The World Gamer

24. Open your eyes. Warrior?

“Did that happen? ”

“I know. Tsk. Anyway, how did their parents educate them? ”

“Talents are more than once or twice what I'd like people to do. ”

The adults were gathering to talk about what happened on the highway as we came here today. Of course, it's mostly the insults of the talents who slammed down on the highway.

In fact, the adults are not wrong. Conditions for Awakening Abilities. It's nobody's yet. Just get lucky. But thanks to that, the problem is serious.

There are many people, but I would like to divide them into conceptual people if I were told to divide them into two categories. Conceptualists are those who read all the books of elementary school uprightness, while thinking logically to some degree.

These people do the right thing no matter where they are, so that they don't frown without damaging their surroundings. So now we're talking about concepts... just people who don't have anything in their heads.

They don't have logic, they don't think, they just act and talk. These guys are the most annoying. The interesting thing is that there are many people who say they've learned their lesson. What you can see is that knowledge and concepts are never in the same proportion.

After all, there are definitely concepts among the Awakened Talents. These guys are a big problem. These guys get hurt in accidents. Many people are cute enough to commit crimes because they have a little power.

Of course, there are many crimes of retaliation. Especially among students. The Awakening Journalist is the problem, but the bigger problem is the Awakening Kid who was bullied. In this case, those who abuse this child will suffer a tremendous amount of revenge.

Severe cases can even kill you. But the really curious thing is that not one of them reflects on retaliation nor regrets it. That is why we have again learned how serious school violence is in our society, but it is impossible to get rid of it.

Thanks to you, the children take care of themselves. If the guy he tortured suddenly wakes up, they will be retaliated. Of course, the Awakening of the child who was harassing on the contrary can make the problem more serious, but in this case, it will never be ignored.

The laws of my country for minors are very generous. But the world is changing. The law was increasing the intensity of the punishment and still has the death penalty. In the case of the death penalty, it is now one week after the death sentence.

Being a minor cannot be avoided by this enhanced law. Even as a minor, the law has become obstinate from now on. No matter how young you are, there are things to do and things not to do.

When you are over 10 years old, you know some things that you should not do even if you only go to elementary school. Therefore, there are many opinions that even minors should not lighten the punishment of the law. Rather, let's punish them more clearly because they are young. Don't ever do that again.

Of course, because we're worried that our lives might be ruined because of past mistakes, let's see the red line on the National ID card. However, this does not avoid the punishment of the law. There are many ways to punish.

Typically there is mental education. In this case, the children go to training in the Rangers. Spend at least two months there. It's not a point, it's mental education. It is said to spin like crazy.

Torture who? Revenge? Said to be annoying enough not to think about it. A lawyer or prosecutor explains why the gaps are wrong with what they've done.

Consequently, the system was very effective. There are times when children do the same thing again, but it has been found that up to now, it is not more than 30%.

One of the reasons why it is good for children to take pride in this country is because there are gaps in their education of the patriot, not the military.

However, the intensity of punishing the concepts was getting stronger even though the children were like this. However, it is not unconscious if you stay alert or awake. They don't change. Like the two men I saw today at the speedstone.



“Show me what you got! ”

My cousin, who is in the fourth grade of elementary school, is groaning. More than that.

“I already showed you, right? ”

“Show me something else! ”


The children said, I sighed and said.

“You don't know what you're talking about. As a use-eating crow, it's actually a country called Goguryeo. ”

“Show me your hero! ”

“General Lee Sun-Shin! ”

“No! The follicles! Follicles!”

He doesn't listen to me. More than that, Tribal. You're treated like this... Isn't it working for the kids? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Three of them. Tripoli is rarer than follicles or Lee Sunshin.

There is no definite evidence that tribal life actually existed in history, to be honest. But follicles and Lee Sun-Shin clearly existed in the past.

Unlike the two, the dragon and its coffin are delusional animals. I'm actually gonna show you why I'm reacting like this.

“The dogs are all busy. You know that.”

“But show me! ”

“Show me!”

“Tsk, kids. You don't understand how busy they are, but all the dogs are busy subjugating dungeons around the world right now. I don't have time for you. So don't bother your brother with useless things, but think about talking to him about productive things. If you bother me for the last time, I'll listen to the falcon of love and shut him up from then on. ”

My words finally silenced the children. Tsk. Would you like to do this a while ago? I like the countryside, but I don't like being the oldest son. Kids like this... Oh, of course there are kids with big heads.

“Brother, I want to fly to that tribal tree. ”

Like now.

“Yes. You're a bit old, I see. Anybody else want to fly? ”

“Me!!! ”

“Me!!! ”

Hmm... I'm not showing you the Tripod, I'm telling you I'll give you a ride. I should have said this earlier.

“Good. Let's get out of here. Oh, I'm gonna go get the kids. ”

“Watch out!"


After telling the grown-ups that I was going out, I left the countryside and summoned the Tripods again where there was some space. Then, if you spread your wings wide, you will see over 30 meters of huge crows. Oh, and of course there are three legs.


“Big! Big crow! ”

The reaction of elementary schools is best. The rest of the kids weren't speaking directly, but they were looking at the three of them as if they were curious. Then I told him to bow down, and he bowed down.

You don't have to spread your wings so you can climb on your back.

“Let's all go up, then. ”


So a total of six people, including me, climbed on the back of the Trichoo. And the wings of the three tribes slowly moved and the body of the three tribes rose in the air.

And the kids keep crying like they're freaking out! The distance was showing a reaction. By the way, when will the children try to fly on the back of the bird? It would be amazing to know that I'm actually experiencing something to think about in elementary school or before.

“Let's take it slow. ”

In my words, the three tribes slowly flew the sky by controlling the speed of the carriage without any answer. Of course, the kids love it. This is enough for kids' favorite use.


A sudden ball of flame shoots this way. Then the tribal frowns and flicks away a lump of flame with its wings. And then he started going down to the one who sent the fireball.

“Monster!!! Monster Appears!!! ”


The size of a trident is 30 meters when its wings are spread out. There is a mane on the neck, not a lion, and it has three legs. This is not a normal organism. Even if you are treated like a monster, you have nothing to say.

“Oh no. Three feet. Let's go down slowly. I don't think I can fly anymore. ”

I stopped flying because I expected talents to come. Of course, my brothers whimpered, but I couldn't help but say no more because three people were hurt. Oh, of course I'm not hurt.

Names are the protectors of my empire. If you think you'll be beaten by just a few skilled men, you won't even be called a Guardian. I can fight Hercules with all my might. If you die and run, you have the power to kill Hercules three times.

It's ridiculous that such a tribal group would be harmed by Earth's powers. Anyway, we got off the ground safely, and after we got the kids off the back of the Three Horsemen, I recalled the Three Horsemen back.

Then I went back to the country house. The children were disappointed, but there was nothing they could do. It is a fact that talents make such a fuss.

In fact, me and the kids are going home, behind our backs, looking for monsters! I heard the shouts of the talents. This Lunar New Year is a Chinese New Year with many things going on.