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22. Establish criteria as Emperor.

The news that the universe began to catch up with itself spread quickly. Of course, the general public did not know, but all those in charge knew.

“You're late.”

He boldly said that he had heard the news.

“I can't help it. It's supposed to be educational for decades...”

At Hercules' words, the cleaner smiles and says,

“Funny you should say that with no king at all. ”

“Aye. I was married to a princess. And if you're in a position to be bossy, you should have your own standards. If you run a country, it's very natural. That's why kings have been studying since they were kids, right? What--what was that? ”


“Oh, yeah. Well, we just had a natural personality, a natural environment, so we took care of it, but some time later, kings who had learned it as a child came out. We taught in the West in our own way. Compared to that, it's difficult for our emperor, born into a democratic society, to set the right standards. ”

“That's what you said. That's odd.”

“I'm a big hero, too. You didn't just come to this position with all your strength? ”

“Let's just say. ”

Like Chiu and Hercules. It was very important that the universe met its standards. It is clear that people are the basis for something of their own.

When you buy things, someone looks like you. That is, we value design, or we value performance over design. Or buying vaginas as a focus. Others look at the price and decide.

All of these are determined by their own standards. The universe, of course, has such standards. However, when operating a country, another standard is needed.

These standards are not simply made. Once upon a time, as Hercules had said, princes were trained to be kings. But there were tyrants and armies and incompetent kings.

In that situation, an ordinary 21st-century young man who knew nothing suddenly fell into this strange world, became the mayor of the city and became king and emperor.

If it took a long time, or if he was led by himself, then time would have taken less than two years with Earth's time and was built by the power of heroes and name-units under his command, rather than the power of the universe.

Because there were so many people who could give advice, the universe sought advice in everything, and as a result, the universe had no own standards and was moving with the advice of its followers without thinking.

Of course, there are some things he did of his own accord, but they are impulsive. I didn't plan and proceed calmly, but I opened it up first and left it to the followers.

I couldn't be a proper leader. Of course, the ability to keep talent in the right place is also very important, but more important than clearing it out is the standard of that leader. I thought it was the center. And that doesn't make any difference to anyone else.

They have their own rigorous and firm standards and beliefs, as it is said that seats make people. You can't be called a hero without this. And because of their firm standards, they had their opinions, and so far the universe has only been shaking.

As such a universe finally began to meet its own standards, it was very good for the undertaker. It was worth celebrating. I just thought it was too late to clean up. I now have the criteria to capture when I become king.

It was good that I caught it now, but I couldn't let go of the idea that it was too late.

“I have to go.”

“Huh? Where? To see the Emperor?”

You shake your head at Hercules' words.

“I'm going to see Sejong. ”

With that horse, Hercules shrugged his shoulders as he watched the swift disappearance towards Sejong.

“I'm worried about you anyway. ”

* * * * * *

Running a single company requires a lot of work. How much less if it is a country. Food situation starting with use in taxes. The population, the status of schools, etc. are not one or two things that Sejong should care about.

“Your Majesty, the commander is here. ”


When Sejong spoke to the lady outside, the door was opened and she came into three rooms as big as it was.

“What brings you here? ”

“I came because the Emperor has met his standards. ”

“Word travels fast, I see. ”

“What did it look like to you? ”

“I just woke up from an egg. We still have a long way to go. But I think we should celebrate the moment we woke up from the egg. I thought it would take a little longer. ”

“I still think it's too late. ”

“Haha. That's too high of a standard for a general. The 21st century. It's so different from our time. Especially in South Korea. In our country, the word war feels far away. ”

“Like I forgot about the truce. ”

Sejong the Great smiled and said.

“Isn't that great? Even though people are at a truce, it is a good country to forget. ”

“It's hard to say that when you look back to your current country. ”

“When will it explode? We just used our hands to make it explode faster. And soon it will sink. We need to get rid of all the hypocrites and create a new country. I love democracy. Not everyone can be happy, but there is a maximum number of happiness guaranteed, right? Anyone can have the opportunity. ”

“I find that hard to come by these days. ”

“But at least it's better than the age of slavery, right? ”

I couldn't help but nod my head. As the three species have said, no matter how immobilized the modern world looks and how unacceptable it is, it cannot be said that it is 100% impossible.

But three eras. This was impossible in the Joseon Dynasty. Taking a past test on Nobby subjects? They were beaten up just by looking at the article. Taking a past test is really a miracle.

It was a time when it was stipulated that, no matter how much the owner liked it, teaching writing to Nobby was not allowed. Compared to such an era, at least the present time, Korea can learn to write and learn by trying to learn by yourself.

Of course, it's a much better time. At least there were no starving people in Korea, so of course it was a better time.

“You can fix what's missing and what's bad, you can fix what's good. It's human to go that far. Compared to Chiu's and mine, isn't my era a little more lively? ”

The era of Qiu. It really was a tough time. There is no law. The strong man is the age of the corporation. In a time when national law did not exist properly, even if there was a country. I had no choice but to agree with the cleaning up of those days.

“He'll do well now. I couldn't see the bud from the beginning. If you were really incompetent, you wouldn't be this big. ”

As three species have said, if the universe were truly incompetent, there would be no current Gagari Empire. He did not know, but there were some things that were impressive to Sejong and others without knowing all the actions, processing and decisions he had made.

Of course, we think of the universe as a distinction between modern and former people, but beyond that, something was clear to the universe. There are no people who are incapable of catching it. That is why we are loyal to the universe.

If he was truly incompetent, Alexander called the Conqueror. Sejong is called the best member of the Joseon Dynasty. A virtuous queen called the best queen in the Korean Peninsula. I do not follow the universe because there is nothing to be done by Shifu who is regarded as an atheist and a martyr.

“We just need to keep an eye on things like this. And now he'll grow up on his own. There's no reason for seats to make people. General.”

“We'll see about that. ”

“It will be. The General is still guarding him, isn't he? If it's meaningless, there's no way the General's gonna protect him. ”

I snorted once to get rid of the three horses and left the room. Seeing that, Sejong smiled and said.

“Still, you can't be honest. Seeing things like that in the modern world... * Splash *? I think he said. Haha. Anyway, this is interesting. ”

Sejong smiled and turned back to the paperwork. Funny thing was fun and work was work.

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