The World Gamer

22. Establish criteria as Emperor.

“You're folding up shop? ”

“Yes. It's starting to bother me. I don't want to work here if I don't have to. This was just a place to keep things from getting boring in the first place. ”

“By the way, my big brother was already the boss of a big business, right? ”

“That's it. Even if you hire a professional, I have to take care of the gaps. Besides, I'm in charge of selling monster equipment. ”

Lee Jing Wook is making one item a day that he's been listening to lately, whether it sounds like he's enjoying making money. Of course, I'm giving you all the ingredients. It shouldn't be that hard to get materials from the world of space civilization.

Then again, it's time to let my kids go. There are too many forces aiming for Lee Jiangjiang. It's getting more and more violent. It's time to send my craftsmen away, even to stop Lee Jiang Woon from attacking them.


If you do this, you'll be busy again. But I can't help it. Money is money, but most of all, for Lee's safety. In a big way, it's for the betterment of humanity. Do we really have to fold this store?



“You're fired. ”

“Eeh?!!!! ”

“I have to fold up the shop. ”

“There's no such thing!!! ”

“I can't help it. I have another business to run, and if I do that, I really don't have time to be in the store. ”

“You could hire an Albana employee! ”

“You have to take care of them. Do you have any idea how complicated and annoying and difficult it is to hire one person to work for him? You can hire yourself a job later. Then you'll agree actively with my concerns. ”

“You're really going to fold? ”

“Yes. I can't think about it. ”

“Ah... I don't have any more excuses...”

“Back to business, asshole. ”

“I've practiced enough here. How helpful it is to work with my older brother. ”

“I see. Now that you've got all the help you need, don't take any more reservations. Don't take any more visitors. ”

“So what are you going to do about this first floor? ”

“How to use it as a personal facility. ”

“This big place? ”

It's definitely a bit wide.

“Yes. So don't come out tomorrow. I'm closing the shop. Once we get rid of them. ”

He said while looking at the computers that are being repaired. Oh, by the way.

“If you need parts, take some over there. ”

“Master! I love you!!! ”

I looked at the rowdy guy, smiling at him, and then I looked back at the computer monitor. How should I handle the money... How should I handle it best?

* * * * * * *

Are you for real?

“It's true, Mom. You know, I signed up to make monster equipment, and I'm in charge of selling it. Besides, you have to keep your mind on the company. ”

That's right.

The next day, after walking around saying that the store was closed, the local women were surprised to see it and contacted my mother. And my mother naturally called me right away and explained why I was closing up shop.

“I don't like it either, Mom. If I'm so busy, I'll quit. ”

Phew... I'm worried about the best.

“I'm telling you. So don't worry too much. You think it's possible that the store collapsed because I didn't have any money in the first place? I make more than a billion in a month. ”

Son of a rich man.

“Right. So let me know if you need anything. If there's anything money can do, I can fix it right away. ”

We don't need money anymore. So shine your face on the house. You haven't been coming since you heard. It's not that far.

“I'll be there this weekend. ”

Come with me, or I'll go myself.

“Yes, I'll hang up then. Mom, I was working. ”

Oh, yeah? Then let's get to work. I'm hanging up.


So I ended the call and sighed and said.

“Anyway, I'm scared of your network. How much more did I tell you? Director of the Pentagon of Italy. ”

I said, this director looked at me and said,

“I'd like to know more about using monster byproducts as equipment to grant benefits. ”

“That's it, you should talk to Lee Ji-won instead of me. ”

“We can't even get close. So I want you to create a seat. ”

“Of course it is. Lee Jing Wook's power is both amazing and dangerous. It's my job to make sure that power is in the right direction. ”

“If we intervene, we don't go in the right direction? ”

“Can you say no? Most importantly, when the National Guard finds out about the secret, all the other countries will know about it. It's not like the Secret Service is capable of keeping a secret after they've set up and investigated the CIA. ”

The foreign dignitary frowns at my words. But I don't disagree. Because it's true.

“And because it's a special ability, it puts all kinds of pressure on Mr. Lee's safety. Just because there's nothing to do in the United States doesn't mean they haven't bought the equipment and made it yet. ”

“If so, I would like you to give us just one sample so we can do the research. Of course, we'll pay the right price. ”

“Participate in the Auction. ”

“We don't have time to buy more than 50 billion items a piece. ”

“I have some money assigned to the Secret Service, but I think I can use it. ”

“It's really money to run a covert operation. ”

“Then you'll have to find another way. I have no intention of damaging you in the name of patriotism as Mr. Lee's legitimate contractor. I signed a contract to ensure the maximum benefit to Lee Jang Wook. ”

“I'll make the most of it. I'm waiving the tax. ”

“Oh. Tax exemption...”

As the price sold is priced, the tax on it is not bad either. Of course, in terms of %, it's not that big. It's about 7%. In other words, the amount is not an amount of tax that can be ignored.

“If you can waive the tax on the trade on equipment made using all monster by-products, I'll do my best. ”

“... are all items? ”

And I said, "Yeah, well, of course that's all there is to it. Please don't do this personally. ”

I said, the foreigner stiffened his face.

“No way... you. ”

“I already told you my terms of the deal. I need you to tell me if you're an old man or a yes. ”

“... that's not for me to decide. I'll talk to the president again. ”

“Please do so. So that's all for now. ”

“Can I ask you a question? ”

“Let's hear it. ”

“Monster equipment. Did you figure out how to make it?”

“I don't know.”

The foreigner looked at me and immediately nodded.

“Very well, then. I will bring you good results as soon as possible. ”

And I sighed as I saw him leaving my house.

“Don't you worry about taxes on this? By the way, if you had told me this far, you'd know, right? ”

I intend to start collecting equipment using monster byproducts in bulk. Of course, to ensure the maximum benefit of Lee Jang Woong, I intend to solve it by making it lower than the goods made by Lee Jang Woong.

Then the money would be scraped, but the problem was taxes. It wasn't a penny or two, so I felt sorry for the tax, but I would appreciate it if you would clean it up for yourself.