The World Gamer

25. Asian Unification.

Currently, Asia is the Republic of the Republic of China where my Gagari Empire and Chinese users reside. And the empire above it. These three countries are bordering each other.

The strongest of these is, of course, my mouth hurts, but it's me. I am the strongest. My country is the strongest, to be exact. Overwhelming skill and number of soldiers. And the strength of the artisans in their skills.

Everything is believing that I dominate other countries. It's a wonderful time to say, 'The power of our empire is the best in the world!!!’ I'd like to shout, but it's embarrassing, so let's just think about it.

“It's big, by the way. ”

Fighting over the Asian continent. I've already eaten what the Russians have, so the north and east are mine. What's left is to the west and south, but this is also the place to go.

It is about the same size as the area I have occupied so far. If you go out to Europe, you'll probably see her. Victoria Aris, a British user.

I don't want to fight her. Once you have completely conquered Asia and the Middle East, you will go to Australia, Africa or America. And once we take these places... we'll have to go to space.

The universe, the Earth we live on. A vast expanse of solar systems that make galaxies smaller than dust. That's exactly where the expression "infinity" fits in.

We are already studying the advancement of the universe. We launched a rocket's experiment and it was a success. We just need a few more people to fly it.

Then the first thing we need to do is change the environment so that the settled planets can be inhabited. Of course, it is impossible to change the whole environment, but it is possible to change the partial environment using magic.

The Mana consumed here is enormous, but it can be as great as Merlin and Medea. This development of magic is not yet complete, and frankly, it is still not enough to open the cosmic age.

“Still, this should be enough. ”

I was smiling as I watched the current state of my country through statistics. The number of people was going over 500 million towards 600 million, and the number of soldiers was between one and two million. Reached 3.5 million.

It is the idea of many generals that they will just push through and win, but I do not intend to. Damage must be minimized. No one knows what will happen later.

“The first place to attack... is here. ”

I looked at the world map in my room and looked at the place that was written as the Mysterious Empire. It is a country founded by Principal Joo, who is the ancestor of the Ming Dynasty that founded the Ming Dynasty.

There are some great people in our country, but we can't be as large as China, which has a different population from the beginning. China is the place where so many countries have emerged and disappeared.

There must be a lot of heroes there. If it is so bored, it is natural to go to war. Due to the nature of China, it is actually difficult to build a proper country in China.

In fact, according to the information obtained by the spies, there is also the truth or Hanzo. However, after defeating them all, the Prelate won.

And the principal founded the country first, and then the person who will succeed the country is the Chinese user. The real name is the main light source. He is the King of the Republic and a user of China. Earth-speaking, it's transcendent.

It is basically as strong as it is called a transcendent. If you fight me 1: 1, I'm strong enough to be killed in less than a second. No, but it's a natural thing. I still couldn't win against the Hangwoo.

According to the Hangwoo, he is as powerful as a commander of our empire. The command system of our Imperial soldiers is very simple.

Decimals, Cactus, and Thousands of Seals to suit our style without bringing an army rank on Earth. We're going this way, and of course, the Earth's military class has taken some of it and turned it into ours. For example, 50 seals are a typical example.

According to Earth, the commander of the platoon is 50 Seals. He has 50 men and 5 Seals. That is, the squad leader. I am in charge of the troops through this additional class.

And of course, this class is strictly based on skill. Therefore, the higher the rank, the stronger the soldier in our empire. Of course, it is not just that it is strong, but it is generally strong.

It is natural to put your skills first. It is the empowerment of the country to use the right talent to grow it.

I'm just loyal to it. That is why the country is becoming so great and called an empire.

“Your Majesty, we're all here. ”

Then I heard a woman's voice outside my visit. Then I got up from my seat, opened the door and left the room, and I could see a beautiful girl in a pretty dress waiting for me.

“Are we all in the conference room? ”


“Let's go, then. ”

As my own personal concubine, I am very capable. If you want an ideal secretary, all of her talents and abilities are concentrated in that direction. So my royal concubine. I became a secretary.

“What will you do after the meeting ends today? ”

“Maybe we'll start a war again, so cancel all the old schedules. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

When I entered the conference room where I live in the palace, I could see the people standing next to me. 30 in total. The most important pillars of the country.

“I'm a little sorry for calling all of a sudden. Everyone thinks they know why I called. ”

Sitting on a chair in the chair, I said, everyone expressed a light positive expression.

“So far, I've prepared a lot. I think we're good to go. The Imperium has chosen the first place to attack. This place doesn't have users, but it doesn't change what's hard to deal with. Intelligence has found a considerable number of soldiers and a considerable number of named units. Digestive resonance for now. ”

As I looked at the zegal resonance, the zegal resonance nodded and stood up.

“The worst thing about the Nam Empire that we're about to attack right now is the presence of the unmanned. Unlike us, they're learning it their own way. That level falls below us, but it's not negligible. ”

Yeah, I never thought there'd be a real shaman in the world.

“That's what the Jegal Resonance said. The only other thing we need to worry about is the Empire and the Republic allies. In this case, we have a hard fight. Even if it's hard, there's just a lot more to deal with. ”

“As the king has said, the problem is the division of the force that causes it. Of course, the power of our empire is fine enough to deal with these two countries, but as you know, monsters are strangely unsettling at the moment. In particular, the incidence of dungeons has increased dramatically recently. That's why we need more troops in security. ”

Yeah, that's the problem now. In recent years, the appearance of dungeons has been strangely frequent in my country's territory. If there are 10 in a day, there have been about 20 in the last few days.

It was a sudden increase, so I couldn't even prepare properly here. Thanks to this, we need to deploy more people to the security forces.

“They say we have enough troops so far, but once the war begins, we won't have enough troops to expand our territory. In that case, if the dungeon continues to appear more frequently as it is now, there may be a shortage of troops. ”

As the Gale Resonance said, this was the biggest problem. Once we have examined it ourselves, we conclude that there is no chance that the frequency of occurrence of dungeons will decrease. If so, it will be sustained or increased.

If the frequency of the occurrence of dungeons increases when troops are escalated outside through war, then security will become really unstable.

“So we need to end this war as soon as possible. So we're planning to launch a full-scale attack from the very first attack, taking over the capital, destroying the country, and then taking over. ”