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23. Monster Equipment Company.

“... like this, we've found a new source of energy. Oil is not limitless. But Mana -- chi is infinite. Unless the universe is completely destroyed. Mana never disappears. The important thing is Mana on Earth. How humans use and use Mana in space. Depending on how you use it, verbal utopia can be a real disaster, and in the worst case, a catastrophe that's nothing compared to nuclear war. The reason I'm making this announcement is because I want to give you a little bit of insight into the benefits and dangers of Mana. ”

All you have to do is say the last thing.

“Gentlemen, humanity is on a very important path. Monsters appeared and the world's first dungeon just hours ago. ”

Yeah, this was shocking for me, too. The world's first dungeon appeared in North Korea just this morning at 6: 00 a.m. Why? According to the talents, North Korea was unable to deal with the monsters properly and the monsters occupied the land.

The way to get rid of the dungeon is, of course, to deal with the monsters. Even the boss monsters. If it gets bigger here, we'll convert it into a monster field, so we'll have to deal with it before it gets bigger. Talents are gathering to do that.

“There is no law telling a dungeon not to appear elsewhere. And there's just not enough talent. Honestly, I didn't think I'd be talking about it today. As we demonstrated, we can use Mana to become a wizard. You can also use energy to dramatically uplift your body. Even if we don't use these to evolve into abilities, we need to make sure ordinary people are capable of fighting monsters. I'll tell you about that in advance and let you know as soon as I schedule it. ”

The horse went somewhere else.

“So to get back to the point, the intention of this presentation is simple. I'm telling the world about Mana. This could be anything. I have this presentation because I think it's better for more people to think about this Mana and come up with different ways to use it than I do alone. I want to thank you all for coming. And I hope that you will use this Mana in each area. ”

The announcement with a fabulous closing ambassador is over. It's time to answer questions and questions about them. This will go smoothly, as it has already been set in advance.

“Thank you for your announcement. ”

A talking old man with a microphone. You look like you've studied a bit.

“Manara was certainly very interesting to hear about energy. The theories that we've published are well aligned with modern science. I'm going to have to dig a little deeper, but once I heard the announcement today, the explanation was so good that there were no big questions. But I have a question. How the hell did you come to know about this Mana energy? I'm curious as to how you discovered it. ”

“How did you find Mana? To explain that, I need to talk about my abilities first. I think I would have expected it, but I'm a competent person. I'm just a little bit different from my usual abilities. And there are five people in the world with abilities like mine. Now there's one dead and four dead. ”


“Yes, Tokugawa Katana in Japan. I'm a transcendent person, like Victoria Aris in England. ”

Transcendent. This is what we call the six of us who can go to the civilized world. He was called a transcendent because he had overwhelming abilities compared to ordinary abilities.

“I don't know what they're capable of, but I don't have any combat skills. But it has more power than any transcendent. Here's the wizard who showed me his magic today. This wizard is all I have. I found this in the place where I met this wizard. ”

“Can you tell us a specific location? ”

“It's a world other than Earth. ”

My words make the presentation room noisy. Many people have already talked about this world. The presence of monsters. It has been revealed that there is a world completely different from Earth by their presence.

It's just the world. There is a lot of talk about whether it exists in this universe or in another dimension, whether it exists in another universe by him or multiverse theory. And I'll be here one step at a time. The existence of monsters proves the existence of this world, but still monsters.

There have been many opinions that the absence of these monsters on Earth is not strange as long as superpowers are present, and monsters that appear above all are mostly speaking on Earth. Therefore, I was encouraged to comment that there is a different world now, so it is certainly a very valuable statement.

“Let's move on to the next person. ”

I'm telling you, it was a young man who grabbed Mike this time. Looks like a Middle Eastern man by the looks of it.

[Have you been thinking beforehand about using Mana to teach people magic? And what systems does magic have?]

I asked him a question in English. Instead of growing up in the Middle East, you should think of it as smooth English without any strange pronunciation.

[I was thinking about teaching magic. And I can't talk about the magic system here. It's not a simple system. I'm going to ask you one last question.]

This time she was a Western woman, who appeared to be in her mid-30s, but at that age, she was quite capable. I'm sure he's a little less sentimental than that young man.

[What will you do in the future?]

The future.

[I'm going to sell monster equipment for a cheap price. As I said before, we will never exceed a billion. And even in mass production, there are about 50 of them a day. I have to think about this. The biggest problem is the dungeon problem. So I'm going to try to solve it from there. And when that's done, I'm going to talk about magic. So I'm going to end today's presentation here. All of you had a hard time coming and you had a hard time listening to the announcement. Then.]

After the announcement, I received applause from the people and sighed as I came down from the stage to see Merlin coming down with me.

“Did you do well?"

“Excellent work. ”

“Damn. I can't even remember what you said. ”

I was really, really nervous. When I thought it was over, my body was completely relieved.

“We're done with the dungeon, right? ”

“Yes. The dungeon, as we predicted, was a dungeon in the world of space civilization. If you keep this as a field-type dungeon, it will definitely evolve into a monster field. ”

“What level?”

“It's a class D. The Wizard of the Seven Circles can handle it all by himself. ”

“Send someone to take care of it. ”

“I'll go myself. ”


“Yes, I'll be back in 30 seconds. One moment, please.”

And Merlin, who disappeared with the teleport. I took a quick look at where he was and moved back into the pre-prepared break room. If they knew I wasn't there, they'd come here on their own.

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