life and deceit emanating from his sword. Tokugawa Katana raises her sword in her hand and slaps it as soon as she sees the chalice like that.

A black blast strikes Jan Darhk, who sees it. Jan Darhk swings his spear and creates a white translucent barrier to defend against Tokuga and Katana's attacks.

“Oh. Are we stopping this? ”

“You... yes. You're a bad man.”

“Ha! The bad guy? Well, you could say that because it attacked you. But I've come to enlighten you. Someone to save you from your ignorance. ”

“I know that all the technology and science in this country is ahead of us, right? You haven't built a wire yet, have you? If you listen to the soldiers from the last battle, they are far less powerful than our cannons. ”

“... Funny. Don't climb up with something a little bit ahead of you. Bitch.”

“Really? I'll give you that. ”

“Cocky bitch! ”

And as Tokugawa Katana hurried towards Jan Darhk, Jan Darhk also approached Tokuga and Katana.

“I'll kill you like this!! ”

“I refuse!”

Jan Darhk's spear collides with Tokuga and Katana's sword, and the ground is turned upside down by its aftermath. And the collision hardened Tokugawa Katana's face.

I wielded all my strength and blocked it. That's understandable, but the problem is that the opponent doesn't look difficult at all. Instinctively, he could see that the Jan Darhk he was dealing with was stronger than himself.

‘Dammit! Maybe I'll lose here again! ’

He draws on all his strength, pressuring Jan Darhk but fearlessly seeking the power of Tokuga and Katana.

“This is the current power. ”

“Don't make fun of me, bitch! ”


With the thunderstorm, Jan Darhk, Tokuga and Katana retreat to the impact of the explosion. At the same time, they rushed back towards each other. and subsequent explosive force collisions.

Continuous attack and defense. You swing your swords and spears, each willing to kill the other. It was strange that Jan Darhk, called the Holy Virgin, was breathing life, but she changed a lot.

Sometimes. Sometimes she realizes that there are people she really shouldn't have let live. Of course, this man was not so bad, but before he was a holy virgin and a religious man, he had to follow the king's orders as a general of this country.

“With this much power, you will die here. So let's be more empowered. ”

The impression of Tokugawa Katana has changed dramatically, according to Jan Darhk.

“Shut up, bitch!!! ”

And as the power in Tokugawa Katana's sword rapidly increased, Jan Darhk couldn't help but push back.

‘That sword. ’

Jan Darhk, who was still measuring the flow or strength of the flowing energy of Tokugawa Katana's body, was confident. That sword is the problem. That sword was giving power to Tokugawa Katana.

“The sword! I'll take it!”

With Jan Darhk's shout, Jan Darhk quickly cracked his sword, striking Tokuga and Katana's swords with a strong spear, releasing overwhelming power unlike now.


And Jan Darhk never misses a gap. Tokuga and Katana stare at their broken swords, piercing their chests with precise spears.

From there, I drew the sword that was on my waist and slit Kuga and Katana's throats with the last blast. He turned into the air and watched his neck fall to the ground. This time, he pulled out a spear and let Tokugawa hit his head on the spear.

“Firestorm!!!! ”

““ ““ Fire Storm! ” ” ” ” ”