The World Gamer

18. conquest of islands

To be honest, the old man thought that Aris' impromptu gait had already entered his master's ears. I went to Korea and was photographed there.

“I have to go back to Korea soon. ”

“Are you going to see him? ”

“No, there's a fans' world championship in fantasy games. ”


* * * * * * *

You have conquered the Japanese Empire.

You have met the minimum requirements for building an empire. Do you want to build an empire?

After the complete conquest of Japan's land. This notification window appeared to me. Umm... Empire. Currently, it has completely conquered Japan's land and eaten much of Manchurian land. Half of Goguryeo's former life is secure.

“So this is the Empire's minimum requirement... It's a tricky one. ”

Builds an Empire.

The Gagari Empire has been transformed into the Gagarian Empire. You can be emperor and take charge of the king under your command. When appointing a successor as king, the king can gain control over certain areas, and even the emperor cannot easily do so. Please appoint a king with caution.


King. If I can appoint one, it will be clear that I am emperor. This will take longer than that. When I appoint a king, I will not be able to easily touch the territory he controls.

In other words, they grow up on their own, so I don't think it's bad. Fewer things for me to care about. But let's just leave it at that.

“Just do it like now. ”

Appoint a representative and have them manage each region. Especially in the case of Japan, three kings are running hard and developing.

I am doing everything I can to control the territory of the Gagarian Empire, including the Korean Peninsula, but to be honest, there are now enough officials to manage it.

“It'll be easier if you develop a computer...”

The computer is still under development, and when I just checked it, a computer that might have come out in 2004 was completed. Just a little more. Then my country will finally set foot on the information platform. I skipped a lot in the middle. Doesn't it matter?

It's the last age we'll ever reach. If we go from further development to space, we can say it's the Great Space Age, but it's a long way to get there.

Space civilization ends in 3 turns.

“Is it over?”

However, we are fortunate to be able to conquer all Japan within the day. If you'd conquered me while I was gone, you'd be tired by now.

* * * * * * *

When I returned to Earth, I opened a shop. And I was a little surprised by the internet newspaper. Tokugawa Katana, full of stories of his death.

The same way that Jan Darhk died. Looking at this, I was able to see that the scars in the cosmic civilization still apply in reality.

I never knew because I had never been hurt. So what I felt was that I needed to buy more body than I do now? If I move around in avatar mode for no reason and get knifed, I die too.

After looking at the newspaper article, I frowned at another newspaper article that suddenly appeared. Talk about game addiction laws. It came back to the surface.

“Here she is again. You call it election season? ”

The first girl who invented the law on game addiction told the story again. Elections are coming up soon to manage the elections. It seems that people in their 20s and 30s do not attend a lot of elections, and most of them are adults in their 40s or older.

As adults, I naturally object to my kids being too obsessed with games. It would not be a bad idea to restrict the game more strongly as such adults. The kids will study more instead of the game.

Of course, her homepage and Twitter are in a frenzy because of gamers. I curse not only in my country, but all over the world. It is the reason that gamers around the world curse the image of the game premiere.

The best way for him to create a game that will work in the world and test whether the game really works in the world is to service it in Korea and see its response.

It is not because they say that if they perish in this country, they will not succeed greatly in other countries. There are, of course, some exceptional games, but in the end, they only work well in certain countries and cannot become world-class.

If you want to become a truly world-class game, the story that you have to satisfy Korean users first is not just going around in the gaming industry. But she pinches this and says, "How many games have you played?"

“I'll have to rob her first. ”

I immediately called the phone of Jegal Resonance. And I've been telling her to rip it off without fail ever since, and he said yes. This will end this bitch in four days. I won't kill you, but I have to get off that council seat.



I saw a guest come in from the monitor at the bell I had installed at the store door.

“I brought it because the computer didn't even turn on properly. ”

“Yes, would you like to sit down and have a cup of coffee? There's also tea, so please wait while you eat what you want. ”

We're going to have another lively day.

* * * * * * *

“That's it. ”

7: 00 p.m., time to close the shop. Just get everything organized, lock the door, and then go upstairs and get some rest. Then the door opened with a peal.

“Sorry, we're closed for the day. ”

I was cleaning and said without looking at the person.

“I know. That's why I'm here. ”

“... Why did you come? ”

A gentle voice raises my head and looks at the person coming into the shop.

“I'm here to talk about Senator Lee Sun-mi. ”

“Ah, the Gamemaker? ”

“Yes, have you seen the Internet? In an Internet newspaper article, all the misconduct she did came up fast. She's trying to get it down somehow, but it's spreading faster than that. ”

“I see.”

Nice Gale Resonance. Thank you for your swift action.

“So it was you. The one who put those articles up. ”

“I'm not making up stories that didn't exist. ”

“Of course you are... but you shouldn't attack so openly. ”

“I'm a stubborn citizen, so there's no reason for me to curse or get arrested. Most of all, there's no evidence that I did it. Right, Director Itaewon? ”

The director of the Secretary of State was in my shop right now. You're not the only one here who ended his political life.

“If you want something, just ask. I need to go up and get some rest. ”

“... this is what we're going to do. ”

“You don't have to do that. Investigate. I have nothing to lose. ”

“Knng... Got it. So let's just cut to the chase. Tokugawa Katana in Japan. Have you heard of his death? ”

“You're on the Internet. ”

“My country was under unnoticed pressure, and he died and escaped the pressure of Japan. So now we're pushing backwards... and we need a decisive trigger. ”

“You want me to step up? ”

“It would be best if you didn't, right? ”

“That's right.”

“So I was wondering if you could lend me some of your agents. ”

“His agents... for what? ”

“This time, I'm going to find a connection between my relatives and Japan and break it. And with that, we're going to push Japan away, and at the same time, we're going to wipe out kinsmen. ”

“Can you pressure Japan with that? ”

“The people will pick it up, so it's possible. There's not much of an election left. ”

You want to move the congressmen. They'd put their lives on the line.

“I see. But that's why I don't have any benefits. Don't say patriotism for this country. Patriotism is something that politicians think is a good way to push people around. Me.”

It's a patriotic word. But it's bad to emphasize that. It doesn't matter if you think about it yourself, but people who don't have much patriotism seem to notice you around them.

Those who abuse it are the politicians of this country. I have no intention of playing for them at all.