The World Gamer

19. I'll do it if you want it to be big.

“I know. But it's not completely unprofitable. ”

“What do you mean? ”

“You don't like the members of Congress in this country very much? ”

“Nobody in this country likes congressmen? ”

“You can hit them hard. ”

“I'm already doing it. ”

“I know. But you can pull it a little bit more. Don't you think it might take a little time for you to be alone? And I'm going to pull that forward. ”

“He's not much of a benefit to me either. ”

“.. then is there something you want? ”

“There is.”

There is one thing they want.

“Investigate Foam's death again. ”

I confessed that the death of the bubble was an assassination, but I did not repeat the investigation with it. It was already a hit-and-run case.


“You said you were going to run for Congress anyway. Let's do it right. It's going to be a punishment, isn't it? I want you to take this opportunity to deal with the justice system while also changing the punishment for the law more strongly. ”

“Do you know it's a lot to ask? ”

“Not really. It's just a slow, fast difference anyway. And I'm helping you with that. You won't lose a thing. ”

“When things get too big all of a sudden, we have a hard time fixing them. ”

“That's none of my business. He's not the one who said he needed help. And I don't think you should sit at the head of the Secret Service if you can't get that sorted out. ”

“If you put me in charge of repairing the agents, I can make it happen. ”

“I'll let you in. I'm responsible for this. I'll support 200 people." This should be enough, right? ”

“That's enough.”

“Then stop going out. I'll call you later. ”

“Thank you for your help. Sure."

And as I watched the Director go out, I sighed deeply. I was going to contact you sooner or later and ask you to investigate the bubbles properly, but it worked.

“Did you finish what you were most worried about...”

Unexpected luck rolls in. I'm just a little worried about how big this is going to be. I'm a little worried about this part, too.

I said I don't have patriotism, but I don't want this country to be swayed. I want to be clean, not ruin it.

“When the time comes...”

It reminds me of what I said in my gallstone. That if I dig to the level I want, this country will be ruined. I think it will come true.

Of course, destroying them is not the only way to end politics. Then I won't say we're doomed.

“I'm sure the companies are intertwined. ”

Ninety percent of politics is money. A simple example is what a congressman said, but he said money is what it takes to become a congressman. And the minimum amount is more than 1 billion won.

And the more money you spend, the higher you get. Of course, there are limits to what you can do with money, but most are said to be solved. The president is no different.

It is the reality of this country. If so, it must be the sponsors, not the people who invest such a great amount of money. And most of them would be large corporations.

If they get caught up in bribery... yes. Is this how the country is going to die? Politics collapses and corporations collapse. I'm gonna rob some law enforcement of that place... so I'm gonna be damned.

“Isn't this bad, too? ”

What I often think of is that this country would rather go back to the Joseon Dynasty. Though the age is lacking in development in many ways, at least I think it is better for politics or the law than it is today.

Of course, there are more good laws in the modern world, but at least I think the law of punishing criminals is overwhelmingly good. Above all, there is a great man who will lead this country to its destruction.

Sejong the Great. The Joseon Era. No, I have the king who can be called the greatest gender army in the history of my country and can summon him. Now that you're not old... why don't you really just raise a coup and make Sejong the Great King of Korea?

“I feel sick.”

Dozens of times better for the country.

19. I'll do it if you want it to be big.

It's similar when you turn on the TV these days, but it's all congressmen and law enforcement and corporations. These three miscreants. Citizens are surrounding each other, reaching fury beyond anger, and beyond that, even the appearance of riots.

I didn't think I'd make it this far, but I think there was a lot of it. Previously on 5.18 Democratic Movements. And since the 1980s, so many people say it's the first time since the World Cup that has happened for one reason at a time.

Few people are acting directly yet, but the problem is that it's happening nationwide. The development of the Internet spreads all this news in real time across the country and around the world, introducing the exotic movement as a 21st-century democratic movement.

The people say the same thing. Politicians will no longer believe. That's why I want everyone to come down. I don't need the president or anything. It's okay if the country doesn't roll. The underprivileged officials are doing all the work anyway, so they want you all to come down here.

Of course, there are those who say that they are violent. And there were a lot of people who said that if you do that, all the work in the country is paralyzed, and that's no way to change it slowly, but people who say that are saying that they want to comment.

Some people try to play God, but they are not wrong. I agree with the idea that it should change, but it is not possible to change too much at once. Because the country doesn't move properly.

But what's even scarier is people's opinions. 85% of 100,000 people surveyed the famous Major Broadcaster, saying, "This is the opportunity. Even if the country stops or fails, let's take a clear shot at this opportunity. 'It is the opinion.

That was the limit that people endured. The people of my country were generous in their own political system. No, rather than being generous, I was indifferent. It's the same with the judicial system.

Believe in the police and prosecutors of my country? 25% of people believe in an investigation in the judicial system of my country. What about the other 75%? I don't believe it. Cops and prosecutors, 25% of all citizens.

When these complex situations appear one by one, people act as if patience is no longer the end. One or two can do nothing. However, the story changes when a hundred thousand or a million are gathered.

If more than a million people speak in one voice, it is not a matter of switching members of parliament. What if it's more than 10 million people? We can change presidents.

So far, I've rested on the internet, but this time it's different. In the news, about 101.4 million people across the country came to the streets screaming that they had to change their country. There are protesters in the local parliament and people in the houses of the parliament.

You think they're big business presidents here? There are no exceptions. Nowadays, people aren't stupid. Legally sensitive lines, such as trespassing, have been very well placed without ever crossing them.

Of course, even though they see this as illegal protests, there's not a lot of people they can do about hundreds of thousands of people.

As I mentioned above, the people of this country have 25% confidence in police. The ground is long. As those cops moved, people argued with the police, thinking it was political or high-ranking.

And some of the police are seriously injured to the point that they're really dead. Of course, so do people. The proceedings here are really serious, but the mediator showed up and did not go there.

It is the current presidents and capabilities that maintain 80% support. The current president was bringing in capable people to mediate with them, calming them down. All presidents are probably right to say bullshit, but the current president's support rate is 80%. Of course people calm down.

Of course, the demonstration does not disappear. A sixth of the people showed up and the country almost stopped. I had to do something from now on.

Companies accumulate more damage every day than you can imagine. And there were many who took this as an opportunity. In the meantime, subcontractors who had been persecuted by large corporations got up and stopped the amount they were giving to large corporations.

The subcontractors of all countries are united. As a result, a large corporation had to step up and convince the chairman, but, of course, the seeds were not working. In various ways, within just a week, the country has undergone a great uproar.

A 21st-century democratic movement. It is called that in the world, and some scholars have said it is the largest democratic movement in the history of the world. This flame, which drives so many fires around the world, is not easily extinguished.

“How do you think it went? ”

“Yes, if you keep stimulating me like this, I can keep it rougher for the next half year. ”

I nodded at the words of the seagull resonance.