The World Gamer

21. Domination

“Has the investigation been ongoing? ”

“Yes, let's take a look at the map. ”

And the Jegal Resonance unfolded the world map.

“The red mark here is the Gagari Empire. ”

The Korean Peninsula, Japan, and a huge red land that covers Manchuria. When you first start in a village, you grow to feel overwhelmed. Me.

“And the blue here on the left is the land occupied by Chinese power. The name of the country is Middle Member. ”

“What about the white and the green next to you? ”

“White is the Jin nation, a country founded by China's vision. And green is the country that the red meatballs built. ”

“Jinn and Ming Dynasty... The attitudes of each country have settled down. ”


China, of course. Since the land mass is large, there is no problem if three countries are occupied.

“The Middle East hasn't been investigated yet, has it? ”

“Yes, there are agents in these three countries. We're sending scouts to the north, but still no sign of humans or other heretics. Apart from these three great forces, there are cities and monsters built by heretics everywhere. ”

The black dots and gold dots appeared as the ball was covered with one transparent coating paper.

“The black dot here represents the base of monsters. And the golden dot here is the city that the xenophobes built. ”

“I heard about the xenophobes, but they're on our land. Elves.”

“Ah. You mean the Blue Forest clan. ”

“How's it going there? ”

“It's said to be growing smoothly, but it's still the size of a village. ”


“It's a fresh start with nothing. And elves don't usually expand that quickly. Seeing as they have little intention for the expansion itself...”

“You don't think we can use it as a result? ”

“If we get bigger, we'll be able to profit from trade. ”

“Hmm. Then we should just keep it there... and think about what to do with them." ”

My country and these people have not yet bordered each other. In between, there was land that was not yet conquered.

“Then why is this land empty? ”

“It looks like the monsters were looting before we could take care of them. ”

“So you're watching from a distance? ”

“Yes. Of course, there are many traps in this empty land. something simple, but definitely striking. Across the land, there were casualties among the spies. They say they've cleared a path for now, but we don't know when the traps will fall back here. ”

“As a result, you have to deal with the government to take this land. ”


“That's it. We can get Hercules to do it later. ”

If it was just a trap, I'd just smash it all with my body. We can take his place after he passes.

“I'll do that. ”

“Now that we know the enemy's current situation, we should prepare for the next one... what do you suggest we do?" ”

One of the things that's been happening lately is that I am the culprit. I felt limited in my head. In the beginning, I didn't care about the commands I gave to the people or to the people.

I just give the right orders. But they notice what I want to do and move with it. How good are these guys? But that's also a gradual limit.

That's why I'm still seeking advice on my own resonance. I should have saved it a long time ago, but I'm also a little busy with my gallstones. How much work you have to do and if you hang around here with me, he could really get neurotic.

So I've been as restrained as I can, but I can't do it anymore.

“We know very well why you want to investigate and deal with them. Let me give you some advice about that. I want you to postpone the war, because this is a time when you have to pay more attention to internal affairs. ”


“Yes, to be honest, it's already too late to use your hands. People like you who are from Earth and can come into this world and use their power should think that no one knows you anymore. It was discovered anyway. Your Majesty, you need to move to a bigger picture than you would right now. ”

“How specifically? ”

“His majesty's vast territory now has a large number of people living in it, and the progress of the literature is rapidly being made by more than a million soldiers and steady talent. ”


I just heard that I have completed a modern level computer. Now it soon enters mass production. The age of information has finally begun.

That's it? We've rebuilt all the battleships that didn't have existing computers, and we've built our own battleships that surpass the modern warships that were bewitched with computers and state-of-the-art devices, and now we've built our own aircraft that can fly supersonically.

I don't know about others, but my country is now completely modern. Level of living or literacy. Even science and military forces. They've all reached the modern level.

“Here, I think we need to go further. What we don't have right now are the management of a large area of land. Other than them, we don't lack anything. I want you to take advantage of this and then take more care of your inner circle. ”


“No, it's Earth. ”

“... Earth? ”

“If your abilities are discovered, you have nothing to hide. Your Majesty, the situation on Earth is not the worst and the best. Sejong the Great and others are doing a great job. ”

“That's right."

Gathering people together and leading them. That's what heroes and name units I've summoned to the world, including Sejong. They're doing a great job of it.

I've sent Sejong to the president ever since I got him to meet Michael and Lee Sun-Shin. The meeting of Sejong and the President, called the best members of the Joseon Dynasty. Fate is a miracle and fate is a miracle.

After all, this miraculous encounter has come to pass and the president is now clear, but Sejong is handling most of the work. That's what I was worried about.

He is a great president, but he is pushed from the namestream by Sejong. President Mulong seems to be very satisfied. Sejong steps in and takes out the garbage piled up in South Korea. Of course, the president is moving in with us here.

It was sufficiently pressing and pressing in the hearts of all South Koreans to the extent that it appeared in the news. As a result, the current president is also increasing in popularity, but three species of popularity are stabbing the sky. Of course, so are the heroes and nameunits that appear together.

“The worst is the people in power now. They have to open their eyes and see that all their power is being taken away. In the old days, I would have fought back, but in this day and age, there are laws. ”

“That's right."

Law. Yes, because of this, even the members of Parliament have little use for it. No matter how small the sentence is, the sentence is a sentence. As long as there's perfect evidence. The current mood of the people is not a joke, so they cannot avoid the sentence.

Not all of them, of course. One judge bravely slapped the probation and fled to his home in a foreign country, suffering from terrorism that was not the terror of the great people.

They're throwing stones, cursing, throwing eggs, surrounding them so they don't leave the house. What are they gonna do? Even if you ask the police to arrest one or two people, you can't catch hundreds more than dozens of magazines.

“The best part is that a hero is born in this chaotic time, and that hero can take control of this country by cleaning up its current situation. ”

“You want me to take over? ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. You have to do that. ”

“I can't. That's it. What do people believe in more than just Naijaehan to go to the President and vote for me? ”

“That's what you need to do to change the law. At the moment, however, there are laws with punishments that are so cold that Korean people are saying they want to amend the law. This is your chance to change all the laws, and you're going to have to get rid of the age penalty for the president and the parliament. ”

“Then you'll be told to go fuck yourself. ”

“You still have to erase it. If there is a truly competent leader, we need to establish a reason to trust and follow that leader. But I have a minimum limit, so I should say I'm over 25 years old. ”

“Hmm… Will it be easy? ”

“It takes a long time. You will never be able to process it in one or two years. However, it must be dealt with. ”

“But before that, I think the inner circle of the world will be complete. ”

It's a good word for 1,2 years. In this world's time, it can be years to decades. With that amount of time, we can reach completion well beyond stability.

“That's right. Then we have to unravel the world's texts from Earth. That way, you can be president of the Republic of Korea. ”

“Unravel? ”

“We work hard on Earth, but we can't keep up with the level of development in this magically growing country. Above all, time flows differently and resources are input differently. So we can certainly make more progress. We need to take advantage of that. ”