The World Gamer

25. Asian Unification.

After Lunar New Year, I was listening to Merlin talk about the current situation on Earth.

“There are only 15 known dungeons left. The number of new dungeons is just a significant number. According to our research, the number of new dungeons is at least 400. particularly in the ocean. ”

“Cleaning up the old place is the end of subjugating dungeons. It's a new dungeon. Everyone else has to take care of it. And the sea is bad... If the phone continues to run, the water will rise tremendously, right? ”

“My forecast shows a 300% increase in current prices within a year, even at a minimum. ”

“In a year? ”



The sea of logistics moves around the world is a huge part of it. It's almost the only way to move in bulk cheaply. Available by road are Europe, Asia and South Korea, but not Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Of course, the continent is considerable in size, so even if it is self-sustaining, it is absolutely impossible. I still need the help of salvation there, but if I can only send the Savior to heaven, the price will rise enormously.

“At least this part of Asia has low water prices. If we want the oceans blocked, we're going to start building railroads that connect the entire continent very soon, and once we've done that, the water will stabilize somewhat. ”

“Do you think the current power of humanity can defeat the dungeons at sea? ”

“I think we can navigate all of our forces together... but I don't think it's possible for a dungeon of Class B or higher to appear. ”

“That's how many talents I've trained so far. Is that all you got? ”

“No. There are definitely some strong ones. But the problem is the ocean. Maybe we should think about the disadvantages of the terrain. ”

“What if the users who are called transcendents? ”

“Deputy Minister Hercules and the Harbor Commander have confirmed that they both have the power to clear a Class B dungeon on their own. ”

“At sea?"

“We don't know the details, but we still expect a Class C dungeon to be the maximum. ”

“You're weak.”

“Strong enough. We're just too strong. ”

“Is that so?"


That's what Merlin would do. Honestly, it's true that my heroes and nameunits are strong.

“The deal with Michael was perfectly guarded... but I think if I move any further here, I'll have extra pay." Is that what you see? ”

“Of course, Your Majesty. ”

“But if we let it go on like this, the price goes up right now...”

Rising prices are a serious problem for me too. I need to raise the salaries of my employees right away, and my parents will be devastated. Then... should I deal with the sea?

“Should the dungeons in the sea be paid enough to handle them? ”

“Even so, the water price rises. ”

“You should do it for free, right? ”


“I can't help it... I don't care if I'm strangled with money anyway. We must unleash the finished battleships into oceans all over the world to make our move. I don't know about anything else, but I could use the fuel. ”

“Are you planning to deploy oil powered battleships? ”

“The one moving towards Manasik doesn't have to show it to Earth yet. Even if I show it to you in the first place, you can't replicate it. The only way to get Mana Seok from Earth is to deal with those monsters, but that way we can't afford enough Mana Seok to fuel them. ”

Reality was becoming more and more modern. Raid water, too. If you catch a monster, its hide and bones will become money. On our part, we were trying to make monster equipment by buying them and continuing our research.

Manaseok there. This is important. If you come out from killing monsters and ask if you came out from killing monsters in the civilized world, the answer is yes. It must have come out.

But they were all wizards. Of course, I thought about using it as fuel, but it wasn't enough, so it was just being used to further enhance the wizards' experiments and skills.

But the Mana Stone Mine has emerged. The deal with Michael was one Angelic Ration Depot, but the patch to the Manassite Mine was automatically implemented and learned about the Manassite on the ground, allowing the construction of the Manassite Mine through the blueprint.

It wasn't just Michael. It was just Michael that foam tricked him. Why is it a bubble? Who else would deceive Michael and pass it on to me? He's the only one. Anyone who can do this.

I think Michael would say a lot of things if he found out. I worked hard to get rid of the dungeon on Earth instead of going into that space civilization world for a while. I'm done with that now.

“We have to protect the sea. We can't help it. Humanity still lacks strength. ”

“That's why, but we're done making basic wizards to teach people on Earth. Your Majesty."

“Pick talented people and teach them. And don't forget to let them be one of us. Not a bad chance to create a union of wizards from around the world like the United Nations. ”

“Do you intend to build a steeple on Earth? ”

“There's nothing you can't build. The place is here in Korea. It's worth a lot of land, so we should make it in the province, right? Manawa should be rich. ”

“The more remote, the better. ”

“Then the Gangwon Province is just right. It's too much traffic there. ”

“There can also be municipalities and other problems. If you say you must do this in Korea, I will find the right place, but if it is not Korea, I will find out more and build a tower on a fine uninhabited island. ”


“Yes, Your Majesty. It's uninhabited, so the environment must be very well preserved. Then there will be plenty of Mana, and I don't think there's a better place to train. ”

“Hmm. That seems to be the best. Yeah, let's go to the drone. Well, that's what we'll do about the tower, and then we'll have another press conference. We need to talk about the dungeon at sea. ”

I had to stand up for the stability of the water anyway. Then again, it is good to say publicly that the country raises the image of a person and the image of a company that I own. Marketing costs will be dramatically reduced.

* * * * * * *

Is the safety of the oceans of the world private? Declaration of Kim universe.

What is the end of his abilities? Hundreds of new battleships just showed up.

A 21st-century fleet led by heroes from previous naval wars. What about the destructive power?

Kim universe has a way to prevent water prices from rising as much as possible. How long do you think it'll last?

A true hero of this age. About the Kim universe.

After the press conference announced that I was going around the world to subdue dungeons, people, of course, had tremendous cheer. First and foremost, we used to navigate by cargo vessels and then by the surrounding waters.

All the battleships I've deployed to protect the Earth's oceans add up to 512. The number of conspiracy ships included here is in the 70s. There are a total of 5400 airborne units, including fighters in these 70 aircraft carriers. Contains multiple air units, including at least 80 fighters in a single aircraft carrier.

Of course, in general, you can never put this much in. But we have the magic of the Universe. The spatial expansion spell has increased the number of units that can be carried to the maximum and prevented the ship from sinking through lightening. The result is this.

Of course, the number of aircraft carriers is kept secret, but you will soon find that not everything is visible. After all, this made me protect the oceans of the world.

Of course, it is difficult to protect the oceans of the world with such numbers. Of course, all the countries in the world have decided to work with me. Cooperation is all about dispatching capabilities with the support of fuel, but it was better than nothing.

“Is this all you've got on Earth? ”

I believe I've taken care of all the urgent matters. Then it's time to go to the world of space civilization. I finished all my urgent work on earth because I don't want to come to Earth if I go there for a while.

It's 23 hours a day to be there, one hour to come back here, eat and go to the bathroom, and 23 hours of being there, of course, is the perfect union for Asia.

With that in mind, I have gained access to the world of cosmic civilization.