The World Gamer

19. I'll do it if you want it to be big.

I don't want to ruin this country. It is also preventing more companies in my country from passing over due to foreign capital for no reason. Money comes in handy.

“It's not good just to have money piled up...”

“All the stocks that are already on the market are being purchased, more than two trillion won have been put in, but it is the king's principal. Together with the funds that I and my spies have set aside, it's over seven trillion dollars. ”


There are a lot of people in my country with pockets. Speaking of which, Congressmen are sick and entrepreneurs are no different. These are the spies who took their backs so hard, and they manage it and call it the Jegal Resonance.

I was surprised that the money was over a trillion units, but not that surprising. One of the most closely related congressmen to the foam's death had a hidden fortune of 40 billion won.

Even if only a few dozen people rob it, one trillion won will be quick. The number of congressmen is about 300. Just a simple number makes over 10 trillion won. Moreover, entrepreneurs are hiding more money than they are.

It's not even a perfect collection yet. Most of the time, they collect only cash or gold or jewelry that can be processed immediately and turn it into money and invest it directly in stocks. Of course, it will continue to be.

“Besides, there's a lot more at stake than you think, isn't there? ”

“Is it because of the news that negotiations are underway? ”

“I guess...”

“If you wish, we can nullify negotiations. ”

“No, you don't have to. This is a chance to make people feel better. That's what I did in the first place, not to make money. It's more about justice and politics, isn't it? ”


When the people in power decide to embrace each other, there is no answer, honestly. It can be seen that the cotton bat is trying to end it with a deferral, not a penalty.

I told you, they beat me up for conspiracy to commit murder for a year, but the more I look at them, the more annoying I get.

“What should I do?”

I'm concerned, but to be honest, I don't have a lot of choices right now. Because I've used up almost everything I can right now.

All that's left is what's called a last resort, and there's still an assassination...

“Your Majesty.”


“As expected, why don't you do it yourself? There's no end to looking at it this way. It just keeps doing the same thing over and over again. We need more courageous tools than we are right now to make sure we end this. ”

“You want me to do it myself? The last way was to lead Sejong, right? ”

Heroes of this country's history. Some of them are with me. And the last thing I said was to bring them all together. People will doubt it, but if you show them what they can do, they'll move on.

People want a hero. That's why Hero Water movies and novels are popular. They say they don't like it as much as the United States, but they are my people.

Rather, Sejong the Great and the Great Queen of the Korean Peninsula are called the best members of the Royal Family at the same time. And Chul-jun-kyung and Lee Sun-Shin, the best weapons of the time. He was praised for being one of the greatest geniuses in the Joseon Dynasty. And the greatest shaman in all of Joseon.

Leading people when they show up. That's the last operation we thought and planned. The side effect of this is that the president of this country can disappear without a word.

This president is great. His attacks on me have no welfare and no attacks on economic activation. Only one. Elimination of corruption. That one came out for me, and I believed that one, and people elected this president.

And he kept his word. He certainly moved to root out corruption, and there were actually quite a few government officials or parliamentarians who were undressed because of his orders.

Only that limit was clear. A real big shot couldn't even touch the president. Even if I touched it, it was useless because I dug all the holes in the back.

In the meantime, I stepped up, and now the president is leading people on a demonstration with people. It really is the President who has come out of this country.

However, if Sejong the Great or the Queen of Good Deeds appeared here and Lee Sun-Shin appeared, this support for the president would disappear in an instant. No, the president is not bad.

It's just their names are too big. The president is clearly outstanding. But it's nothing compared to Sejong the Great. Of course, he was also called the luckiest king of the Joseon Dynasty because of his predecessor's politics, but his own three abilities cannot be denied.

His ability to create a Korean word called the best letter in the world is proven enough. Of course, even though he loved meat so much that he lived with an adult disease such as diabetes, he never lost his ability.

And you expect me to leave these feuding bastards behind? I'm just a normal kid who's good at playing games and programming. I am never confident in leading people.

“I'm impossible. It would be quicker to summon the heroes of this country as planned. ”

“But if we find out that they're going to follow you, sooner or later there will be a mention of you. And it can flow in a bad direction. So it would be better for you to speak plainly...”

“No. That's when you get there. We'll keep an eye on things for now, and if we still don't have an answer, we'll move on to our last move. Try to think about the assassination a little more. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

Then there's no turning back. So let's go somewhere real. Who wins.

* * * * * * *

“How do you feel?”

“I'm sorry, Mr. President. We couldn't stop them. ”

“I heard you borrowed some of the best spies. And you're sorry for that? ”

“As I said... their cooperation is not active because of this matter. We tried to stop them, but without their active cooperation, our ability alone... couldn't stop them. ”


The old man talking in the tent and the man in front of him. The President of this country and the Director of the National Intelligence Service. The giants moving around the country were talking to each other.

“But look on the bright side. Didn't you at least make them beat the shit out of this country? ”

“That's the politics. But still, in the economic sense...”

“That part's hard to do. The Yakuza are involved. ”

“I'll ask him again for his help. ”

“We're already wrong about each other. You don't have to provoke it to make it worse. But didn't we accomplish our goal? And now this country is at a bigger divergence. Before people's passion dies down, we have to keep this spark alive and kill the Parliament pigs. ”

“Of course. I'll do my best to do that. ”

“Don't you miss the movement of North Korea? ”

“We have them all. And they're holding on to the tribes that they see coming over. And there's a subtle military movement, but it's not that big. ”

“Don't miss it. It might be a good idea to unify this opportunity through war. ”

“Yes… but if this becomes a union. ”

“South and North. We're gonna do a lot of damage to each other. Of course, we have to change politics and evolve slowly. It shouldn't look like Germany, so you have to control it well...”

“You are wise. Mr. President.”

“Haha. I know you're a father, but it's good to hear. ”

“No, you will lead this country to a new place. ”

“Mr. President!!! ”

Then a man rushed into the tent. The Secretary of State frowned.

“We're in trouble! Watch TV! ”

The president hurriedly came out of his tent and saw a large TV set up. And what I saw there was a scene that doubted his eyes.

Look! People!!! What the hell is going on?!!

The battle between monsters and humans. It's no longer special. But the problem is who is fighting the monster. A man who wields a sword in the uniform of a Joseon general. His face was so famous.

The problem was with the other people around him. They were also very famous faces. Problem is, they're all dead. It was a figure in the past.

First, General Lee Sun-Shin. King Sejong and Song Yi! Until we have the ship's guild!!! Great people from history have reappeared in this era!!!!