The World Gamer

23. Monster Equipment Company.

“Really, it's a recession. Less people, better jobs, but all the little shops are ruined...”

I finished reporting that my store was closed at the Old Town Office, but there were a lot of people within the Old Town Office reporting that it was closed with me. While I was waiting, I kept coming.

Of course, in the meantime, more than 10 million people, called the Best Democratic Movement of the 21st Century, have ended their protests and the country has quickly regained its stability.

Of course, on TV and on the Internet, Congressmen and corporations. And it was noisy about the misconduct of senior officials, but it was being handled one by one.

People are saying this is really the beginning of a new Republic of Korea. He could not get rid of corruption completely, but he still thought the newly elected would be born more than the old ones. It was actually showing that kind of movement.

The standards for accusations of bribery for members of Congress and senior officials have also become more stringent, strengthened their sanctions, and increased the authority of prosecutors and police, so that if they wanted to commit crimes like the United States, they could be Congressmen and arrest them immediately without the need for it.

From now on, people are saying that the country is going to work. That's why what's blowing is that you have to vote unconditionally.

Congressional elections are coming up soon. Once too many people were absent and rushed temporarily, the Congressional Election officially began.

Here, people keep coming up with words to move to vote. Of course, I'm moving behind, but it still has an atmosphere, so according to a survey from a broadcaster, more than 80% of people voted this time.

If we keep this up, we think this country can become a real developed country. Of course, I'll have to do a little bit about it.

“I'm afraid of taxes, but I can't help it. ”

Tax exemption. I made a deal for it, but unfortunately, it was not. Instead, the president said he would pay 1% tax. Then came the patriotism of the regular menu.

I was going to say patriotism is for you, but I wanted to die for something else in a situation where money rots. So I just said I'd do it.

Instead, I received something else, such as a patent problem, which I will process as quickly as possible. Lee Jang-man makes things with his abilities, but my men go through the proper process by hand.

There is a bit of magical power in this, but there is definitely a proper process. In other words, if we do this magic part well, we can make as many things as we want.

So, of course, we had to be sure about the patent part. Of course, we can't make the right stuff unless we do the magic part right, but everything in the world is just in case.

The biggest reason I want to be prepared is because there are clearly people besides me who can see and bring literature to the world of cosmic civilizations. Of course, you can't summon them as openly as I can, but they can certainly bring them.

And if I start making them into equipment with monster byproducts, they'll be interested in this and they'll try to produce it somehow.

This part is already going fast. You must have seen how expensive items containing special power made of monster byproducts are sold through Lee Ji-won himself.

“Next... is the meeting with Lee Ji-won. ”

I'm going to talk about mass-producing monster by-product equipment, and give Yijiang a little more income on the income we're currently sharing.

Even if it is produced in bulk, there are a few hundred, but compared to when only one is produced, it is said to be produced in bulk. It's just a little too bad about commodity. I want to sell something that is better than what Lee Jang-man makes, but then Lee Jang-man can't do business.

I feel like I'm making a lot of money, but if I pour cold water, I'm sorry, but I'll get over it...

“I mean...”

I searched my cell phone for the shortest route to the station where my company's building is. 40 minutes. Hmm. I'm gonna go look at some books I haven't seen in a while.

* * * * * *

“Ah, you're here. ”

As soon as I arrived at the company, Lee was already sitting in the conference room.

“It's been a while.”

“Yes, that's what happened. ”

“Let's sit down. ”

“Yes. Suddenly you said it was important... I was wondering what you were talking about, and I couldn't sleep well last night. ”

“This is an important story. And I'm a little sorry to say that. On the one hand, it's good news. ”

“That's bad news and good news at the same time. ”

“Yes, the bad news is that Lee Jing Woon's income will be drastically reduced in the future. ”

“... can someone make equipment out of monster byproducts? ”

Mr. Lee said I nodded my head.

“I see.”

It was a surprisingly bold response.


After a long sigh, I paused and spoke.

“How much do you think you will reduce? ”

“I can't be sure about that. It's definitely just diminishing. ”

“I see. Phew. I don't mind if I already have the money to spend my whole life, but I'm still disappointed. I knew this day would come. Question is, do you know who he is? ”

“People, not people. ”

“People? Could it be multiple? ”

“To be precise, I'd say I know how to artificially make equipment made by Mr. Lee's ability. ”

“... mass production. It's going to be hard to get 100 million in the future. ”

“You can have 100 million. Because it's mass-production, quality is less than the artillery. You just never get more than 10 billion right now. ”

“I see. But who could have figured it out?" ”

“It's me.”


“Lee Jing Wook, you know, I'm capable too. It's also one of the most powerful individuals in the world today with abilities similar to theirs. If they're specialized in combat, I'm non-combat. It's specialized in production, summoning and command. I've been researching this since the arrival of the monster using my abilities to make equipment using monster by-products, but I can see that Lee Jing-Woon succeeded first. After that, I was able to complete my theory through Lee Jing Woon's stuff. ”

“Theory... is that theoretically possible? I'm not at liberty to say, it's just by ability, but I wonder if it's artificially possible. ”

“It's possible. And of course, it takes a special force to do that, but if that power is met, anyone can do it. ”

“A special power...”

“Yes, do you like fantasy novels? ”

“As a game producer, you have to read it if you don't like it. I often come up with good ideas. ”

“That's where Mana comes out, right? The special power I'm talking about is this Mana. ”

“... are you suggesting that we use chi? ”

“That's right.”

“Can you also use magic? Chairman."

“I can't, but I know someone who can. ”

“... Do you know if it's a shaman? ”

“That would be possible. because, as many fantasy novels and nonfiction say, Manana Gee or there. There's a Mana, there can't be a Gee. ”

“Were there no such things as all-out warfare between men trained in the field I didn't know about? ”

“Not that I know of. And you went too far. ”

Lee said with a big smile.

“But isn't it amazing! Of course, I'm interested in the fact that any man can actually think of a spectacle! I'd love to meet her when I get a chance. ”

“I'll save you a seat later. ”

“Thank you. So are you going to go back and mass produce and sell those? ”

“Yes. I don't intend to keep this quiet. Personally, I'm greedy, and in a big way, for humanity. You know, the difference between wearing that equipment and not is that it's a question of survival. ”

“Yes, I make good money, but to be honest, I care about that too. Unlike other countries, there are a lot of monsters in this country. Honestly, I think it's a relief. I've been under a lot of pressure because I'm the only one with those abilities. When I played, it was hard to play right when I thought somebody was just going to die. ”

... this guy. I love real people. How do I put this?

“I'm glad I was able to relieve you of that burden. So when do you plan to start producing it? ”

“We're all set. We will initiate patent applications with the government as soon as the patent is passed. ”

“How much do you see? ”

“I won't sell it for a lot of money. The performance is superior to that of a typical worker, because it falls off compared to that of a foreman. No matter how expensive it is, it will never exceed a billion. In other words, if I say my product is cheap for the market, I think Lee Jang-man is a maker. People will accept that there's a real difference in capability. ”

“I see. Should I congratulate you on your expansion? ”

“Not good for me. Expanding your business only increases your work. And until I do, I'm going to hire a professional executive. ”

“I see. So that concludes the important story. ”

“Yes, I'm very sorry. ”

I stood up and apologized with my head down. After all, my partnership has reduced my income, so I was right.

“No, thank you for doing that. This will make the country safer. Worldwide. You did a really big thing. Chairman."

... this guy. I like people so much. I'm worried it's gonna be okay. I hope I don't have to suffer later because I got caught up in it.